The Beginning of an Affair

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Mike had dreams of his friend’s wife Molly, but always thought they were just that… till that one fateful night of strip poker and skinny dipping…

It was like any other Friday night as Mike stepped out of his garage and through the gate to his neighbor’s back door. They had been playing poker and getting together for drinks every Friday night for months. It was the usual suspects… the neighbor John and his wife Angela, along with another couple, Pete and Molly. Tonight, they also added Sam… an odd neighbor from across the street. They had known each other for quite a while now with the common theme of elementary school activities, but Friday nights were adult time. Kids were usually gathered at a different house with movies and some supervision of an older sibling since the language could get a bit colorful during the night.

John and Angela were already getting the chips out and getting things ready as Pete and Molly showed up. Deep down Mike had always had an attraction to Molly even though he really shouldn’t. Pete was a close friend, but at the same time could also be a dick sometimes. Mike didn’t really see why Molly stayed with him as he sometimes verbally abused her even in front of others.

Molly was a striking figure of a lady for pushing 40 years old. She was petite, blond wavy hair, piercing blue eyes, and curves that were amazing and compliments of a very talented plastic surgeon from a few years back. Mike had seen her on more than one occasion in a bikini and struggled mentally to keep his erection from pushing out of his own swimsuit.

The night continued with cards and chips flying along with a fine bottle of bourbon that John had purchased for the evening. Several hours later… all the chips were piled up in front of John. “Ha-ha! You bitches lose again!” he shouted out with a laugh. Everyone chuckled… knowing that the $20 they brought would probably be won by someone else next week and the money just seemed to be passed around over time.

Angela and Molly weren’t ready to call it a night yet though and decided to up the ante as they whispered and giggled in the kitchen. “So, you boys up for another game?” Angela asked as they walked back in with fresh drinks. Never able to back down from a challenge, all of the guys agreed. “As long as what happens in this house… stays in this house.” Molly made sure to clarify. Molly flashed her beautiful smile over at Mike… “You think you all could risk your clothes for some strip poker?” With liquid courage from the fine bourbon, they all agreed and the cards started flying around the table.

Before too long, the girls were just in their bras and panties and Mike sat there in just his boxers… purposefully losing hands out of pity to the girls. Then a big hand came in… both of the girls removing their last bit of clothing and putting them in the center of the table. Mike tried not to stare at Molly, but it was quite difficult with her full pert breasts in full view. He closed his eyes… “Ok… I’m in too.” as he stood up, pushing his boxers down… tossing them to the middle of the table. A quick glance over at Molly as he stood there naked… noticing her watching… biting her bottom lip for just a moment. The two other guys folded, but Pete laughed… tossing 2 socks into the middle. “Ha-ha! You suckers!” he yelled out… tossing his cards to the table to show a full house… kings over aces.

The girls pouted as they showed their losing hands and Mike gracefully pushed his cards to the middle face down… not wanting to show his four 3’s. “Well… I guess I get my opportunity to skinny dip in the pool instead?” Mike said with a laugh… pushing his chair back and heading to the back door. The girls looked at each other… laughing and scampered out behind him.

The three of them swam around the pool… naked bodies playing together for a bit, then Mike headed towards the more shallow end. Angela played in the deep in and jumping off the diving board as Molly slowly swam towards Mike.

“The water is chilly in here… keep me warm!” she said with a grin as she moved through the water, spinning around and pressing her back against his chest. A bit shocked, but also aroused, he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, pulling her close. “So, it’s the cold water making your nipples so hard and not me?” he said… chuckling as he looked down seeing her hard swollen nipples. With a grin, she glanced over looking up into his eyes… “May be a little bit of both?” smiling. Then, he felt her soft hand reaching behind her… wrapping around his slowly swelling cock… stroking it gently. “Doesn’t look like the water is effecting you though, is it?” Both of them continued to watch Angela at the other end as she quickly became distracted with Sam walking out the door. He stepped out naked with his very thick cock hanging down… grabbing her and jumping into the pool with her.

Nervous with Molly’s husband just inside the door, but it didn’t stop him from becoming fully erect and hard in her hand… feeing her beginning to rub the tip between her legs… teasing her freshly waxed lips below the water. As a reflex, Mike ground his hips up… easing the tip of his swollen cock into Molly. “Oh fuck…” she moaned softly with approval as she felt him push into her and rocking just a bit in and out of her warm tightness. Then, pushing away and whispering… “Careful… I’m like Fertile Myrtle down there…” smiling and swimming on her back to the other side of the pool.

Just then, John came out… naked. “That fucker won both times tonight!” laughing out loud as Pete was right behind him… an arm full of clothes and a big smile. “Ha-ha!!! You’re all my bitches tonight!!!” tossing the clothes down in a heap on the ground and plopping himself down into a lounge chair with his drink… finishing it and then looking over at Molly. “Hey woman! We’re out of bourbon… walk over to our house and get that other bottle.” He yelled over at her in a demanding fashion.

