A Different Ritual

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A Different Ritual Hi, this is my debut in ISS. Also, I do not wish to write stories more because I am not a story writer. Actually, this is not a story, but it was a real incident…

A Different Ritual

Hi, this is my debut in ISS. Also, I do not wish to write stories more because I am not a story writer. Actually, this is not a story, but it was a real incident for which I was an eyewitness and a part of.

Before getting into the story, let me introduce myself.

You will be surprised to know that I am a 71 year old person. Recently, just when I opened my computer for a payment, a web page of the ISS and bondage sex were already open. I think, it was my grandson’s work. Out of curiosity, I just went through it and watched some videos and pictures of bonded girls. I did a search in Google about this. A very old incident which happened when I was at an age of 18 came into my mind. Today I am dying to report that real one.

I was working as a soldier in Sri Lankan army at that time. Once I and a senior colleague was deputed for an operation in a very remote village. We had to walk about 10 kilometres after getting out of the vehicle.

Nobody was seen in the humble houses and shacks. Then we saw an old man who said that, the next day is an auspicious day for them. There will be special rituals in a temple which comes only one time in 12 years. He said a special kind of fish will appear in the temple pond only on this day.

He led us to the area and introduced the village head. After knowing our purpose, he asked us to wait for one more day and volunteered all his assistance. He said, according to their custom we should either move back or participate in the occasion. We replied that, it will be really hard to start backward and come back once again. Then he permitted us to rest there and take part in the rituals with some exacting conditions.

We arrived at the temple premises next day early morning. The temple was a small one. Temple and premises were well decorated with leaves blooms etc. Many cultural programs going on there.

A guide was sent by the village head. He said the first event will be that all the boys and girls between the age of 18 and 24 in this village will be thoroughly bound with ropes and hanged nude on the branches of the banyan tree. They will be kept hanging till next morning. We were spellbound on hearing this. He stated it is compulsory for everyone in this age group. And they would undergo a vow for one week prior to this as a preparation.

By now around 100 boys and girls were brought near the tree. They were totally nude and their hands, legs and even the genitals were tightly bound as can be seen in the porn sites. They were carried on stretchers by men. They hanged them upside down and in many fashions with chanting of slokas. Bondages were very artistic, creating different beautiful geometrical patterns on their body. The guide said that it will take hours to tie them and similarly to untie also. For that day these boys and girls were assumed as the avathars of lord Siva & Sakthi. Aged men and women were seen worshipping the young ones. My eyes were struck on the nude bodies of young and bubbly girls. Seeing this the guide told me that it was a ritual and not a show in hard voice. So we went towards the places where cultural programs were going on.

In the evening preparations started for the main pooja (sacred homa). As it was pournami day, moonlight spread all over. There was a round platform covered by pink cloth. Flowers were spread all over it. Some priests came and sat below the platform. A lot of flowers and other pooja materials were brought. All the other men and women sat behind the priests. We got a place in the front with our guide. He said the homa is about to start and mind must be filled with the devotion to god.

Now it is around 7 o’clock and the area was beautifully lit by moonlight and diyas. The Priests started chanting mantras. Then there was a long bell. All of a sudden there appeared a young girl and boy on the top platform. Both of them were completely nude. Their whole body, including head were shaved off. The surrounding people also started chanting slokas. To our astonishment the boy and girl started making love. The guide said now they are considered as the incarnation of Lord Siva and Parvati. He said the boy is 18 years and the girl 16. But it was unbelievable as the girl had the physique of a well matured lady with average sized breast and buttocks. The most astonishing was the size of the boy’s penis. His erect penis was the size of a half-litre Pepsi bottle. His stamina was amazing. As the sex continued in all possible positions and styles, priests showered flowers and sacred water on them.

The guide said these two were selected one year back. They were groomed with special foods, medicines and exercises which resulted in their unusual physical appearance.

The homa lasted about 2 hours. All this time they were doing sex without any break. At the end of the pooja chanting became very loud and bells were ringing continuously. Now the girl sat at the centre of the platform with hands folded in front of her chest and the boy ejaculated over her. It was as if one litre of milk was poured on her. Though the girl was slightly tired, now also he was rock hard and throbbing with energy.

Till then I was unaware of love making and never seen even a picture of it, nevertheless, to think of a video at that time. Certainly there was an effect of some supernatural power, as myself who is watching a live sex for the first time or anybody for that matter had any erotic feeling.

Then came the biggest surprise. Next and last part of this celebration was a group sex. The rule was such that among the ladies present there, who have attained puberty and not attained menopause will select any one man of their choice. She will make love with him publicly. I was thrilled. Within a few minutes a girl of about 25 years put a garland in my neck and asked me for sex.

She pulled me to the bottom of a tree. I was little frightened as except that was watched there, I do not know about sex. I think she understood my pathetic position and took the leadership. She pulled away all my clothes, laid me down and came over me. Thus, I lost my virginity to some unknown girl in a totally unexpected way. We played about half an hour. Now I can disclose this as my wife is no more.

The next day morning all the hanged persons were brought down. The celebration ended. As promised the village head helped in our mission and by evening we returned with some unforgettable moments.

I never got a chance to go there. Now I do not remember even the place name.

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