My First Sex Experience with Niha

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Hi every one this is my first story, so please bear with my mistakes. My Self Nani (Name Changed) and I am from Lingampally, Hyderabad, I am regular reader of this site, and the story…

Hi every one this is my first story, so please bear with my mistakes. My Self Nani (Name Changed) and I am from Lingampally, Hyderabad, I am regular reader of this site, and the story here I am narrating is true and genuine and also this is my first sexual encounter for me in my life. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, please bear with me, thanks in advance.

This happened in 2014 after my graduation I am a normal guy with a good physic and I am very good looking and handsome too. But I never tried to flirt or tried any girl (I was bit shy to approach a girl or a woman), even though I watch lot of porn. After this experience everything changed in my life. As this welcome me in to world of pleasure and at the same time showing me the taste of ladies and how miracle and wonderful they are.

The heroine of the story is Niha (Name Changed), She is from other state and she doesn’t know Telugu and she has a perfect body and she is sexy too. This all happened after my graduation when I got placed in a Nonprofit organization as software engineer, Near Lingampally, Hyderabad. After 6 months she also joined in the same department, as she is also a fresher she needs training to get into work, Every time she used to ask me for help and as I am little shy right from my childhood and not that talkative with girls either. So I used to talk very less and whatever the help required I used to tell her how to do, that’s it.

This happened after few months, and one day we have team dinner and we have attended the dinner and party was ended at 0900 pm, on that day I came on bike and while going she also accompanied me on the bike as I will be going through her area. We had a good conversation during our ride and from that day we used to talk more about everything.

Although we are same department we two sit in different rooms, she has given a separate room which is on the corner of the big room, where all the admistrative people will be working and her room is such a way that when someone enters the big room they have to walk for a 5 sec to reach her. We use mostly google hangouts every time to communicate, we became very close and we talk more and more. We used to be very close when no one is around us. We used to touch each other’s here and there but I never dared to proceed further.

One day when all of her room colleagues have to attend the marriage of a colleague, so they all went for marriage around 12 pm, as our office timings are 0830 to 5 pm, so she informed me earlier that she will alone in her office room. So I already make a plan to kiss her at any cost. As soon as they have gone for function she messaged me and without any delay I have been to her room as she was sitting in her chair I directly went near her and kissed on cheeks, she blushed as she was expecting me to do that more, then I kissed passionately on her cheeks still she is in sitting positon and slowly I moved to lips and I planted a soft kiss on her lips and waited for a sec and again started to kiss this time very madly. we desperately kissed each other for much a longer time. By this time, she is very hot and I sat on her chair and she sat on me facing towards me and again started to kiss more passionately and deeply, at that same time I was playing with her boobs but above her dress, as we are aware that we are in office. After sometime we broke the kiss and she hugged me tightly and then we got up from chair and again we involved in passionate kiss this time, this time we are standing against wall and had a beautiful kissing sessions. I was in her room for almost 2 hours and most of the time we are kissing and exploring our bodies, but we haven’t gone to make a move to reach our private parts although I reached her boobs above her dress.

After this we completely changed and whenever we get time we used to meet in private and indulge in kissing sessions and not more than that. Sometimes she used to sit on my lap. We are very desperate to see and touch each other’s every day. So we planned to go for a movie on Saturday, we settled in and the movie has begun and after sometime I tried to make a move and I placed my hand on her thigh and as she held her head towards my shoulder as a sign of proceed further. I slowly tried to move up to pussy area because of our seating position I could not be able to reach her. But she adjusted her seating position and by widening her legs to me.

Slowly while caressing her thighs I moved close to her pussy, all this was above her dress, then I was playing there with my fingers and tried to grab whatever I get in the way, she was breathing heavy and as she leaned her head on my shoulder. She is losing her control on her and hot air from her reaching me even we are in a well air conditioned room. Suddenly she tried to grab my cock above my jeans and placed her right hand on my cock and trying to hold my cock. I purposely choose a very less public movie, so there are not much people around us, and we sat in an extreme corner so our visibility to other people will be around 10% only. So we are keep exploring each other with our hands.

After interval, we don’t have any indications we directly started our foreplay and this time when I reached pussy I feel the difference that she has removed her panty, and I asked her the same. She replied that, it will make your job easy now. Oh gosh! then she unhooked her leggings thread and I directly inserted my hand in her pussy and feeling her pussy directly for the first time. At the same time, she un zipped my pants and freed my tool and started to stroke, although she is not perfect in that but she somehow managed to do that.

I am very busy in exploring her glory hole and started to rub her pussy as she is breathing heavy and started to lose control on her body and moaning heavily and stroking my cock more aggressively. At one point I tried to insert my middle finger in her pussy, as it was very difficult in a sitting position and it is very tight also at that she almost jumped with a big oOHhHHHh! from her seat. I am afraid that if someone might see or hear us. For some time, we were silent and was focused on screen, still my hands on her pussy. So we continued to explore in that passion for some time and also the movie has come to an end we exit the theatre.

Then we planned for some food outside in selected restaurant nearby. After that we took and auto to my room, while going I was fondling her boobs as she covered my hand with her dupatta even after reaching the restaurant few times we fore played, I don’t know how many people have seen us, but we are hungry like wild animals who wanted to eat each other. Immediately I called my roommates to find out, if they can go out for some time, I have to beg them and assured them to throw a party in the night.

