Just a quick business trip

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Kay puts the dildo down next to her on the bed and to my surprise reaches over to my bedside draw and pulls out the tube of lube and a condom, wow is Kay actually going to play with the new red dildo?

Just a quick business trip

Second story attempt

I am Vernon and my wife is Kay, we are both in our late 50s and Kay is still as hot as the day I first met her, I actually spotted her in a local bar but that is another story. Since that time all those years ago and following the birth of our son, the one most noticeable aspect of Kay that has changed is that her breasts have gone from a very firm 34c to a sumptuous 36c and are beautifully pert.

I occasionally have to leave the gloom of the UK and visit clients in various cities around the world, Kay is used to this and well aware how important these trips are to the business, however on this occasion and following a phone call at 14.30 things fell into place to meet a good client at very short notice as he had a stopover for 48 hours in Stockholm and kay and I would have to skip our long planned evening of fun.

Flights all booked and taxi arranged before Kay returned home I then had to break the news that our fun evening would have to wait a couple of days, Kay said that it was such a shame as she had been looking forwards to what had been planned and had been imagining all day what we could get up to but understood.

While Kay was sorting out a flight bag for me and I picked out my suit and a couple of shirts and so on, I quickly placed a recently purchased red dildo Under her bottom pillow which I had planned to introduce later that evening and really make the night fun and add something new to sex lives. This was not one of those mega things, it was the realistic type, very soft and warm to the touch and about 8 inches in length (I am about 6 inches) and it looked a bit thicker than me.

Having packed my flight bag, Kay went off to get me a quick whiskey before my taxi arrived to get me to the airport. It was now I decided to turn on the mini high definition secure cam in our bedroom, we have several discretely placed in the home for security and we can also access them while away for peace of mind. My motives were simple, watching Kay get undressed still excites me and I was curious how she would react when she went to bed and found what I had placed beneath her bottom pillow.

Kay suddenly called that the taxi was outside so I hurried to the back door, gulped my whiskey and give her a long kiss while groping her breast. She told me not to be naughty and I will just have to wait a couple of days before what I just started can be finished. A few hours later and now checked into my room, I connected to the Wi-Fi and started to check for messages.

I gave Kay a quick call to say I had arrived and what was she doing before I went out for a late bite to eat and quick beer given I was now an hour ahead of home. Kay said she was going to watch a film she had recorded and then go to bed, with a smirk on my face I said ok and have a good night. Now it was at this point I started to have reservations about leaving the red dildo under her bottom pillow, I had previously many years ago touched on the idea of a vibrator but Kay was not keen as she thought they could be noisy and back then wake our son.

Just before I went out, I securely logged onto the home secure cam portal and checked it was working. It was a little dim so I corrected that and out I went, a couple of hours later I was back in my room and got ready to relax with a beer from the mini bar. Opening my iPad I went to the cam portal page, the light in the bedroom was on but no sign of Kay. Maybe I had missed her get undressed and seeing her breasts freed from her bra, I could still hear sounds in the background so she may still be in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Sipping my beer while still laying on the bed in just my shorts I hear a louder noise that I know is toilet door, then into the bedroom walks Kay.

Putting her bedside light on Kay starts to take her clothes off, now down to just her bra and panties she slowly takes her bra off letting her breasts just fall. That is it, I just had to start rubbing my cock through my shorts and then off come her panties. Standing there in full view of the cam Kay is now naked as she grasps the bottle of body lotion off the bedside table, putting one leg on the edge of the bed she puts a large amount of the body lotion in her hand and starts to rub this into her left leg from the toes to the very top of her leg. Kay repeats this with the right leg and then starts to work on her breasts with both hands, I can see the way she cups her breasts smoothing the lotion over both fully from beneath her breasts working to the top and paying a lot of attention to the area around her nipples which obviously excites her.

By now, I have my solid cock in my hand gently stroking it while I watch in envy that it was not me with handfuls of body lotion and helping Kay with the task in hand. Kay having smoothed the lotion evenly over her breasts reaches under the top pillow and pulls out her sheer red and black baby doll that she looks amazing in and slides it over her head, picking up her mini iPad from the bedside table she slumps on the bed. My thoughts while watching intently are oh my god was my idea a bad one, Kay realizes something is amiss and reaches under the bottom pillow and pulls out the package. Kay glances at said item and mutters something like “you dirty bugger Vernon” (time to turn the volume up remotely). Kay appears mesmerized and is avidly reading the description on the packaging, turning the package over Kay pulls the dildo from the box and throws the packaging on the floor.

