The Blind Girl in the Rain: Part 1

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“Hey, stud,” said the girl to my left, “How about sharing some of that big old cock of yours with this empty pussy of mine?”

I looked across to her at the end of another deep thrust between the sweet thighs of the mewling fuck beneath me as I pounded her well-stretched snatch into the mattress. Instinctively, the younger woman clasped me tighter to her as her long black stockinged legs wrapped themselves around my splayed thighs and pounding buttocks. I was on auto-pilot. Doing the same old same on another Friday night with two hot bitches from the typing pool eager to discover if the rumors were true.

“Hey, stud,” said the girl to my left, “How about sharing some of that big old cock of yours with this empty pussy of mine?”

I looked across to her at the end of another deep thrust between the sweet thighs of the mewling fuck beneath me as I pounded her well-stretched snatch into the mattress. Instinctively, the younger woman clasped me tighter to her as her long black stockinged legs wrapped themselves around my splayed thighs and pounding buttocks. I was on auto-pilot. Doing the same old same on another Friday night with two hot bitches from the typing pool eager to discover if the rumors were true.

I stopped for a moment buried deep in hot wet clasping female sex as I frowned in the low light bathing the room in a pale yellowish glow. Who was I fucking and who was asking to be fucked? I gave my head a shake. Their names. What were their names again? Christ, dude, are you that far gone?

The girl wanting to be fucked slipped closer and wrapped an arm around my shoulders as she pressed her lips against the side of my face and licked my left ear.

“Save some for me, lover,” she breathed as she ran her right hand through my thick brown hair, “You’ve already sent Suzie around the moon twice.”

Ah. Suzie. Eager little sexpot Suzie. And she was Diane. Diane of the huge balloons, insatiable asshole, and awkward hemorrhoid. Now we were on the same page. A page that had begun with a few suggested drinks after work and a means to an end to cross numbers 18 and 19 off my fuck bucket list. Twenty-two in the pool so only another three to go. Those three were the hardcore. Those women who knew the type of man I was and who knew how to play my game. The absolutely un-fuckables as Jimmy had called them. Still, this had been a good run. Nearly six solid months of sweet talking all 19 out of their panties each Friday night to satisfy the vanity within me. As the saying goes: have big cock will fuck any time in any place in any hole.

Suzie gave a hiss of disappointment as I suddenly exited her sopping slot and rolled over and onto the black haired temptress that was Diane and her impressive melons. She gasped a wide-eyed, “Oh, you big son of a bitch,” as I fed her my pride and joy as we set off Apollo-like on a round trip around the cosmos. The fuck was as familiar as a comfortable sweater and just as hot as I fell into the cut and thrust of maintaining my reputation as an expert cocksman and smiled as the glazed eyes of number 18 rolled back into her head as she cried out her first orgasm of several before I made them both kneel at my feet and let them both taste the fruits of our labors.

It was just a damned shame that neither of them meant anything.

Anything at all.


Monday morning rolled around in the blink of an eye.

The concrete jungle of lower Manhatten lay glistening and steaming under the steady rainfall that fell from leaden skies as the working week got underway. As usual, everywhere you looked there was wall to wall traffic as I sat in my Lambo idly tapping my fingers on the wheel waiting for the lights ahead of me to change. To my left was a well worn yellow taxi with the driver looking as resigned as I felt as the minutes passed and no fucker moved an inch.

All around us the great mass of the rush hour made their ways to wherever they were going that helped pay the bills, put food on the table, and keep the wolf from the door. A grumbling tide of huddled humanity working for the man so he could buy another yacht and send his two point four kids to Harvard. At least in stocks, I had room to breathe. Room to be a sex-obsessed resolutely single thirty-year-old asshole with no one to care about other than self. Look after number one. Life was much simpler that way. The only fate that matters is the fate you make for yourself.

Finally, the traffic began to move.

Little did I know that fate had other plans for me.


