Missing panties. (Well… kind of!)

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‘How does this make you feel,’ he still kept his voice in check.

She shrugged, but in no way became visibly upset. Luke couldn’t exploit her in her state. Even though what she’d done didn’t seem natural to him, there were far worse crimes in this world.

As his finger felt their way around the various soft materials, he felt a stirring in his loins. A feeling that was unsettling in nature. In response, he placed the underwear back in the drawer and gently closed it.

Luke walked casually around to his neighbour’s house like he’d done a dozen time before, either to borrow something or to collect something that his mother had borrowed. This time he was going to collect their house key from Tessa who’d been given the spare set in case there were any emergencies.

Though she’d been there a little less than a year, Tessa had quickly become close friends with Luke’s mother; even enough to trust her with the keys. They were about the same age and had a lot in common. Music was where their tastes were almost direct opposites, but it gave them much glee to tease each other.

The shortest way between the house was around the back of the block of houses, through a bunch of wooden gates that were as tall as he was. The plants that grew in whatever piece of ground that hadn’t been covered with concrete slabs. They barely got enough light and looked discoloured and twisted and it gave him the creeps if he stayed there too long.

The gates made little noise as they opened, Luke had been asked to oil them just before they’d gone on holiday, he’d done their gate and thought he might as well oil Tessa’s too. Luke was back home by himself, he’d come a couple of days early to get ready to

go back to college. He walked up the path, looking at every small thing. Looking at all the windows and any clutter laying around. Tessa’s garden wasn’t fancy, but it was tidy much.

As he approached the door, he squinted his eyes from the glare bouncing off of the window of the door. Luke knocked gently and spoke.


There was no reply.

‘Tessa?’ he spoke a little louder.

Still no reply.

Cautiously he tried the door handle and found it to be open, he peered his head inside, ‘Tessa,’ he said again.

There was still no reply, but the signs seemed to show that Tessa was here. Her car was here, and she always locked the doors if she was out.

Luke walked into the narrow galley kitchen which was at the back of the house. He wasn’t sure if he should move quietly as not to disturb her or make some noise to announce his presence. As he kept looking around, it was only moments before he spotted his own set of house keys laying on the worktop. When he picked them up, he felt the warmth coming from the electric kettle. He brushed the back of his hand over it to make sure that the heat wasn’t he imagination. It was still warm so she had to be here somewhere.

‘Hello,’ he spoke softly again.

But there was still no answer.

His curiosity was tingling, and he wanted to make sure that everything was okay considering this was almost 4 in the afternoon. As he continued to look through the house, he still couldn’t see her. But her favourite jacket was here, and her bag, and her house keys.

Luke placed his shoes at the door, the downstairs was all laminate flooring and the upstairs was all carpet, the same as in his house. Slowly he made his way up the stairs, his sock feet made his footsteps doubly silent on the thick, cream coloured, shag pile carpet.

Stopping just two steps short of the top of the stairs, he became aware of a hint of noise. Cautiously he crept around to the, slightly open, bedroom door. Another whiff of sound peaked his curiosity even more. As he moved around the door, movement caught his eye and it made him stop in his tracks.

Angling his head back a little, he peered between the narrow opening between the door and the frame to find Tessa sitting up on her bed. The first thing he noticed was her almost jet black hair against the contrast of everything else in that room which was light. It took another second or so to realise that the rest of her body was totally naked. He moved his gaze to try and focus better and be sure of what he was seeing. Although a feeling in his gut tried to tell him that he should respect her modesty and slip away, another stirring in his body coaxed him to stay.

Tessa was sitting with her back against the full height headboard. Her knees were raised and her legs slightly parted. She was sitting comfily on her duvet which was bunched up around her. Between that, and the angle of her leg, it blocked Luke from seeing her down below.

He could see that she was reaching down to her vagina and playing with both hands; her more than ample breasts rested on her forearms and bounced slightly. One hand stroked the inside of her thigh while she used the other to stimulate herself.

‘Luke’ she then spoke.