There in front of my screen is my stunning wife laying on our bed with the red dildo in her hand, she is caressing it gently and running her hand up and down its length slowly when I notice her legs part a little exposing her pussy. Kay puts the dildo down next to her on the bed and to my surprise reaches over to my bedside draw and pulls out the tube of lube and a condom, wow is Kay actually going to play with the new red dildo? My cock is now rock hard and dribbling pre-cum and the urge to just stroke my cock is unbearable, Kay rolls again onto her back and picks up the dildo and slowly rolls the condom over its length with expertise ( she is very good at this and loves taking her time when putting a condom on me).

With the condom now fully in place over the dildo Kay opens up the lube and places a large blob on her hand and I can see how she slides the lube around her pussy opening, slowly and gently making her pussy lips slippery and wet before pushing a couple of fingers inside. Kay gasps as her fingers penetrate her pussy and she lets out a little sigh as she moves her fingers gently in and out of that warm and wonderful place I wish I was in. Reaching to her right she picks up the dildo and puts a large quantity of lube on the tip before easing it towards her pussy, I am now ready to blow my load now but have to see how far things will go. Given where the cam is positioned ( at the end of the bed)all I can now clearly see is Kay rubbing the dildo up and down the length of her pussy, she is taking things really slow and stopping just above her clit before sliding it back down.

Kay reaches again for the lube and smears even more round her pussy opening, picking up the dildo again Kay proceeds to put the tip of dildo on her pussy opening and while opening her legs wide eases a couple of inches of her new red friend into her opening. Kay sighs and stays motionless for what seemed ages before she pushes the dildo a little further into her slippery hot pussy, Kay is now massaging her right breast while holding the dildo firm in place. I am now also naked laying on my hotel bed with the biggest hard on I have had for ages when Kay gets out of bed, is that it? Has she had enough fun on her own? Then when I thought it was all over Kay comes back into the bedroom and lays a towel on the bed, she climbs on top of the towel and picks up the lube again. Spreading her legs so her knees are resting on each side of the towel I now have an amazing view of her wet and slippery pussy as she puts another blob of the lube directly on her clit, Kay picks up the dildo and starts to work the lube all over the length of the dildo while running it up and down the length of her pussy before again easing the tip into herself. Again, she sighs but louder this time and slides at least 5 inches into herself before resting in that position for a few minutes while again playing with her right nipple through the baby doll.

Kay all of a sudden let’s her nipple go and clasps the dildo with both hands, she eases the dildo outwards but just leaves the head still in her and starts to rhythmically slide her new red friend slowly, smoothly and carefully in and out of her wet pussy. This continues for at least 8 or 10 minutes before her pace picks up a just a little, now she is taking the dildo slightly deeper on each subsequent stroke and again a little faster when all of a sudden Kay starts to arch her back a little and shouts “oh god” and it is clear she has just come hard. Kay takes her hands of the dildo but leaves it in place while she removes her baby doll and grabs more lube. With both hands now slippery with lube kay starts to fondle both her breasts in a cupping motion, starting at the bottom of both breasts she pushes her hands upwards and then letting her breasts just slide over the palms of her hands and then pinching each of her nipples in turn and run her fingers around each till the stand proud and hard.

I am not sure how much more of this I can take while alone in my hotel room so I go and grab the shower towel and lay it on my bed as I am oozing pre-cum virtually nonstop, I have to admit I had in my wildest dreams never thought Kay would venture to even consider playing with a dildo on her own and without me but this is awesome. Kay has now stopped massaging her breasts and is shuffling around on the bed when she eases the dildo from her pussy and lifts the towel up, next she grabs a pillow and places it down the bed and puts the towel over it and lays back down so her open pussy is now well exposed to my eyes and her feet are resting on the bed with her knees in the air and legs spread wide. Adjusting the zoom aspect of the cam, I am now able to get a bit closer to the unfolding action happening right before me and in our own bedroom.