The light glowed a deep red in the gloom as I pulled to a stop at the pedestrian crossing and watched with a frustrated sigh as everyone began to stream across. It was raining hard now with the sound of the storm thundering on the roof of the car along with the swooshing sound of my wipers flicking back and forth. The sooner I was in that underground car park the better I mused as I suddenly glanced to my right as something caught my attention.

It was then I saw her.

Not so much her as the bright white stick she was holding out in front of her. She had stopped and was tap tapping the space in front of her. She was completely hidden under a raincoat that looked two sizes too big for her. I couldn’t see her face but it was obvious that she was either partially sighted or maybe even totally blind. I sat watching her as she seemed to gather herself before stepping out onto the crossing.

The stick was sweeping a short arc as she carefully made her way as people swirled around her. I suddenly felt myself tensing up as I stared at her with a kind of surreal fascination and admiration at what she was doing. Was she going to work? Shopping? Whatever it was, she had guts. There she was. Just her, her oversized raincoat, black knee-length skirt, black stockings and sensible shoes against the world.

And then that world changed.

There is always THAT asshole. The asshole in a rush not giving a shit. I felt myself sit forward suddenly as I saw him running towards her. Everything happened in slow motion. She was about two-thirds of the way across when he hit her. It was a glancing blow on the shoulder but it was enough to throw her out of the loop and the girl spun around for a split second before falling to the ground with her losing grip of her stick. She fell face down and lay there as people glanced at her but no one stopped. The asshole looked over his shoulder before he disappeared into the crowd.

I could see her hand reaching out patting the ground around her. She had drawn herself in with her legs beneath her as if trying to protect her body as the rain began to ease. I just stared. Like an idiot. What the hell are you doing? Do something. Go help her.


“Is she alright?”

I looked up to see the yellow taxi driver standing over us as I knelt down beside the girl who was still laid there all curled up in a huddle. Behind us, the lights had changed and the air was filled with honking horns and irate drivers. I shook my head and leaned down closer to her. Her hood was pulled down across her face and I carefully took her hand. As soon as I touched her skin she gave a little jerk of surprise.

“Miss,” I said to her softly, “Miss, are you okay?”

I saw her nod. “I think so. My stick.” Her voice was clear and pure. It had a sing-song lilt to it with a hint of Irishness.

The taxi driver glanced around. “Over there. We need to get her off this crossing to where she will be safe. Do you want me to…”

“No,” I said firmly, “I’ll do it. You get the stick.” I frowned at myself for I had this resolute determination to be the one to do this, “Miss, I’m going to reach under you and carry you to the pavement, okay?”

She didn’t say anything but twisted slightly so I could lift her up and she gave a slight grunt of pain as I held her against me with my left arm under her knees and my right supporting her upper body. In a moment, I was standing on the sidewalk with the taxi driver fussing around her.

“It’s alright,” she said suddenly, “You can put me down now.”

What? I blinked and realized I still held her in my arms. Slightly embarrassed, I let her down gently and stepped back as she checked her clothing. What was I doing? She was fine. No harm was done. Let the lady get on with her day. I felt strange. Really strange and I had no idea why. I had this overwhelming urge to protect her. I took a deep breath and tried to regain my composure. Jesus H. Christ. What a way to start a Monday.

“Sorry,” I muttered, watching as she brushed down her raincoat and took her stick from the taxi driver, “I um just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

It was then everything changed.

She turned at the sound of my voice, lifted her face towards me and smiled.


“Morning, Mr. Sloane,” said Debbie as I walked through reception and approached the girl behind the main desk, “Good weekend?” she asked, giving me that all too familiar ‘Don’t you know that ALL girls talk’ knowing look.

Usually, I’d play their little game. But not today.

“Any messages?” I asked bluntly, “News?”