We again took an auto to secunderabad where I stay with my roommates. My room is like two rooms and a kitchen and it is on the second floor and owners are on the ground floor, but they can’t see who comes and goes. As soon as we entered into my room we are like hungry bulls fighting each other with our hands and tongues. we started to kiss desperately as there is no tomorrow and moving forward until we find a wall and I moved to her boobs and she tried to remove my shirt and I helped with it and I am half naked and then I tried to remove her top, but she helped me in doing and with one go she also removed her bra and there goes for the first time in my life I am seeing the beautiful melons to which every man run for those mountains, I caressed with my hands and pressing them with my hands firmly and at the same time. We are still kissing each other madly and at the same time we are doing all these things. Then she grabbed my dick above my jeans. I helped her to loosen my jeans and at the same time she lessened her lower and in a sec it was down and she is not wearing anything inside and for the first time I can see her pussy, and it was dripping beautiful and I started to move my hand on the pussy and as I loosened my jeans and I was on my underwear and I immediately removed and soon we are stark naked. And the moment our bodies met with as this time no clothes in between there is a sense of heat and sensation which goes through our bodies. Then she placed her hand on my tool and started to stroke it, and at the same time I started to rub her pussy and she is becoming wild and losing control by making loud noises of AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

All this time we are still standing and making love each other, as she tried to stroke and I keep rubbing her pussy. This time I make a moved further down by kissing each and every part of her from her neck then ear lobes from there to boobs and here I kept some time pinching and eating those beautiful melons. I tried to tease her a lot by sucking those nipples, she cried of pain but at the same time she is enjoying my moves and some wildness. From there to her belly area kissing her on the almost every inch of her stomach area and even I tried to move her back and also kissing on the section above her butt.

From there I slowly moved to her holy place and tried to raise one leg and I placed it on the chair. so that I can get most of pussy to see and to taste, it’s salty and the love juices are leaking from her pussy, I can still feel her beautiful view of her, one leg on chair and in standing positon and her love hole inviting me to eat and have lunch with it. The smell of her pussy was amazing and it was driving me crazy, first I gently tried to smooth and making love to her pussy and then I started to eat her pussy and eat almost everything I got there, I was like hungry dog and even though I am addicted to porn, still I was very wild at eating her pussy. While eating she holding my head and pushing hard to her pussy. I was eating her pussy and at the same time I insert a finger in her fuck hole. Now she has enjoying a lot with her body shivering when I insert my finger. Then I started to fuck her hole with my finger and at the same time trying to get the taste of her pussy as much as I can with my tongue. I still remember the sight and pleasure and I really feel horny whenever I remember that frame.

Then after that we shifted to 69 position for some time and, Literally we enjoyed more while we are eating our private parts. then we set for a main course came on top of her as she spread her legs to gain me access to place my dick in between her legs just before her pussy entrance and I placed my tool and I tried to insert as it is very tight, after few pushes it went in and she almost gave a loud noise and the breathing heavily, I can hear her breathe in a rhythm and feel her hot air.

Then I slowly tried to make to and fro action and after some pushes my dick is completely drenched in her fuck hole. I increased pace and we started to enjoy the pleasure and started to enjoy the journey of our miserable world. We started to fuck in great pace for some time and as we are having a great time in each other. Then I started to fuck her with a great pace for some time. At this time, we are having a great time, and after spending some time in that position, now we changed to positon, but this time I still want to taste her pussy more and more. So I lied down and she came on top of me, but she directly sat on my face with her pussy just above my mount inviting me to eat her pussy again. I licked her pussy so passionately and really man that was the awesome position. I still can remember each and every moment that happened.

I really had a good time eating her pussy, first I slowly started to kiss it, then I started to catch her clitoris and then eating and trying to pushing it away and this is making her wild and she going out of control and then she is making to fro action to with and trying to rub her pussy on my mouth. after spending sometime in this position she is really horny and very hot, she jumped a little and then hold my dick with one hand and started to kiss it and started to and fro action on my cock with her mouth. then after few minutes then she came top and adjusted by cock to enter in her pussy and started to ride me. Ohhh Man !!! I still feel her ride how she looks at that time… even now I masturbate thinking of the scene. Really I was on cloud9 enjoying each and every bit of the session, perhaps on that day also I never thought that this is going to happen. But she is riding me very well and at the same time I tried to hold her boobs with my hands and pressing them had, but her fucking speed has increased and even I am also getting into climax and I never had experienced Cumming in my life earlier.

Then she started to fuck me more pace, and after few second I twisted her to down and I came on top of her and started to fuck her more violently by holding her legs upside. This time we are breathing and sweating heavy. Then with a loud noise I released everything inside her, and I collapsed on her and with still my cock in her pussy. We were like that for some time and I slept beside her for some time by holding each other in arms. We slept for 20 min and then she said that she has to leave to hostel and started to dress up, we again end up having an another passionate kissing session. Even I asked her did you have sex before? she said yes with her college mate once.

I told her that you took my virginity and we had a very tea in my room during that also we are only in our inners and then the journey to the center of the girl pussy started. It was hard for us to leave each other but my roommates are keep on calling me, so we have to go. I took my friend’s bike and dropped at her hostel and then the second innings started in my life. We said to each other that will not let us know the relationship between us to any of our colleagues. And from then onwards we started to have sex in each and every place in office, washroom and in my room.

I will continue the story from here onwards in my next narration. In that I will include how I get access to girl’s washroom and sex in meeting rooms (after office hours) and Saturday works etc…

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