With a thump of his heart, a pulse of electricity surged through his body and his legs jerked as if the floor had given way beneath his feet. He stared through the crack and found that her eyes still seemed to be closed. Even if her eyes had been open, Tessa was facing towards the far wall and not looking through the door at him.

‘Luke,’ she came again softly as she continued to rub herself.

This time he was sure that she hadn’t in fact seen him, she was fantasising about him!

Tessa then let out several soft moans instead of his name.

Luke was forced to moisten his lips with the tip of this tongue.

A motion on the bed then suddenly made him jerk out of the way of her gaze. As he peered back to see what was happening, she still hadn’t opened her eyes. Looking to see what was happening, he saw that with the hand that had been on her thigh was now tugging at the duvet and making herself more comfortable. With a flick of her arm, she flung the quilt over the bed to flatten it out of the way.

Luke waited a moment before finding the best angle again, he watched as Tessa slide her whole body a little further down the bed and flattened her left leg out of the way. As she moved, the material of the sheets made it’s unique and pleasing sound. Although it wasn’t loud, it tickled his ears. When she released her right hand, Luke heard the distinctive sound of the gentle slap of elastic. Although he still couldn’t see it, his ears told him that she was actually wearing something down below. Whatever it was seemed to be too loose fitting to be panties, he couldn’t quite see what it was.

As she continued to move around, something in his heart then dropped. A suspicion that was only now reaching his brain. The patterning on the garment had a familiar feel to it, he took a step closer to the door and tried to get a closer view. Tessa pulled at the material to give herself access with a toy that she’d just picked up with her right hand from her far side.

By now Luke was sure of what it was. She was wearing patterned boxer shorts. His boxer shorts!

Luke had got them last year for Christmas; green plastic army men patterned on shiny silver shorts. He went onto his tiptoes to give himself an extra five or so inches in height. Nikki’s movement soon revealed something else.

In her left hand, she now held a red material that he quickly began to suspect that was another pair of his boxer shorts. She gently worked them against the top of her thigh, so close to where she was toying.

The double shock hit him. His eyes stared straight ahead, but nothing was getting to his brain. Luke was just in his own world.

He had forgotten for a moment that he was on his toes, as he tried to keep his balance he overcompensated and lost his balance. To stop himself from smacking his face against the edge of the door, he had to bring his hands out quickly in front of him. One made a thud against the wall and the other landed on the edge of the doorframe. Although the door moved a few inches, it squeaked; unlike the gate outside.

As he peered back through the gap in the door he found her eyes to be looking at him. Her head was bobbing back and forth, trying to see who it was. Luke was frozen, he just kept staring through the gap. Tessa kept looking back at him, still motioning her head from side to side. She picked up the quilt around herself to at least cover some of herself up.

Luke’s heart was beating hard. He wanted to run, but he knew he had to confront her. And despite what she’d apparently done, she didn’t deserve to think it was some crazy stalker behind the door. Tessa looked frightened; or at the very least, beyond nervous.

‘Who’s there!’ came a shaky voice.

Luke closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he took one step into the room stopping right behind the door. He needed another breath before he stepped out to reveal himself.

Tessa’s eyes widened as she saw who it was.

‘Oh god,’ her voice spoke, ‘Luke.’

In the space of a few seconds, her throat had gone dry. She swallowed deeply.

‘How long have you been standing there!?’ her voice stammered slightly the sounds of the words.

Luke also tried to swallow.

‘Long enough to see what you’re wearing,’ he responded.

She looked downwards at his boxer shorts even though she was covered up.

‘And to see what’s in your hand,’ he motioned with his eyes to the second pair of his boxer shorts which she was still holding in her exposed hand.

Tessa tried to drop them but they were entangled in her fingers.

‘I…’ she began.

Luke turned away slightly to protect her modesty. Although it was probably too late for that.

‘I’ve also been just long enough to hear the name you said at least a couple of times.’

This time Tessa’s head dropped a little further, and it was a look of shame.

Luke gave her a minute to compose herself. In truth, he wasn’t sure what to say either.

She was the first to raise her head; moistness in the corners of her eyes.

He turned his head back to look at her, he had seen her movement in the corner of his eye.

‘I’m sorry,’ she spoke.

