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I have booked a ticket in bhubneswar rajdhani for my tour to cuttack.I met a married lady on train & have enjoyed physical relation for night.

Hello ! I am on train going to cuttack to meet my uncle’s family.I am in AC-1 coach looking to a married lady.a 35 yrs.married lady is sitting on opposite berth.she is sexy…..wild …….having white complexion……..some parts of her boobs are visible in transparent saree. we are having snacks with coffee .In my coup two passemgers are missing & when train departed i am in joy.TTE checked our ticket and i locked the door of coup.we both are on our berth.she started talking to me & after some time we are on same hands moved on her thighs and she hold my wrist to make my hands away from her thighs…………….(Lady) ” you are such a dirty guy i have never thought (Garry) I am extremly sorry but i have not done it intentionaly .” & i moved to my berth and arraged it i am sleeping on berth with my face facing the wall. I am on my berth when i felt someone touching my i moved to see & that married lady is sitting behind my buttocks.looking at him , i said…..

.” why you are here and touching my body (LADY SMILED ) so sorry i am here to make you love (Garry) sorry you gorgeous lady.I am not intrested in a married lady , so pl.leave my berth (LADY ) don’t be angry you young guy , i am married but divorced & i will give you immense pleasure .” & i wake up on berth…..hold her in my arms and started kissing her.she is now sitting on my thighs with her arms on my shoulder.she pushed her tongue inside my mouth to suck and while sucking it , i removed her saree.wearing a peticote as well as blouse , she is looking a hot blonde.never thought she will give me chance to make love. Its 08:45 pm & i am sucking her tongue with my hands on her boobs to press.she is breathing fastly & my hands are going inside her peticote.lady took out her tongue and left me to open her bag.she took out a night gawn and lit on the night lamp of coup.she put her hand on his peticote lashes to open it….but we can hear sound of knock on door.she put her night gawn and opened the doir.service boy was there with our meals.He put it on coup’s table & left us. we both moved to washbasin and after refreshment came back to have we are sleeping on berth & waiting for service guy to take dirty plates.after some time they took it out & that lady moved out of coup with her purse.after some time , she came back and locked the door.looking at me , she took out her night gawn in front of she is removing her blouse & peticote…….she is nude for a while & leaned on berth to take her night gawn to wear , but i wake up suddenly and hold her in my arms.she is showing her resistance and i am putting my lips on her face as well as neck… hands are pressing her boobs hardly. we both are standing on she is holding me tightly and put her lips on my face but she is removing my clothes……she have made me nude.we both are nude kissing each other & i.took her tongue to suck……..while sucking it i can feel her palms grabbing my penis hand is on her soft bum……rubbing it slowely…..her bum is round in shape and its figure is like a round pumpkin…….with deep cut in between ass……..she took her tongue out and pushed me on my berth.she is a bold she is sitting on her knees……put my penis in her mouth to suck…….she is giving me a nice blow job.I am screaming in joy and she is now moving her tongue on my penis…….she is licking it like a porn actress.later on , she took my penis in her mouth to suck.she sucked it for 10 minutes & penis have ejaculated pre cum in her mouth.she left my penis and now she is standing like a whore, with her legs wide apart……….i am sitting on berth…..put my lips on her vagina.while kissing it i put my tongue in her glory hole & while fucking her vagina i am pressing her soft tongue is moving inside her flexible vagina like a fast moving train & she have hold my hairs tightly….pushing it against her vaginal area. I sucked her vagina for 5 minutes & got her cum in my mouth to taste.I left her vagina & she put her night gawn on her hot body.she moved out of coup.I am wearing a she came back & locked the door.Its 10:45 pm & we both are sitting on berth……..she kissed my lips and her arms are on my shoulder.asked me……………” I am Sania & your name (me) i am garry (sania)you are living in delhi ? (me) yes & you (sania) in delhi so we can meet there .” I removed her gawn & she is on berth on her knees & i am standing in front of her bum…..pushed my penis imside to fuck…….while fucking her my hands were on her waist……i am going hard inside her vagina……my tiger is roaring inside her deep valley.I am fucking her with speed & power……she is like a bitch and her knees are on her berth’s corner……after 5-7 minutes of fast fuck i stopped. I asked her to stand….now i bend her…..sania is keeping her hands on coup’s wall….like a four legged animal……i pushed my long hard penis in her cunt and fucking her fastly…she is moving her buttocks like a spring and after 10 minutes of deep penetration , she started screaming………..” oh garry pl.pour your cum ” & my penis ejaculated in her vagina.she tasted my cum . our journey ends.

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