caught and taught

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having dad catch me with my boyfriend nude was frightening

I had been to a party and it turned into a game of truth or dare. I had never been naked infrontof others or seen boys naked before and it was exciting.

After the party me and Henry went home and were not expecting anyone to come home and we carried on with our expiermeting. We were both naked and he asked me to kiss his penis. I did and he jerked. He said he liked it and I did it again. I started fondeling him and my dad came home early and walked in on us. We both grabbged our clothes and were embrassed and scared but my dad just left the room. Henry got dressed in a hurry and left.

I was so scared, but my dad came in my room and asked me what I though i was doing, he said in the future to lock my door. then he sat on the bed and started talking to me. He asked me if I had done this before and I told him no. He then leaned over and untied my robe and said i had a very beautiful body. I felt funny but not really scared. He then said it was a shame, that I did not know what to do about a mans wanting to feel good and asked me if I wanted to learn.

I told him yes i think so. He said mom had to work tomorrow and he would be gald to teach me.

The next morning after mom left he came in my room in his robe and he kissedme on the lips, I fetl liek a bolt of electricity hit me when he did it. He then started massaging my small breast and then guided his hand betweem my legs. He then took my hand and had me untie his robe and pull it aside , he was naked and I was suprised at he size of his cock.

He guided my head dowsn to his cock and told me to open my mouth. as he put his cock in my mouth he tld me to massage his balls. It was not long till i felt a gush of warm liquid kind of salty tasting explode in my mouth, so much so i started to gag. He tole me to relax as i did i felt his finger enter me for the first time.

as we laid there he asked me if I liked oral sex and I told him yes he said mom hated it and had stopped doing it with him long ago. I told him I would be gald to help him with it anytime.

I noticed he was getting hard again and realized he was almost 8 inches and very thick. He told me he wanted to show me someting even more pleasing. HE laid me back on the bed and put a pillow under my hips and then took my legs and put them over his shoulders. He then rubbed some KY jelly on his cock and told me to relax and said he was going to make me a woman. I was scared he would rip me apart by th size of his cock. He very gently guided his cock toward me and then i could feel it starting to go in. he took his time and i felt a sharp pain as he entered me for the first time. soon the pain went away and i was expierencing the most plearsurable expierence of my life.

since that day every time we are alone we are secret lovers

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