The bitch gene

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Jennifer is going with Bradley, my boss. At first, you know what, I thought that she would leave me. I thought that this was where the affair would end up. Me moving on from my home, from work, out of shame. But it’s not like that if a woman has a bitch gene inside her and Jennifer did.

One of the thoughts that occurred to me just as soon as i knew that Jennifer my wife was going with Bradley, the boss at work, was she will leave me now. Think about that. It’s not obvious is it? I mean she could end the affair orhe could tire of her. She could decide to keep it burning on, like a smouldering fire beneath our house. It could be like that, a game of let’s pretend that went on and on and on. But the circumstances of the discovery predisposed me to imagine that she woould leave. It was oone Friday evening and Bradley had required me to work late at the office, finishing a report. f course he buggered off to our place and was fucking Jennifer on the marital bed. Then though there had been a local power cut at the office and my computer went blank. I didn’t have access to stuff to run the report. So I went home and saw his Jaguar sports car on the drive. I went into the house with a sense of foreboding and set my brief case down on the table in the hall. Upstairs I could hear Jennifer gasping the rhythmic slup, slup, slup sound has his cock buried inside her cunt. She was ‘bitch’ and he was ‘darling’ and he as giving her one. He was giving her a right royal seeing to. After they grunted, you know, after the spunk was shot up her Jennifer must have peeped out of the bedroom and seen my car on the drive too. She said, ‘fuck, Ben’s home!’ Bradley though told her to relax. I had to know some time. He would ‘mash my face’ if I made a nuisance of myself. It was always coming to this, he was always going too have to ‘sort me’ in. order to enjoy more time with Jennifer. I remember Jennifer came down in. as little silk wrap with Japanese cranes on it. She smelled of sex. She smelled of fucking and what he had loaded her with. She brazened it out and asked whether I had more brandy in as Bradley wanted some. I found the new bottle feeling sick to the stomach and she took him up a glass. An hour later I thought he would come down and then leave. But no, he started to fuck her again and I went out into the orchard and picked apples. I didn’t really know what else to do.

It was almost dark when i went back indoors anfd I saw that his Jaguar had at last gone. Jennifer was now. dressed in a pleated mini skirt, you know the sort that cheerleaders wear. This one though was in black and it was teamed with a black blouse that made her skin look like alabaster. She was lounging on a armchair with a leg up over the side, drinking a gin. and watching some concert, Moazart on TV. She watched me as I fixed my drink and sat down. She said,

‘Do you want a row or are you going to lick my sex?’

Can you imagine? Can you imagine that question?! Remember, I thought that she would leave right then. I thoiuhght that we qwere finished. So i pictured her blustering on about how these. things happen and that she was sorrybuyt we were finished now. That was how I thought she would be. I blinked at her. She wasn’t studying me now, she was watching the conductor posing on the rostrum. Fucking Mozart. I thought to myself a row is the route to the door. That’s what i thought and may. be you would too? I thought, shout at her and she will lift off too. I thought handle it calm. My mouth was dry but i said,

‘I’ll lick you out’.

There was no surprise, no smirking, no laughing, no shock. She said,

‘Get on with it then’ and lifted her skirt hem so I could see the sticky mess of her cunt. Jeez she had a cunt like a tunnel. He looked as though he had drilled her out. So I got down on my knees and I tasted what he had dumped inside her. It tasted bitter, like alkaline. i was sticky and gliutinous like semolina. There was so much of the fucking stuff that the more I licked her sex the more it oozed out. For a moment she pretended to notice but then as my tongue flicked her bud, she hoisted the skirt fiurther to watch me eat her.

‘Are you ashamed of yourself? ‘ she asked me. It was said softly, flatly, without intonation.

I said ‘yes’ withooiut explaining why. Jennifer knew thoough. I husband didn’t lick his wife out after she had taken a load from her lover.

It seemed to encourage her to sttroke my hair. I wasn’t ranting was I? I wasn’t stamping around.

‘Does it taste nice?’ she asked indolently.

‘No!’ i said quickly.

She watched me licking her sex. Her cunt lips glistened with my spittle.

‘You’ll get used to it’ she said and moaned softly. Evidently the tongue bath was nice. She ran her fingers down pull,ed back the little hood of her clitty anfd showed me the bullet hard flesh beneath. I was to ‘suckle’ it which I did. Jennifer took a picture on her phone. I watched her thum b working as she sent i to him.

‘Open your mouth properly’ she said and then when i did, she rubbed her cunt against my mouth until she squirted. I licked, and gobbled and sucked as best i could. She climaxed, bucking against my head. Then…then that was done and she said that she was tired. She said that she woould rettire and best I sleep in the oother bedroom now…from now on.

I didn’t sleep so well that night. I coiuld still taste her and of course him. The slup, slip, slup noise reverberated still in my head. It was fucking difficult. I woondered what that little episode meant. I mean, using me didn’t mean that she would stay. It didn’t mean that she would tolerate me. I’d just done such a disgusting thing. She had used my face to have a dessert climax, that was what she had done. i had just capitulated. I trieid to figure out the permutations. What next? What would she do. After midnight I was near insane with the worry. I started to wank. I started to wank thinking about her cunt, riding his knob, squelching and gripping as he shot a load. I must have been making little noises. i must have been writhing a bit. On the way to the toilet, Jennifer looked in through the door. She saw me jagging down on my cock so fucking hard.

The next morning, Saturday, Jennifer was up and wearing a pair of riding boots and skin tight jodphurs. Fuck, she looked lithe. She watched me cook the breakfast. I was terrified. wondering what to say. ‘Look…we need to talk….about yesterday….’ She spoke though, she said something.

‘I’m spending the day with Bradley, ‘ she told me curtly, ‘if you offer to clean his car whilst we’re out down at the stables, that will stop any silly tension’.

She eyed me. Don’t you dare grow a back bone. Just lie down and bare what yoou were tugging on last night.

‘OK’ I said sullenly.

She nodded and refilled her coffee cup.

‘You’re just going to roll over and take it….aren’t you?’ she said. Her expression was one of curiosity but it slipped into contempt. That was inevitable….wasn’t it.

‘Yes’ i said lamely. I felt as though I’d just been whipped at the main mast. I felt eviscerated.

‘Why?’ she asked, watching me intently now.

‘So may be you won’t leave me then’ i said honestly.

She smiled.

‘We’ll have to see what bradley orders, OK?’ she whispered.

I nodded. I couldn’t look her in the face.

‘Did you like licking me out?’ she asked.

I winced. Yoiu know, you really do…..don’t you?

‘Yes’ I said.

‘Tell him then’ she said and fixed me with a look.

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