A Party To Remember

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It was 3am. She sat alone on the only barstool still left in place, inhaling deeply and smiling as if to congratulate herself on a successful party. The empty room smelled of a mixture…

It was 3am. She sat alone on the only barstool still left in place, inhaling deeply and smiling as if to congratulate herself on a successful party. The empty room smelled of a mixture of wine and whiskey with a splash of vanilla from a nearby smoldering candle. A parade of various shaped half empty drinking glasses lined the kitchen counter with scattered food crumbs decorating their ensemble like confetti on a cake table.

A few minutes earlier she had watched the last guests make their way quickly out the door, as if embarrassed somehow by either their behavior or their appearance. The women were half dressed with smudged mascara and stilettos in tow whose partners were cradling their remaining handle of liquor. The faint scent of his cologne lingered in the room causing her to inhale and smile a second time as she recalled the events of the evening.

He arrived with his beautiful wife. Fashionably late and very sexily dressed, they made quite the first impression with their Hollywood good looks and magnetic personalities. She admired them with a goal in mind only the Lifestyle offered. She glanced at her husband across the room. What a beautiful catch she thought; handsome with piercing blue eyes and a killer sexy smile that made her fall in love with him 20 years ago. He was charming, savvy, intelligent, witty and knew exactly how to please a woman in bed. She loved everything about him and watching him please another woman was the most arousing, erotic act she could name. He was an amazing lover.

The crowd was energetic, working the room as if to make connections, build rapport and close deals. It was a game many had mastered. The hunt was on and everyone was fair territory.

She made her way to the front door to greet the last of the arriving guests. Hugs and kisses were a given. An ass pat or a breast squeeze were welcomed. It was part of the warm up, the pregame. As she turned to follow the guests into the bar area she bumped right into Brad Pitt, aka David, who went with Scarlett Johansson, aka Vicki. Her eyes met his and they exhanged smiles. She was smitten by his good looks and warm smile. They chatted briefly about the crowd, the party and the Lifestyle as they made their way to the makeshift bar. “Can I buy you a drink?”, he asked laughing lightly. This was a house party with a BYOB attached to the invitation so his sarcastic one liner amused her. They shared a cocktail in close quarters and every time he brushed against her body, she quivered with excitement. He was mesmerizing. A beautiful creature displaying a square jaw with a closely shaved light brown beard, greenish blue eyes that seemed to look right through her, and perfectly shaped plump lips that made her want to grab and kiss him. She was attracted and the vibes seemed to be mutual.

They continued chatting and decided it was time to make sure their spouses had also met. Taking one for the team was of no concern with Ken and Barbie and, as she approached her husband she found him already in a close conversation with Vicki. Perfect she thought, the stage was set for a Hollywood style sex scene.

The door to the master bedroom closed gently behind them. She knew the ropes well at her house. She was an experienced Lifestyle hostess. Beautiful low red lighting and sexy background music set the mood for a perfect foursome. As her husband quickly pulled Vicki into his arms and kissed her passionately, she began to kiss David. She was pressing against him, moving her tongue in and out of his mouth. The taste of whiskey excited her and her tongue dove deeper inside him as if to share his drink and mix it with hers. She tossed her head back, her blonde hair gently brushing her shoulder blades, longing for his lips and mouth to cover her neck and make their way down. She felt him push the shoulder straps of her low cut top to the side as he gently kissed her shoulders, his fingers playing with the hot pink spaghetti straps and moving them lower and lower on her arms. As her top fell below her breasts, she let out a heavy long breath and clenched his sides. He was strong and lean. His hands moved over her shoulders and down the front of her breasts while his mouth continued to make its way up and down her neck, kissing her and moving down to her shoulders and back up to her mouth. She felt her knees weaken and sensed her nipples harden. The warm wetness between her legs made her want to lie down. She longed for him to taste her.

As they moved toward the king size bed already occupied by her husband and Vicki, David removed his shirt and pants. His body was near perfect. The bright orange boxer briefs showed off his tan completely and her craving for him intensified. She could see the outline of his large cock, a small spot of precum shining through the neon fabric. She wanted to feel him inside her. She did not want to rush though. She slowly lay back on the bed, gazing up at him as he slid her lacy thong down her legs, over her heels and onto the floor. She spread her legs as he cradled her bent knees through his arms and pulled her toward him. He dropped down and began teasing her with his tongue, first outlining her outer lips then gently licking and sucking on her innner lips. His tongue darted around, the tip touching on her clit, teasing it, making her crazy with excitement. She felt her hips almost instinctively push forward, wanting him to put all of her in his mouth, to taste her, to make love to her pussy with his mouth. It was amazing. She felt the warmth of his mouth, his tongue licking her clit in a steady repetitive motion that caused her back to arch, bringing her to orgasm over and over again in his mouth. They both moaned softly and David pushed her up toward the headboard, removed his underwear and climbed on top of her. His cock was hard against her upper thigh and his mouth tasted of her sweet juices. She kissed him hard. He teased her nipples with his tongue and moved his body in position to enter her. She took a deep breath in and he slid inside her slowly. She caught her breath and her body jerked slightly. She moaned softly in his ear as he filled her up. Her back arched again as she reached to put her hands on his firm ass, pulling him toward her and forcing his hard cock to go even deeper. Her legs wrapped around him and she let out a loud moan of passion as they moved in sync with each other causing her to climax over and over again. It was pure passion; sexy, steamy stranger sex.

After many positions and lots of orgasms, he pulled out and shot his load all over her breasts. She moved her hands across herself, slowly rubbing his cum all over her chest, and gently pinching her nipples between her glazed fingers. She loved seeing the results of their passion; feeling it, smelling it, then licking and sucking her fingers with delight.

After some bedroom small talk between the four of them, they dressed and made their way back to the party area to say their goodbyes. The crowd was small and the room needed a good cleaning. She escorted them to the front door, turned toward David and kissed him goodnight. “It was fun”, she said as she pulled back to look at him one last time. He took her hands into his and thanked her for being such a great hostess. David then slipped his arm around his wife’s waist and they walked out the door. There was a full moon lighting their pathway and she smiled from the doorway, watching them move together into the night.

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