The receptionist frowned at me for a second before checking the post and general department email server. “Um, just the legal proofs from Millhouse you were expecting.” She tapped away on her keyboard, “Nothing major email wise. A few department heads want to set up meetings on the floor sometime this week. Tech are doing the scan on Thuuursday at ten so everyone will be on back up until we’re clear.”

I just gave her a nod and picked up the company newsletter that was on the counter and rummaged in the bowl for a toffee to chew on as was my usual routine. With that, I headed off to my office waving the paper over my shoulder. “Catch you later!” My mind was completely elsewhere and didn’t hear her call after me.

“We’ve also got six new girls starting in the pool today!”


The world looks so much simpler from the tenth floor.

I stood at the window looking out at the gray sprawl of the metropolis as that world went about its business day after day. Hour after hour. Minute after minute. But the world and my place in it were the last things on my mind. All I could think of and see was her face.

And those eyes.

She was absolutely blind. The moment she had turned her face to mine I knew. She had clear green eyes. Sea green eyes. But it wasn’t that which held you in stunned amazement. It was her pupils. The usually deep black window to the soul. Hers were a light shade of misty grey in eyes that were framed with dark lashes. Her hair beneath the hood looked a rich auburn chestnut and her features were precise and well defined. I had caught myself looking at her mouth. She had a slight over-bite which lent her a cute chipmunk-like appearance which made me smile every time I thought about it. Which was pretty much the whole two hours since I had “rescued” her.

I had stood there with the taxi driver watching her as she had regained her composure and settled herself down. I couldn’t stop looking at her knowing she would never know I was. She had a slight build and was about five seven or so. Not that I could exactly tell under that raincoat. She checked her stick which had a small ball on the end making sure it was fully telescoped out before putting a shaped plastic bud into her right ear which was connected to a device hooked onto the belt around her waist. I presumed it was some sort of guidance device like a sat-nav.

“I uh,” she said suddenly, “Thank you. That was really kind of you to help me.” She stuck out her right hand about a foot to my left. I had glanced at the taxi driver who grinned at me and fiddled with his cap waving as he went back to his cab.

I stared at her hand. It looked so small. I’m six one and she barely reached my chin. Slowly, I had reached out and took her hand in mine. There was an awkward rearranging of fingers before she let me properly take hers and I saw her bite her lip as she looked up at me as if she had been finding the bearings between us. I had given her hand a squeeze but didn’t shake it. I could see her mind working. Feeling her way in the dark with this stranger. God, she was pretty. Not pretty pretty. Just naturally pretty.

“I think I need to go,” she had said. “Big day for me and I don’t want to be late.”

I didn’t want to let go of her hand. “Oh, yeah, sorry,” I said, letting go of her, “Glad you’re okay. You take care and have a nice day.”

She gave a nod and pressed a finger to that thing in her ear. Then she was off. Using the stick to tack her way North to wherever it was she was going as I had stood there watching her go feeling as if something important had slipped away from me.

A knock on the door brought me back from the memory and I turned my head to see my data assistant pop his head through the door.

“Good time?” he asked. Jimmy was a good kid. Just gone twenty and he had been assigned to me for the past year so he could learn the basics of the business.

“Sure,” I said, motioning him in as I took the seat behind my desk and switched on the computer. Time to stop daydreaming and concentrate on work, “Bring me up to speed.”

Jimmy sat in front of the desk and began reading through his notes on his tablet. As he talked, I began to drift again with my thoughts twisting and turning in my mind. This was getting ridiculous.

“.. and there are six new girls starting this morning in the secretarial and audio department.”

What? I blinked and saw that he was staring at me. “Sorry, what?”

He laughed and got to his feet. “New girls. In the pool, Boss.” He walked to the whiteboard on the wall to our right. In a line across the top, the numbers one to twenty-two had been written in red marker pen. The numbers one to seventeen had been crossed out. Jimmy took a black marker and began to write out his notes that would guide the gameplan for the day which would continue right through the week. What was hot. What was not. What needed immediate attention and what didn’t. Which meetings I had to attend personally and which meetings I could use comms.

