Bobby Invites Anne, Carol, And The Swinging Wives To A Party

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Anne and Carol have received an invitation to a Girls Night Out Party at Bobby Vasquez’s estate. He also invited the wives from Dr. Carlos’s swingers group. He was there that night at the Lake. He is well known by the married ladies. There are two stipulations for the party. Plenty of food, beverage and entertainment provided. Bathing suits and wedding rings optional.

My name is Anne. My best friend and co-worker is Carol. We have been invited to Bobby Vasquez’s estate for a Girls Night Out Party. I called Bobby and thanked him for the invitation. I asked him if I could bring something? He laughed and said, “ you already have something I want.” I replied, “It’s yours Bobby.” He said, “I will be waiting.”

Carol and I arrived at Bobby‘s estate. He greeted us at the door. We kissed Bobby. He had his hand inside my miniskirt fingering my pussy. Carol was also greeted in the same way. Bobby likes to do outrageous things. He likes the attention. Bobby loves fucking the guys wives while they watch. He prefers to fuck the wives so the husband doesn’t know. That gives him the feeling of having an advantage over the husband. He also invited 20 single guys from the swingers group. Again Bobby loves to see these happily married wives fuck potent single young Latin men. He knows the wives aren’t getting enough sex from their husbands. He will change that with his Girls Night Out.

Food was served buffet style starting at 5PM. Dining was at anyplace we could find to sit and eat. There were 15 girls and 20 guys. Bobby had Latin love music playing throughout the estate. After dinner Bobby had a surprise for us. He had a ballroom added to his mansion. The room was professionally lighted with the traditional crystal ball and strobe lighting. The music was programed by computer and the sound system is excellent. The open bar added to the fun.

One of the wives asked to make an announcement. Bobby stopped the music. He said that Ariana had announcement to make. He handed her the microphone. She said, “tonight I am celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary.” Everyone applauded her. She continued, “ my husband Luis and I have decided to open our marriage tonight. I am free to Share my body with men here tonight and with any man I choose.” We applauded her and her beauty. She was surrounded by horny Latin men. Bobby put the music back on. Three Latin guys led her to a bedroom and she will be fucked all night. She will have all of the love she craves.

Carol and I sat with Jose, Juan and Miguel. We danced with the guys. After a few “hot” dances Carol and I went with the guys to a large bedroom. They undressed us. We were joined by 2 more guys. We layed acrossed the bed with our heads slightly over the edge of the mattress. We sucked their cocks and did deep throat. The guys loved fucking our throats. The word at the party was none of the other girls could do deep throat. Just Anne and Carol. As we satisfied the guys orally the guys licked, sucked, fingered, hand fucked our clit and pussys. They kneaded, licked, sucked our breasts and nipples. They kept us stimulated keeping us wanting for more sex. The guys double stuffed our pussys. The guys had us on our hands and knees. Our pussys and ass were fucked. That is of course we were doing deep throat at the same time.

Bobby was happy with the wives. He loaded up on his blue pills. He is determined to impregnate other guys wives. The other young potent Latin men have given these wives the attention and love their husbands haven’t given them. Every time the wives encountered the Latin men in Bobby’s house they were fucked in the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, den, hallways. All of the girls are loved. These young Latin men gave the girls their cards hoping to continue fulfilling the wives needs. The wives called their husbands saying they drank too much and will stay at Bobbys home. The truth is they want to fuck all night.

In in the morning the bachelors fucked the wives again. Carol and I were were visited in the bedroom. These guys have a history with us from Dr. Carlos’s lakeside home. Their names are Jose, Juan, Miguel, Jorge, David, and Roberto. They call us in English “Baby Dolls” as we are petite, beautiful and look younger than we are. These guys are loving, potent and handsome. They like to double stuff are holes.

Bobby announced breakast is ready. We agreed. We all had a great time. We will do this again.

Anne And Carol Have New Lovers…cont’d

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