A long night at the bar

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I go to the bar with my boyfriend and he lets other guys touch me as they like.

We decide to go to the bar, you make me wear a short mini red see through dress with no bra or panties underneath, plus some black high heels. Everyone can clearly see my nipples and pussy. The dress barely covers my butt cheeks, it slightly moves up with every step I take. Once we get there we order some drinks and sit at a table. When the drinks arrive you tell me to open my mouth and you pour the drink in it and tell me not to swallow. You grab my face and wrap your lips around mine then you drink it from there. I can feel your hand squeezing my boobs hard so I moan as you drink from my mouth. You do that with several shots then you tell me to drink some too. I refuse to drink so you just grab the shot, open my mouth and pour it there then force me to swallow. After several shots I feel tipsy and more relaxed. You see that the pool table full with guys so you make go play with them, I tell you that I don’t know how to play it but you tell me that the guys will teach me. So I end up going there and ask the guys if I can join so they tell me yes and they’ll teach me the basics. Once it got to my turn a guy told me to grab a stick and bend down on the table, then he bent down on me as well, he had a boner. He told me to spread my legs a little, when I spread them I just felt his boner go deeper between my butt cheeks. Then he slowly felt my body from my thigh and up to my hips then boobs and finally reached my arm and slowly rubbed it till he got to my hand and wrapped his hand around it. Then he took his other hand and did the same with my other arm, but once he got to my boobs he slid his arm between them and wrapped his hand around mine. He kissed my neck and told me that its for good luck. I can feel him trying to put all of his weight on top of me and force his boner to go deeper between my butt cheeks as my boobs squeeze his arm. He does most of the playing by using my body. Every time we make a ball go in the hole he turns me around and kiss my lips hard as he grope me everywhere, I just wrap my arms around his neck and let him harass me. Once the game is over I go back to you and kiss your lips softly. You grab my boobs as I kiss you then you ask me if I had fun and I say yes. Then you order some beer and some ice, but this time you take off my dress and squeeze my boobs then put an ice between them and make me pour the drink between them as you drink from the bottom. You play with them as I pour the drink and once its done you take the ice and make me eat it. The men in the bar sees you doing that and ask if they can try it too. I tell you no but you just drag me out of the table and make me sit on a chair and tell them that they can do it for $60. They all agree and line up to do it. You grab my arms and tie them to the chair and spread my legs and tie them to it too so I can’t move or try to stop them from doing anything they want as you rent out my body to them. The first guy comes and he slaps my boobs hard then grab as hard as he can and tries to squeeze my boobs together to make my nipples touch and rub each other as he sucks on them. Then you take an ice cube and put it between my boobs and pour the drink slowly so he can take his time with my body. I moan loud as he squeeze my boobs mercilessly and lick and suck them as he wants. The pain brings me near an orgasm but once I feel like Cumming, the guy stops and he slaps my face then boobs. The next guy that comes is more abusive. He slaps my boobs even harder than the guy before and he bites my nipples and all over my boobs. i scream with every pinch, slap, and bite but that doesn’t stop you from stopping him from torturing me. In fact you just enjoy it. As my screams get louder and louder you tell the men that they can rent my mouth for another $60 which causes half of the line to move over to my mouth. Now I have men all over my boobs and others all over my mouth. As the guy starts to drink the beer the other one take an ice and put it in my mouth as he grabs my hair and proceeds to face fuck me like a toy. The more I scream the more he enjoys vibes of my moans on his dick. It doesn’t take him that long before he cums in my mouth and makes me swallow it all. The next guy that comes for the beer looks at my pussy and sees how wet it is so he asks if he can drink the beer as its being poured on my pussy. You tell him that he has to pay $70 for my pussy and he just does. He grabs my butt and pull me closer to him as he starts to eat me out and clean my pussy then takes an ice cube and put it between my pussy lips as you pour him the drink while he continues to eat me out and swallow the beer. Having being touched a lot by everyone I just end up Cumming in his mouth. He swallows it all as he finishes his bear. One hour later I end up having 10 guys on my boobs, 8 on my pussy, and 10 on my mouth. My boobs are full with hickeys as my pussy is swollen too. I beg you to stop so you finally do.You pick me up and make me bend down on the table pool and you start to fuck me. You pull my hair as you pound my pussy mercilessly. I moan and scream as you ram your dick in and out of my pussy fast and hard till you’re about to cum then you pull my hair and make me get on my knees and you cum on my face then make me get on all fours and tell everyone that they can fuck me for free. They all gather around me and try to fuck me. A guy gets under me and slides his dick in my pussy as another one gets in my ass. A guy comes in front of me and grab my hair and starts to face fuck me. 2 guys stand on my sides and make me jack them off. As I’m busy with 2 guys in my hands and 3 in my holes, I feel hands on my boobs and ass pinching me and spanking me while some guys cum on my back. I can’t do anything but moan and scream while I’m being groped and harassed. Once a guy comes in me then he let’s another guy take that hole. After another hour I’m just full with hickeys, bruises, marks, and cum from everyone. You tell me to just wear my dress and go back home with you. I tell you to give me some time to clean up but you tell me that you want people to see me like this and call me a slut and a whore. I can’t do anything but obey you, so I wear my dress and get out.

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