‘Why would you do this!?’

Her shoulders hunched.

‘I don’t know,’ she spoke.

‘There must be something.’

She was barely trying to cover herself up, her breasts hung there, fully exposed.

‘I just wanted to make myself feel good, try something new, a little risky,’ she admitted.

‘Risky,’ he repeated, ‘it’s dirty!’

‘I’m sorry,’ she pleaded.

‘I can’t believe you used our house key for this. Did you sneak into mom and dad’s room too!?’

‘No,’ she answered firmly. Her next words were much more soft, ‘just yours,’ she admitted.

‘But why my stuff.’

‘Because you’re nice to me,’ she answered simply. ‘I wanted to think about being with someone who is nice to me.’

‘Were you imagining that that was me,’ he nodded towards the toy laying beside her on the bed. The dildo was bright pink, almost fluorescent. It was about ten inches and was shaped just like a real cock with a bulbous tip. Ripples pulled back foreskin just below the head and thick veins covered every inch of it and give it texture and sensation. It had a black and red tip at the root of the fake cock. Luke wasn’t sure if it was a vibrator or not, it could well have been where the batteries went in; he just didn’t know enough to be sure.

‘Imagine how bad this would be if it was the other way around. If I’d come in into your house, and started looking through your underwear.’ He was holding back from raising his voice. It wasn’t anger trying to raise his tone, but he couldn’t describe what it was he felt inside either.

‘I’m not sure if it would feel like a different situation or not,’ her mind was going round and round.

Luke’s fingers twitched as he looked around the room, he saw a large pine set of drawers behind where the door was.

‘Would it be different,’ he spoke as he approached the set of drawers. Although blocking his exit hadn’t been his intention, he had to shut the door to get to them,

Tessa still made no effort to cover up her body, Luke glanced over towards her sometimes; his eyes inadvertently kept making contact with her breasts but he couldn’t help it.

Luke stood in front of the drawer, almost as if to make a statement about it.

‘How would you feel if I started looking through your drawers,’ he kept his voice low and gauged her reaction. If what he was about to do was going to visibly upset her, he’d stop; he just wanted to show her his point.

He opened the top drawer needing both hands, one for each knob. When he pulled out all the way he found a selection of neat cotton panties of various shapes and colours. To their left was a pile of bra’s, their cups stacked together, some of them obviously made matching sets. Judging her reaction, which seemed strangely distant, he began to pick up her cotton panties and show them to her.

‘How does this make you feel,’ he still kept his voice in check.

She shrugged, but in no way became visibly upset. Luke couldn’t exploit her in her state. Even though what she’d done didn’t seem natural to him, there were far worse crimes in this world.

As his finger felt their way around the various soft materials, he felt a stirring in his loins. A feeling that was unsettling in nature. In response, he placed the underwear back in the drawer and gently closed it.

Reaching for the next set of drawers he opened them, he found more underwear; but this time it looked more like delicate lingerie. Brightly coloured, almost see through some parts of them.

As he kept looking at the various sets he couldn’t help but touch them too. The sensation he was experiencing this time weren’t so unsettling… but they were different. At one side of the drawer, he saw a small pink towel that looked out of place in her collection. With his mere fingertips he moved the towel away to find a collection of various toys lined up in a row. There was a gap where the one that she was using looked like it could sit.

Luke’s heart began to race in a different way, most of what was sitting in front of him were things that he’d only seen in magazines or pictures from the internet. There one made of glass, another made from cold looking stainless steel. There was a tiny one that was only the size of a finger. A bright purple rabbit vibrator, and another realistic shaped one that was made of black silicone. There was even a vibrating egg tethered to its battery pack. It was worrying how familiar some of these things were to him.

‘I still can’t believe you were thinking about me when you were doing that,’ he turned back to her.

She shied away.

‘It felt naughty’ Tessa answered, ‘it felt nice.’

‘It was dirty,’ he reminded her.

‘Dirty can be good,’ she said coyly, ‘sometimes.’

Luke looked at her.

‘I’m sorry things turned out like this, I didn’t want you to find out,’ she apologised.

He nodded tensely.

