Washing my car naked

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Washing my car and getting caught.

It was a hot day in July and I needed to wash my car, but I didn’t have any change to go the car wash. I was by myself since my parents to Las Vegas for a week and half. I came up with the idea to do it in the backyard since the backyard is big enough to fit my jeep back there. I open the fence for the backyard. Then I drove my jeep back there. After that, I close the fence so I can wash it my way. I was feeling a little crazy, horny ,and naughty . I decided to wash my jeep butt ass naked , especially since it was hot. I stripped off my clothes and just left it inside the house. I was in my own zone and I didn’t care . Then I had the urge to turn around, and I saw my neighbor with her friends just watching me. It was around 4 of them. I couldn’t do nothing about it. I just turn around and walk to them, so they can see long 7 and half inch dick. They were all shocked that I didn’t cover.my self. I walk over and ask do y’all want to come over and have a better view. Each of the girls was my old high school classmates. None of them has seen me since high school. They didn’t even know I had a ripped body, and I had a long hung dick. I told them to come over and they ran over. I let them over and they were still shocked that I was butt ass naked. They were horny and wanted to touch my dick, was, and my body.. two of them smack ass, when I walk by them. I put some chairs on the porch so They can watch and the show. I would bend over and tease.them with the soap , and water. After I finish watching my jeep, I asked did they enjoy the show. They asked, what am I about to do, I joking and said I don’t know watch some porn and Jack off. They thought I was lying,so they just laugh and didn’t believe me. I said I am serious. All of their jaws just drop. I said do you want to watch that show or what. The girls found some pornand i start stroking it untill i got really hard. They made me stop so they can touch it . After they touch it, I continue to Jack off. I came so much that I contain my cum. After the show, I wiped myself clean and walk them out. My neighbor was the last to leave, and she told me call me tomorrow so I can ride that big long dick and have you cum on my tits.

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