Finally, there was the list of secretaries which were on rotation and who would be available when I needed them. Suffice to say, I knew most of them personally.

“New girls?”

Jimmy put the black marker back in the pot and picked up his iPad. “It’s the last Monday in November remember,” he explained, “Six-month recruitment took place last week. The new intake starts today.”

I made a face. Of course. My head was miles away. Twice a year the company refreshed the pool. New blood as the grunts liked to call it. The pussy wagon was back in town for the hound dogs amongst us to come sniffing around again. I had no doubt that my young assistant knew of my extracurricular activities with the pool. “Anything I should know?” I asked him as he walked to the door. I got to my feet and went over to the board.

He opened the glass door and paused. “No idea. Haven’t seen them yet but company grapevine says one of them is a bit special. Charlie in the mailroom has already met them and texted me. Says this girl is something else. Later, Boss.” And with that, he was gone as I stood there with a slight frown on my face.

“Something else,” I muttered and picked up the red marker.

Maybe I needed this something else to take my mind off things.

I reached up and crossed out numbers eighteen and nineteen.


Monday was turning into what we in the business called a “shit show with bells on.” Everything that wasn’t meant to happen did and the important things that were meant to happen didn’t.

My office, apparently, was the eye of the storm and I sat at my desk like I was directing traffic. People were in and out all morning as the share price moved and I was in constant contact with various clients advising them on what they should do with their portfolios. I glanced through the screen to my left and saw Jimmy beavering away at his terminal trying to make sense of the drama and keep up. I couldn’t help smiling as he sat there on his stool with his legs and feet twitching and his tie pulled loose and the top button of his white shirt undone. Welcome to the party, pal.

“He’ll be fine.” said a voice to my front.

It was Janet. One of the senior secretaries from the pool who had been assigned to me as she was one of the most experienced women who knew the routine when the going got rough. She was also one of the infamous three who had resisted my charms – not that I had ever really tried it on with her. Janet was mid-forties and had been married for at least twenty years. She was an honest to God trooper and was invaluable when the poop hit the fan. Like right now.

I gave her a look. “Yeah, I know,” I replied, “I just want him to keep calm. Not to panic as the needle goes up and down like it is this morning.”

Janet smiled at me. “You have a heart of Gold when you try. Not many of us see that side of you, Mike.”

“Yeah, well,” I said feeling slightly embarrassed, “Let’s keep it our little secret huh.”

She laughed at that. “Okay, Mr. Sloane.” as she glanced to her left and looked at the whiteboard, “How were eighteen and nineteen?”


She held her hands up. “Alright, alright. Just curious that’s all. That’s quite the scorecard you have there. I’m impressed. Gossip loves a man of adventure,” she teased.

I sat forward in my chair and fixed my gaze on her as she chuckled at my discomfort. “How are the new girls?” I asked as she bit her lip and tried to keep a straight face. She blushed as I stared at her and shifted in her seat.

She waggled a finger at me. “Each as innocent as the morning dew, you cad. At least let them get settled in. The rest of the girls will show them the ropes and how this place works in the coming days.”

My attention was drawn to the flickering data streams on my monitor which were heading North as the feed spiked again. Lot of selling in the pipeline by the looks of it which was a bad sign. Hold on kid, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for a few days. “Anyone interesting?” I said off-handedly.

Janet tilted her head and looked at me with a strange look on her face. “Hmmm, there is one girl. Very different. The department had to make one or two special arrangements for her to make sure she’d fit in. I spent a couple of hours with her this morning helping her settle in. She’s a very impressive young lady. Everyone loves her already.”

I was concentrating on the data spike. “Special arrangements?” I mumbled, not really listening, “Why?”

Janet continued to look at me. “Because she’s blind.”


End of part one.

Story continues in part two.

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