‘Why do you want to do this, when you have all this,’ he pointed at the drawer, ‘don’t they make you feel good.’

‘Sometimes feeling good just isn’t enough, I wanted to feel connected to something; to someone.’

‘It’s hard for me to understand why you feel this loneliness. You’re pretty, you’re confident.’

Tessa’s face lifted.

Luke continued.

‘You’re funny and fun. And I guess apart from this, pretty normal.’

The room fell silent, the only sounds that could be heard were the everyday sounds of the traffic and the odd scream coming from outside from children making the most of the holidays.

Tessa blinked her eyes, hard. It was as if to wake herself from the situation.

‘Could you hand me something from the drawer so I can get dressed, I’ll give you these back; I’m sorry,’ her voice was only a breath louder than a whisper.

Luke looked for something, but he couldn’t really tell what was what, he just grabbed a pile of something and placed it on the bed beside her as delicately as he could. He had to lean right over the kingsize bed to get to her side. Still making no effort to cover herself up his eyes fixed on her body, on her bountiful breasts. As he stood back up he couldn’t avert but his eyes, Tessa watched his reaction to her body. Luke’s lungs drew in a sharp intake of breath through his nose, there was no way she couldn’t have been aware of how hard it was.

Picking up the pile of clothes she’d been given, she slowly crawled off the other side of the bed stood up. Luke tried to look at her eyes which seemed to glow with an amazing blue that both contrasted and complimented the shining sun outside. He turned away as she was about to removed her boxer shorts and exposed her full body to him.

Luke watched the motions of her getting dress with the silhouette she cast on the wall that he was now facing. He heard her soft footsteps on the carpet as she stepped out of his boxer shorts. Luke heard the soft thud as she dropped his boxers to the floor, they even made a sound as they brushed off the carpet.

The next sound Luke heard was as they thumped against the head of the bed only an arms reach from him, he looked down at them with the corners of his eyes. First came the ones that she’d been holding in her hand; then the ones she was wearing. He tried to face in the opposite direction as best he could but even her silhouette was like an exotic dancer.

Her shadow teased him as she got dressed. She wriggled her hips as she put on her panties first. Next, her shoulders swung from side to side as she slipped into her bra. He heard the telltale ‘snap’ of the straps.

Luke closed his eyes and tried to get certain //englishlover.net/images out of his head, but in trying to do so he just made the //englishlover.net/images worse. As Luke opened his eyes again, he watched Tessa’s shadow disappear from view as she walked to the foot of the bed. Now she’d blocked him from leaving as she was right by the door. By now Luke was practically facing into the corner of the room, still like a naughty child.

As he listened to Tessa continue to get herself dressed, he reached picked up his boxer shorts from the bed. Luke tried to fumble for them with his hands, but he had to look at them before he managed to get a grip of them both. As he looked down at them he could feel their warmth in his hand. They weren’t cool like when he put on a new pair in the morning, they were warm from her skin. Working them around in his hands he could feel what could only be described as a moistness, they weren’t wet; just moist.

Something else then hit him, their smell. What was coming off of them wasn’t some kind of perfume or body wash that she’d been using. What he was smelling… was her!

As it entered his lungs, he would feel a warmth stirring from deep within him. Something that he had no control over and was at its very essence animalistic. What he was smelling could only be described as sex; there was no other word for it.

Luke suddenly found himself fighting the urges that were flooding through his body, something that he knew he shouldn’t be feeling. His adrenaline was already on a high after entering this situation. This was different, but it seemed to be somehow feeding off that same adrenaline.

His mouth was going dry again, he tried as best he could to keep it moist.

‘Do you h-have these kinds of feelings about y-younger guys,’ he stammered.

‘Depends on the guy,’ she gave a soft answer. ‘It’s not something that I can easily describe, someone age isn’t really part of it. Sometimes it’s their looks, or their body, or their attitude; something that people can have at any age.’

Luke half turned to her, but stopped before he saw anything beyond a glimmer in the corner of his eye.

‘I mean don’t you find different people attractive,’ she began. ‘An actress, a sports person, a singer, a weather presenter, someone you see at college. Blonde, brunette; slender, petite; dark eyes, blue eyes; athletic, or fake boobs the size of volleyballs,’ her voice changed as she probed him.

