The night touch

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On November night, I licked Nicole. I licked her and felt her move against my mouth, her hands reaching down and locking my face on her cunt. Something had changed. Something had really changed….

Last November, yes, only a year ago, i actually fucked Nicole. I did it on a regular basis, sometimes out of bed too. We pretended, that it was adequate. Sometimes, if she was feeling especially kind, she pretended to orgasm. It was like that, a sad little pretence. My wife is truly beautiful, in a distracting way. Her hair, auburn, her eyes disturbingly arresting, a soft nut brown as if the colour leached there from her fabulous hair.

‘Lick me instead’ she whispered one night.

I’d never done that. I’d never given head to her. It wasn’t something that I did. I’m not stupid, i mean that i had read about it. I’d read about women’s orgasms and the mismatch with our own. So, tentatively, i kissed her bud nipples, I ran my lips down over her flat tummy and started to kiss daintilythrough the soft curls of her pubic hair. I remember how she watched me. Her eyes seemed indolent, lazily curious about what i might manage. Indulgently patient for any sensations that I might cause. I licked her sex. I mean, yes, I licked it. I didn’t kiss it softly, I ran my tongue up between the lush lips of her labia, tasting her saltiness in an instant. Wow, so salty! When my tongue travelled to the top I felt the bulbous orb of her clitty. It was like a tiny section of garlic, smooth, sensous and glistening hard. The more I licked it the more it hardened. It swelled before my very eyes and then when it was big enough, sticking out beneath its inadequate hood, I sucked it meekly, against my lips, my tongue running it like I was licking a fag paper.

At first I didn’t register it, the huskiness in her voice. I didn’t register the increasing fervour as she rubbed her cunt against my mouth. When her nails dug into my scalp though I winced. She clawed them into the back of my head, denying me any retreat, and rubbed her soaking sex against my mouth, my nose and chin. It was as if her sex had become a beak and I was a spray of seed to be ground against. Nicole was having an orgasm.

‘What….what are you thinking….feeling?’ I whispered. Right then, for a pristine moment I felt like a wizard. I felt like someone able to please. The thrill of it, the sudden pride of it. Wow. I licked her clitty lightly and made her squirm.

‘Tell me!’ i teased, ‘tongue ties you to the truth’. I licked her sex full on, like I was catching drips on a summers day ice cream cone. It was a full frontal assault across the breadth of my tongue.

‘I’m…I’m thinking of…..someone……’ she gasped, almost delirious.

‘Go on!’ I urged. My magic tongue would insulate me. You know, women have fantasies about rock stars, film stars that kind of thing.

‘I’m thinking about Bradley…’ she moaned, ‘he’s fucking me and you have to watch.’

Bradley. Fuck. Bradley. Bradley, let me say…look….Bradley is my fucking 18 year old nephew.

I froze. I froze out if shock. A surge of disgust, shame, something horrendous, swept over me and then through me as if the covers had been left off and the deluge surged down through my veins. It felt as cold as an anaesthetic. But Nicole was in the thrall of it all. She was in the grip of the vision. I felt her nails dig in hard, clamping my mouth against her grinding sex. I wasn’t allowed to resist.

‘Fucking lick it will you!’ she snapped. Christ. Her voice was like a knife. It cut me. I licked her sliding sex and she started to groan.

‘Just let nature take its course’ she gasped, writhing against my mouth. Now her thighs muffled out the sound of the music from the stereo of a car in the street. Now there was nothing save for her grunts, her groans and the rhythmic pulsing of her fluids, against my face and then when I help my lips wide enough, into my mouth.

Afterwards, the time they don’t write about, when she let me go, I rolled to one side and started up at the ceiling gasping. I stared at the cracks there that looked like a grimhold prison. Level upon level of cracks. Nicole shuddered and then, slowly, she snuggled against my chest. Her fingers teased below to find my cock. May be it was consolation prize time. May be she was going to jerk a load out of me?