Taking the lube again, Kay this time just puts a large amount directly on her pussy and I can now see it slowly run down the length of her pussy. Kay picks up the dildo with both hands and runs it up and down her pussy to get it well lubed before gently easing it in , the view is so bloody hot as she starts to push herself onto the dildo making it sink further and further into her hot and slippery opening. That’s it, I could not take it anymore and took hold of my cock, pulling my foreskin back as far as it would go and stroked my length thinking that dildo could be my cock and just blew my first load there and then like an erupting volcano of super-hot cum. Kay all this time has both hands round her red friend and is working it into her pussy with long gentle but lustful strokes, pushing her pelvis forward to meet each stroke Kay is now getting into a rhythm and I can hear a little ooh every time the dildo sinks ever further into her moist and slippery cunt. Kay continues this slow rhythmic assault on her pussy for about 10 minutes, occasionally fully withdrawing it and then slowly feeding it back in to her wanting hole. Kay steps things up a notch and now starts plunging her toy in and out of her pussy until she finally buries it’s full 8 inch length as deep as it can go followed by a huge sigh of utter pleaser, holding the dildo as deep as it will go and just wiggling it from side to side her breathing has now also become loud and virgin on panting when she freezes holding the dildo deep and screams with pleasure and visibly shakes with an orgasm that lasts for ages.

Now I am again like a stick of rock again having seen Kay cum so hard and start to gently stroke my cock, slow soft strokes from the base to the head which looks twice its normal size while seeing what Kay will do next. As I watch my screen stroking my cock Kay is now very slowly pulling the dildo from her pussy and is obviously enjoying the sensation of the slow withdrawal and once fully out it is clearly coated in pussy juice, it is also clear to see that her pussy lips are swollen and the hood of her clit is still engorged with lust. Kay is just lying there in what appears to be an exhausted state with her legs spread wide and the dildo lying next to her, what she does next is totally unexpected as she removes the pillow from under the towel and relays the towel on the bed and gets onto all fours with her pussy in all its glory staring me in the face. Slowly her hand becomes visible between her legs and she starts to rub herself, then I can just about make out that she has slipped her fingers into her waiting hole and starts to work it at a fast pace. This was not doing whatever she wanted to achieve so she did no more than grab the dildo and eased its head just passed her pussy lips, now with her hand fully round the base of the dildo she worked it gently in and out of her already wet pussy. The pace now grew faster as did the depth of how deep she was plunging the dildo, she was like a woman possessed and she was just shouting “oh fuck” repeatedly while she worked the dildo in and out to its full length. Kay now changed tack and started to pull most of the dildo out and thrust it back down to the hilt, Kay dropped from her all fours position to just resting on her tits and her other hand was now clearly rubbing her clit while she continued to pound herself – she was jerking with pleasure and shouting Vernon just pump me full of your hot come, fuck me, fuck me hard when she had yet another orgasm and hearing her call my name gave me my second and even stronger climax with a stream of spunk shooting at least 9 inches over my belly and on the towel.

Kay was definitely at a point of no return and the strokes became faster, harder and she was now pulling the dildo all the way out and slamming back in. Over and over again she slammed that dildo deep, pussy juice was dripping from her hole and the dildo was making slurping sounds as it slid in and out. Kay’s fingers were now becoming more intense on her clit as she pounded herself and I could tell she was very close to yet another massive orgasm, Kay then started to push back on every thrust of the dildo and then she just exploded squirting pussy juice all over the dildo, down her legs and onto the towel.

She simple rolled back over onto her back and gently stroked her pussy while slowly massaging pussy juice between her swollen lips and round her clit, it was then I noticed her pick up her mobile and seconds later my phone rang and it was Kay.

Hi Vernon she said, you were a naughty boy before you left home and I wish you were home in bed with me now. I replied that I also wish I was, then Kay just came out with it – did you like the show Vernon? Err, what did you say Kay? Did you like the show as I know you were watching because the black tape hiding the active red light on cam was on. Oh yes Kay you were on fire, I take it our little addition for fun will stay then? Kay was quicker than lightning with her response and it was a resounding yes, however Vernon you have seen what I liked and did on my own but next time you can take control and use the dildo on me, perhaps I might even let you use the toy on my pussy while I suck your cock at the same time and if you’re lucky and I can suck you dry – night honey and be horny when you get home.

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