Her last comment made him smile, but he wasn’t sure if she’d seen him do it.

‘When you … you know,’ she began. ‘Are you going to tell me that nobody you think about is older than say… twenty-four. Only just a little older than you are.’

Luke went silent.

‘Who do you think about?’ she asked him.

Luke still stayed silent.

‘A lot of guys would think about porn stars, you can find pictures of them pretty easily, I suppose it’s all on the internet now, you don’t even have to hide magazines anymore. With porn stars you don’t really have to feel guilty either, I mean it’s what they do. I suppose that’s what makes it different from what I’ve done with you, you never wanted that attention. Sorry.’

So much of what she was saying with right; it was just hard to speak about it.

He listened to her as she continued to get dressed, material on sliding against soft skin.

‘Who do you think about?’ he then asked her. ‘Apart from me.’

It was Tessa who fell silent for a moment, Luke’s head twitched but it was Tessa who spoke again.

‘A lot of different people I guess, just like I said. People in sports, people from TV, hunky pictures from magazines, sometimes when I go to sleep I make up stories like I’m in one of the movies I watch. I sometimes look at porn,’ she admitted.

Luke felt a warm feeling in his stomach that ran down all the way down to his cock.

‘Women do that too you know, more than you’d think,’ she explained to him.

She’d taken ages to get ready, but by now she’d stopped making extra sounds and all that could be heard was the sound of her voice.

Luke turned around and saw that she hadn’t put on her jogging trousers or sweater. But she had put on the bra and panty set that had been among the pile of clothes he’d passed her.

‘It was all that you gave me,’ she smiled at him.

He was speechless, he couldn’t help but look at her. His throat motioned a swallow.

She was wearing a matching set of bra and panties that, as some of the others had been, were see-through in parts. They were neat in their cut, and had smooth edges; but what they were made from was like lace. They were of a deep blue that almost shifted into the colour purple. The black holdup stockings made her legs look even more shapely.

‘Maybe I should go now,’ his voice stumbled. When he tried to move, he stumbled against the side of the bed like he was drunk.

Tessa was already standing almost in the path of the door but she still moved to intercept him, she used the excuse of his apparent imbalance to grasp his arm and steady him.

Luke found himself staring at her cleavage. The bra she’d put on had lifted them and made them look even bigger.

‘Is this what you imagined I should be wearing, to make myself feel sexy; instead of your boxer shorts.’

Luke was silenced.

‘Isn’t this what the girls… or rather women; wear in those pictures!?’ she already knew the answer. ‘Real women wear them too. Sometimes.’

Tessa moved her body closer towards him. Almost touching; but not quite.

‘I hope you don’t tell people what I did, I’d do anything if you kept it between us.’

Luke could feel her push a carefully guided breath past the skin on his neck, it brushed every sense he had. He felt his mind begin to separate from his body as if going into a hypnosis.

Her first touch almost burned his skin, it was as if his flesh was being torn at; as she brushed her hands down his forearms it was like agony. He was unable to move from his place, his legs began to visibly shake and it felt like an earthquake beneath his feet.

Tessa pushed her body up against him, this time the sensation was of her soft breasts squeezing against him. No matter how hard she pressed up against him her breasts just bulged around and change shape. She manoeuvred her body around him and as she pushed just a little further she pushed him off balance so that he dropped onto the bed in a seated position.

Luke seemed totally catatonic, and he looked almost white. Tenderly with the back of her hand, she touched his cheek which was the only part of his body which had any colour whatsoever.

It was warm.

She repositioned herself a stood in between his legs which were spread as he sat on the edge of the bed. Tessa grabbed the back of his head and pushed him deep into her cleavage. Her warm breasts were comforting to him whereas her touch a moment ago caused him pain.

‘You’re not going to tell anyone about this, are you,’ she spoke softly. Her words were more a guidance than a question. Tessa kept his head held between her breasts. She could feel his warm breath.

‘I want to be able to do something for you,’ she offered with a whisper. ‘Sort of an apology.’