‘You’re wet…’ she whispered surprised, ‘you’re wet….you spunked’ she whispered. It was like that tiny voice that Melanie used in some of her songs. That tiny little girl voice. It was a wonderment voice. She kissed my neck and then my cheek and then when her lips were so close there, I rooted around to meet them. I kissed her greedily. I tried to eat her, my tongue chasing hers, my mouth clamping agaunst her mouth and my hands feeling down, feeling down to the lush wet forest of her sex.

‘You seeing Bradley?’ i interrogated.

She could lie. I wanted her to lie. I wanted it just to be a fantasy. We could use the kid OK. We coul use him in a few bedtime games. I’d learned to lick a woman.

‘Yes’ she whispered and her look said that she expecte censure. May be she expected to be hit or something. It was like the moment that i was meant to demonstrate that I was a man. I was to deny the upstart. That was what i was meant to do.

‘We go out on his Harley’ she said softly. Was that meant to be gentle? Was that meant to be enough, a code, a mention of something subtle, covert, yet still incidental?

I kissed her. An assurance. My dick was still stiff and it was moving against her perfect slim artistic fingers.

‘He’s fucking you…huh?’

She nodded. I didn’t so much see her blush, I felt the sudden heat within her cheek. There, she had confessed it. Every woman in Nicole’s girlfriend network wanted Bradley. He was so, well, pretty. He was so conventionally male. His eyes brooded, his big hands worked the throttle on that fucking bike like he was twisting a chicken’s neck.

‘What you just did Tom, it was wonderful. I loved it.’ Nicole protested.

I smiled. It was as thin as a sheet of glass. I felt wrecked then. Yet, yet…it was when Nicole confessed to thinking of someone else, a moment ago, that my cock had spurted.

‘Thank you’ i answered. I said it sincerely and she kissed me.

‘Tell Bradley that you don’t mind. Tell him that you accept this is for the best. You can’t pretend can you, we can’t pretend…’ The plea seemed garbled, but i guessed what she meant. I couldn’t fuck her properly, he could.

I kissed her nipples. They were proud, hard, standing atop her milk white breasts and so woman.

‘I can’t stand the thought of you leaving me…’ I admitted.

‘I won’t leave you silly!’ she exclaimed and hugged my face right into her bosom. I was held tight there. I felt her chest rising and falling. Her fingers played against my cock. It was stiff, so stiff.

‘If you treat Bradley as the man of the house, if we have sex this way, you and I, licking, it is so sweet…’her voice trailed away. She didn’t dare tell me all that she had imagined. It was too selfish, too bohemian, too frank about the needs of a woman to be adquately serviced. ‘You could sleep in the small room, I would come to you afterwards. Imagine, in the dark, touch, no words. I would gently turn you over, settle upon you and you could lick me in only the way that you can!’

Nicole’s fingers worked my cock. Yes, now, I felt the rhythmic movement of her fingers, up and down, up an down.

‘I want to see, to feel you licking me out. I want to be so sensual, so different, so free!’ she exalted. Her fingers danced. I moaned.

‘You would taste of him, smell of him….’ I murmured.

She kissed me. Her eyes were blazing.

‘Yes’ she said, ‘I am woman enough, I WANT that.’

I kissed her. I kissed her hard. Right then, at that exact moment, whilst the clock ticked on the bedroom wall, she was a bitch. I kissed her nipples and felt them mive against my tongue. I felt them move like mushroom fruits pushed up through the pine needles of the forest floor. I kissed lower, onto her tummy. She was still tugging on me.

‘You’ll need some leather jeans, a jacket…for the bike’ I whispered as I kissed her.

She moaned. Nicole’s mind was down a country lane, the motorcycle gliding, her man rock hard before her leaning the machine determining her fate.

I started to lick her sex again. I started to lick her labia and felt how they moved. I felt how they may be sucked on his cock.

‘God Tom, that’s so sexy, so sexy’ she moaned softly, ‘tell Bradley that you want him to own me. Tell him you do’.

Her quim was shivering. Her thighs tensed. Her finger dance was relentless. Tug, tug, tug, tug. God!

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