Mike knew he really didn’t need any more to drink and the party seemed to be over for him and his chances with Molly. Everyone got out of the pool, drying themselves off and sorting through their clothes to find their own as they dressed. Every once in a while Mike would catch a glance of Molly watching him… then smiling.

Mike said his goodbyes to everyone as he headed out the front door. Just as he made it to the sidewalk, he heard a familiar voice… “Hey Mike, wait up!” Molly ran up to him, grabbing his arm and looking up at him. “Do you have to go straight home, or can you escort a damsel to her house and back?” He just smiled as he turned toward her… the walked down the street and over the two blocks to her house.

As they entered the quiet house Mike knew he had to say something about what happened in the pool. “So… in the pool… uhhh… I really didn’t mean for that to happen.” looking down. He felt Molly’s finger under his chin, lifting it up looking deep into his eyes. “I did…” she said with a wicked smile… taking his hand and walking him back to the master bathroom.

She leaned back against the bathroom counter as she pulled him close. His lips covering hers… feeling her hot tongue easing inside his mouth as their kiss became more passionate. Both sets of their hands hungrily removing each others clothes until they stood naked.

Mike stepped back… looking at Molly’s gorgeous body. He had dreamed about it so many times in the shower… masturbating and exploding in sheer pleasure. “You think you can pull out in time?” Molly asked with a smile as she reached down… her tiny hand stroking his hard cock. Mike reached down, his hands on her tiny waist and lifted her to sit on the edge of the bathroom counter. He moved forward, his right hand sliding under her left knee… pushing it back as her hand guided the tip of his cock to her wet entrance. He could hear her beautiful voice moan out loud as he entered her… grinding his cock deeper into her. “Ohhhh fuck Mike… I’ve wanted this cock for so long!” she moaned out. Molly could feel every inch pressing inside her… every vein of his cock throbbing inside her pussy walls.

Mike looked at her beautiful face, full of passion as she leaned back against the mirror… her hands nearly behind her. He was in control now… and he knew it. Slowly he leaned back… looking down at his throbbing shaft glistening with her wetness till just the tip was inside her. “Do you really want it Molly?” he asked, looking into her eyes. Through her panting, she was able to muster… “Fuck me Mike…. Fuck me like you want me…” He smiled, then suddenly thrust the entire length deep into her. His hips making a slapping sound as they struck her ass hard, then a squeal escaped her lips. Then, he began a steady rhythm… thrusting the length in and out of her… watching as one of her hand moved forward, furiously rubbing her clit.

“Ohhhh Mike… fuuuckkk… I’mmm gonnnna CUMMMMM!!!” she screamed out loud, throwing her head back, arching her back… making her toes curl. A violent orgasm exploded through her body, making every muscle in her body tighten at once as she screamed out loud. Mike could feel it and wasn’t about to stop as his cock continued to pound in and out… watching her perfect breasts bouncing with each of his forceful thrusts.

One orgasm led to another in short fashion…. “Ohhhh fuuuuckkk… I haven’t been fucked like this in so long!” she screamed… looking at him with hunger in her eyes. “Don’t cum in me Mike… I can’t get pregnant.” She pleaded. Mike leaned forward kissing her long and deep… “Don’t worry… I’ve been fixed already Molly.” Leaning back with a smile.

Molly’s eyes widened as her mind spun… clouded with alcohol and lust… not knowing what to say, but also knowing she didn’t want to go back to the party full of Mike’s hot cum. “Cum all over these for me Mike?” she asked… pressing her big beautiful breasts together… rolling her hard nipples between her fingertips.

That’s all it too… for her to ask that would send Mike over the edge. He quickly pulled out of her… guiding her to her knees in front of him. His hand moved rapidly up and down his cock, covered with her slick wet juices. His groans filled the room as his orgasm approached. Molly watched… waiting… wanting it as he exploded. Stream after stream of hot creamy cum shooting across her breasts. Mike screamed out loud as he unloaded all of his cum across this beautiful girl’s breasts… watching each rope of hot cum splattering onto her.

As he opened his eyes, he looked down on her… watching her grab his cock… stroking it… sucking the last few drops out. His heart pounded in his chest from the amazing orgasm… his dream finally coming true with Molly. He reached down, helping her to stand and kissed her deeply, then cleaning each other up and dressing.

They grabbed the bottle of bourbon for Pete and walked back over to John and Angela’s house. Before arriving, Molly grabbed Mike… between the houses, pulling him close and kissing him deeply and passionately. “I know we shouldn’t be doing this… but I’m not sure I can’t tell you it won’t happen again.” She said with a smile with her arms around his neck.

Mike just looked down… seeing that beautiful face he dreamed of… kissing her again. “Mmmmm I’ll be dreaming about it for sure.” Kissing her one more time before they parted ways.

Molly went back to the party with her dickhead husband complaining it took her too long, and Mike went home… his wife already sound asleep. He laid down in bed… closing his eyes… only to see a beautiful image of Molly looking up at him with her beautiful smile and hunger in her eyes.

He knew this was wrong, but he couldn’t help himself and knew he had to have her again… as he slowly drifted off to sleep… a huge smile on his face.

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