As she releases his head, he almost flopped to the side. She had to support him from falling over for a moment before she managed to balance him again. Once she was assured he wasn’t going to fall, she went to the head of the bed and picked up her pink dildo.

When she came around to him again she stood just in front of him. For a moment, all she did was sway her hips. She looked around as if trying to find something, but she was looking for somewhere to put her toy. The best solution Tessa came up with was to store it between her cleavage. She pushed it up from beneath her bra until it peeked out the top again.

Taking a step towards him again she slipped a hand down her panties and began to stimulate herself. She was mere inches from Luke’s face and it wasn’t too long before he could smell her rich pussy again. The sensation was a dozen time stronger than what he’d sensed from her panties.

Even though he was already staring at her busy hand, she put her other hand around the back of her neck and kept him looking in the right direction. She stroked the nape of his neck softly with her fingers.

‘It’s okay,’ she whispered, ‘just relax.’

Luke was hypnotised by her hand working beneath her panties. The rhythmic stroking.

‘Just relax,’ Tessa told him softly, ‘just let things happen.’

She continued to stroke herself for him for a few moments more before then moving away from him. Moving to the corner of the room, she began to drag a small armchair towards the foot of the bed. Despite the leather-clad chair not being excessively heavy, it was still too much for her to lift. The feet made their marks felt in the carpet’s fibres, but it hadn’t damaged it.

Before sitting down, she slipped out of her panties and placed them delicately by his side. When she sat down in the chair, she sat down on the edge so she could spread her legs as wide as they could go. With a wiggle of her hips, she nuzzled her bum into a more comfortable position in the chair.

Tessa looked down to check on the moistness of her pussy before taking the dildo out from between her cleavage. Using the bulbous head of the dildo she teased her swollen clit with a few quick flicks. With little more hesitation, she slowly inserted the fake cock. She drew in a deep breath before moaning with pleasure.

‘Keep watching me,’ she instructed.

Slowly, but deeply, she began to slide the dildo into her pussy. Her slender pussy lips allowed him to see what she was doing.

Luke stared at her as she performed for him, he was beginning to come to his senses again. His eyes began to move around her body, watcher the dildo slide in and out, watching her other hand stimulate the inside of her thigh again.

As Tessa got wetter and wetter, her scent became more intense. Her pussy began to make these satisfying ‘squelching’ noises that almost beaconed at him. She kept a careful eye on the bulge beginning to appear in his trousers.

‘Just relax,’ she told him.

Tessa then lifted her legs and put her feet onto his knees. With a little pressure, she pushed his knees a little further apart. By now her pussy was on full display, he could almost see inside her.

As she kept plunging the cock into her soaking pussy with ever increasing speed, she wanted to see if Luke could handle her going a little bit further. She was so close to him that she could slide a foot down the inside of his thigh.

Luke’s whole body tensed up so tightly that his body trembled as her foot moved towards his crotch. She got halfway up his leg… and then stopped. When she drew it back to his knee again, Luke was able to breathe again.

She gave him a few moments before sliding her foot back toward his the bulge in his crotch. This time she moved her foot a little further. Even though it was just an inch or so, she could see it was enough to push him a little further. How far could she push him?

She kept rubbing her foot further and further up his thighs wriggling her toes from inside her stockings.

‘Do you want me to show you my breasts again?’ she asked him.

Since he couldn’t speak, all he could do was give a nod.

‘If you want that then I think you need to give me something back,’ she suggested.

With her toes, she stroked right up to his hard cock. As if under hypnosis he slowly reached towards his zipper. Tessa had to take her foot away a little to give him room to work, but she still continued to rub the inside of his thigh.

Luke undid the button first with the easiest of motions. As he pulled down the zip, without a belt holding it together, his trousers naturally splayed all the way open.

Tessa smiled.

‘That’s it,’ she told him.

Leaving the dildo stuffed inside her, Tessa put her hands up to her breasts and prepared to pop them out of her bra. She then made an intense eye contact with Luke.

Luke knew that he had to go a little further before she’d show her breasts again. He pulled the band of his boxers out a bit and with one easy movement, he revealed himself.

