The maid

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Father and son both are after the young, juicy maid. Who will take all?

The Maid

I don’t know what triggered the memory. Maybe it was a picture in a magazine, maybe a song I heard playing in the radio. Whatever it was, it brought me right back some 15 years in a level of detail, as if it happened yesterday. And it’s such an amazing story that I would like to share it with you.

I don’t know what my mother was thinking when she hired Maria. I know what my father and I had on our minds when we first saw her but I really have no clue why my mother would hire such a gorgeous little creature to help out in the household. Maybe it was to keep dad occupied while she had her way with the pool boy? Who knows? Anyway, there she was. Petite, but with curves in all the right places. An angel’s face and the most promising smile I have ever seen. I was only seventeen at the time and Maria must have been twenty one. Although she was ‘the maid’ she was way out of my league, and I knew it. I would watch in growing jealousy how my father fooled around with her when mom had left the house. How he looked at her when she bent at the waist to pick something up or how he would put his hand on her back when he passed her in the hall. Worst was when he would invite her into the pool in the hot afternoon sun. Of course I would be there too, to get a look at her breasts from under my shades. But dad would take it a lot further. He would throw a ball at her and then chase her through the pool to take it from her, grabbing her arms and pressing his body against hers in the process.

One day I came home from school early. I had seen my dad’s car parked in the driveway, which was odd because he was supposed to be at work, but I thought nothing of it at the time. It was when I looked through the glass door to the patio when I stopped in my tracks. Maria was lying on her back on one of the deck chairs next to the pool. Father was kneeling next to her, kissing her passionately one hand in her bikini shorts at the same time. I could see his hand move under the smooth fabric, Maria wriggling her hips in slow circular movements. As I approached the door and silently opened it I could hear Maria moan softly. My father pulled his head back a little, just to watch himself fingering her. Maria arched her back and sighed loud as he was stroking her clitoris. Then he shoved her short to the side, revealing her cleanly shaven slit. He pushed his middle finger all the way in and started pumping her with his hand. He looked at her face as she wriggled with her hips, her head back, moaning loud and grabbing for his hand. With his free hand he pinned her hands behind her head and pumped her even harder, hissing at her that she should open her hips. Maria let go of a short shriek and then came squirting on is hand. Dad slowed down his hand movements and kissed her on the lips. And this was when I decided I wanted my piece of the cake.

With a bold move, which surprises me even to date, I walked out on the patio and faced the two lovers. I could see that I had startled my father and Maria looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes wide open while she pulled her shorts straight. I was quick to call the shots. “Now here it is.” I said. “Either you let me join in, or else I will tell mom about your little adventure which will mean a lot of trouble for you, dad, and probably a one-way ticket back to Mexico for you, Maria”. To my surprise my father grinned. “You little blackmailing bastard…” he said with a smile. “You think you can match your old man, do you? Then come over here and show us what you have learned from those little sluts at college.” What my father didn’t realize was that at that time I had been sexually active for over a year and I had fantasized constantly about what I would do with Maria if it ever came to it.

I slowly walked over to the girl, without looking at my father. I bent over and slowly pulled her small bikini short over her knees and then over her ankles. I pushed her legs open with both hands, kneeled and made sure to maintain eye contact while I stuck out my tongue and slowly slit it along her pussy. She was soft and warm and moist and I licked her with long, slow licks. Maria closed her eyes and shivered. “Wow!” My father said. “It looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!” Then he pulled down her bikini top, revealing her big, firm breasts. He pinched one of her nipples and licked the other, sending shivers through Maria’s body. As I was licking and fingering the girl I couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in my father’s shorts. He slowly got up and pulled them down, revealing a huge, thick cock. For a second Maria stared at the monster. Then she simply said “wow!” while my father looked at me and smiled. “Think you can match this, little pup?” I knew I couldn’t and I watched in admiration as he pulled Maria’s head towards it. She opened her mouth and sucked the thick purple head in. I started licking and fingering her again as I watched my dad pump that beautiful face.

He got more and more excited and seemed to forget that his son was watching as he leaned over her, holding her head with both hands, pumping his huge tool into her throat while hissing “Yesss, take it, you little cocksucker!” Well, by now my cock was rock hard so I pulled it out of my pants and leaned between Maria’s legs. The feeling of that tight, hot pussy enveloping my cock was indescribable. Maria moaned and tried to push my father’s hips away but he wouldn’t let her. At the same time I was banging away between her legs. Spit was dripping on her big, firm breasts which shook under my thrusts. I increased my tempo and could feel the tension in her belly rising. She gave a short cry when my father let go of her head and I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock as she came. That sensation was too much for me. I came like never before. I could feel the orgasm hit me like a wave as I pumped my sperm into her delicious slit. Gasping she looked at my sperm oozing out of her as I pulled back. Then dad grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Open your fucking mouth you little slut!” he said as he stroked his cock frantically. And then he shot his cum all over that lovely face. The first shot landed in her mouth but as she closed it the rest landed on her cheeks and dripped down her chin.

I know it sounds incredible but none of us three ever talked about what had happened. After a couple of weeks Maria announced that she had found another employer, closer to where the rest of her family lived and that was that. Father and I both kissed her on the cheek for farewell and mother drove her to the bus station. What about my mother and the pool boy? Well, I guess that’s another story which needs to be told…

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