Tessa chortled to herself. She was not in any way laughing at his manhood; but rather at her enjoyment of the situation.

‘I think you can do a little better than that,’ she encouraged him a little further.

Keeping eye contact with her, he gave things a little bit of a pull and lifted his swollen balls up over the band of his boxers. Luke’s buttock muscles were twitching slight, that in turn made his balls jiggle up and down. His young cock stood to attention, waiting for instruction.

As promised, Tessa pulled her breasts out of her bra, as they sat on top of the cups they poked straight out. She grabbed at them with her hand, squeezing them hard as if trying to squeeze water out of a wet cloth.

Luke was surprised at how intense she was with them. It looked as though she was going to hurt herself, but the rougher she was the more pleasure she gained from it. He couldn’t help but touch his cock, to relieve some of the sensations he was feeling.

It was no time before Tessa noticed him touching himself, and she enjoyed it. By now, the dildo she’d left in her pussy had almost slipped out. She rescued it before it fell to the floor. Taking a firm grip of it, she began to push it back inside and thrust it even more furious than before. With her other hand, she played with her breasts, squeezing them like she was kneading dough, and pulling at her nipples like a knot on a balloon.

As Luke wanked for her, it began to feel more normal. They each looked at each other’s bodies genitals and not into each other’s eyes. Each of them became more furious in their masturbating as if it was a race.

Tessa then became a little more uncomfortable. The bra was beginning to pinch her body in a way that she couldn’t get a sense of masochistic pleasure. She had to stand up to remove the bra. When they were released then they dropped and bounced in front of Luke. Instead of sitting back down in her chair, she took a single step and sat down beside look. He just sat there with his cock still in his hand.

Luke watched Tessa, wondering what she was going to do. He was powerless to stop her anyway.

Tessa picked up the panties from the bed, the ones that she’d worn for a few short minutes. She moved a hand to Luke’s cock and pulled his own hand away. He didn’t resist.

With a gentle flick of her wrist, she untangled the panties. Taking his cock in one hand, she used the other to begin wrapping her underwear around his firm member. Firstly, she wrapped a band beneath his balls to lift them until they were strapped against the base of his cock. She then began to bind his cock up with her panties, like the wrappings on a boxer’s knuckles before the gloves went on. She did it so neatly that she kept the shape of his cock, there were no awkward bundles of material.

Luke could feel the silky material of her panties against his skin and even against this moist foreskin. His balls being tied up felt strange, but it didn’t hurt.

Tessa wrapped her hand around his smothered cock and began to stroke up and down the shaft. His head began to rock back and forth as she stroked up and down his length.

‘It’s okay,’ she told him. ‘Just relax.’

But Luke wasn’t resisting her.

As she began to learn his physical tolerances she stroked faster and faster. Her grip tightened.

Because of how she was sitting, her huge breasts were on full display for him. As they bounced up and down they almost flowed like a water bed. Luke couldn’t help but stare at them.

Tessa’s furious strokes continued, Luke’s body was tensing up again. He could feel the warmth building up in the middle of his cock.

‘Give it to me,’ she whispered into his ear.

Her lips brushed against the side of his neck, it made both of them feel good.

‘A little more,’ she continued to coax.

It wasn’t only he head that rocked back and forth, his whole body was now doing it as well.

She knew from his body language that he was getting close. ‘Come on, give it up like a good boy.’

In the moment that Luke came to his conclusion he fell back onto the bed with an almighty groan. Tessa was still clutching onto his cock and was pulled down with him and he filled her panties with seed. She felt his cock spasm in perfect rhythm. As she kept hold of it she soon felt the hot and damp cum work it’s way through the delicate material.

‘That’s it,’ she whispered as she pressed her body down on him a little more. Her nipples dug into his skin but he liked it.

Tessa milked the last of the cream from his cock into her panties.

She climbed a little further up onto his body and then whispered closely into his ear. ‘See,’ she began, ‘dirty can be good too.’

Luke lay there and tried to get his breath back.

‘Our little secret,’ she kissed his cheek just below the ear. ‘Be a good boy and I’ll show you more secrets.’

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