A Quirk of fate again-IV-a glory hole-[GH-103]-part-1-of-1

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Thinking the night was going to be a bust, I was in the ladies room by nine fifteen and Paige had been right. There was a glory hole in the last booth. I was disappointed because it was cut in the wall where you couldn’t set on the commode. You had to kneel to get to the cocks. I could hear someone in the other stall so I stuck my finger in the hole. He must have been waiting because my finger was barely in the before there was a hard cock sticking through the hole. Six inches of virile teenage cock vibrating with power and begging to be sucked. I gathered up my courage and leaned nearer the wall. I was a bit apprehensively as I took the cock into my mouth.

A Quirk of fate again-IV

A glory hole


I’m Samantha Cunningham, Sam to my friends. I’m a hot looking thirty three year old MILF slut who writes porn under the pseudonym, Dorothy Norwood. My son Frank and my husband Charles both think I write Harlequin romance novels of which they have no interest. Neither has any idea that I write porn or how much money I make. Thinking my writing was a cute ‘hobby’ my husband Charles told me I could keep anything I earned and spend it on new dresses and shoes and such. Neither has any idea what a large stock portfolio I have or the T-bills or municipal bonds or actual cash in the bank.

I have a small checking account at the bank where Charles has his business and personal accounts in case for some reason he checks. . But my main account is at a small out of town bank in Palmer. Though small they handle all my banking needs with discretion. As one of their largest, if not the largest depositors they bend over backwards to accommodate me.

On the way back from Midlothian one weekend I’d ran up on Shane and Butch, two friends of my eighteen year old son Frank. Butch’s car had broken down so I gave them a ride back to Arlington. I was in the mood for some hot 1teenage dick so I’d let them coerce me into buy them some beer. Then taking me to Shane’s house where the two little shits fucked my brains out all evening and half the night.

After that I managed to spend a weekend naked and getting fucked by Butch. The next free weekend I let Shane, with the occasional help of Jim Bob the pizza delivery guy, fuck me for two and a half days. Since then I haven’t been able to get away so I’m not getting my quota of hard dick and cum. Then a girlfriend inadvertently helped me out. As Sam Cunningham I keep up a respectable front. I go to church, a member of a book club and help out with a couple of charities.

The girls in the book club consider themselves progressive. Last year because it was a best seller, one of Dorothy Norwood hot porn’s was the book of the week. Of course I didn’t tell them I wrote it. It was obvious that they had all read it and liked it. But when we discussed in our meeting they all were embarrassed and talked in whispers.

Several of us girls were having our weekly lunch and hen session at the country club. Paige Jenson had the floor. Leaning forward, like she was afraid someone at another table would hear her, she whispered, “Have you heard about that new dance club that just opened?” Then not waiting for an answer she plunged on. The men’s and women’s restaurants are located in different hallways. But the share a wall. The last stall on each side is against that wall. The exciting thing is the stalls are connected by a glory hole.” Then even in an even lower voice she explained what a glory hole was.

As I listened to Paige talk, I thought about glory holes. I’d never used one before but I found the idea so very erotic. Imagine having cock after nameless cock at my disposal to suck off at my leisure. Incredibly horny men who wanted it so much that they would just offer themselves to whoever was in the next room. The anonymity was almost as much of a turn on as the sluttiness, itself.

As far as I know none of the girls have the nerve to play around their husbands. I don’t think Paige had ever even had sex with anyone but her husband.

I, though was a different story. I loved but I’m a slut and if I can do it discretely I’ll spread my legs or open my mouth for anyone with a dick.

As luck would have it, both my husband Charlie and my son Frank were busy Friday night. By eight thirty I was ordering a drink…a coke. What Paige hadn’t mentioned was it was an underage (eighteen to twenty) dance club. No alcohol allowed. I was the oldest person there. The place was packed by nine o’clock and the music was cranked up so high it made my teeth hurt.

Thinking the night was going to be a bust, I was in the ladies room by nine fifteen and Paige had been right. There was a glory hole in the last booth. I was disappointed because it was cut in the wall where you couldn’t set on the commode. You had to kneel to get to the cocks. I could hear someone in the other stall so I stuck my finger in the hole. He must have been waiting because my finger was barely in the before there was a hard cock sticking through the hole. Six inches of virile teenage cock vibrating with power and begging to be sucked. I gathered up my courage and leaned nearer the wall. I was a bit apprehensively as I took the cock into my mouth.

As soon as it passed between my lips, I closed my eyes and sighed in satisfaction. This is what I came for, a hard cock in my mouth. I moaned quietly and heard him moan in response. Then the cock started to move back and forth, fucking my eager cougar mouth. I licked the shaft all over as I sucked on him, wishing I could feel his hands on my head and see the expressions of ecstasy.

It wasn’t long before I felt him swelled even thicker and shot down my throat, giving me my first and I hope not last load of the night. Spent, he slipped back through the wall and I was left alone hornier than when I started.

I heard a whisper coming from the side of the room and whipped my head around, catching sight of an eye peering at me through another glory hole. Knowing I was being watched just got me even hotter. The eye left and was replaced with another hard cock. I quickly leaned forward and took him in my mouth, swallowing him fast, sucking him with all of my power, getting his cock nice and wet with my hot little mouth. He whispered, “Ohmifuckinggod,” as I gave him everything I had, and soon he, too, was swelling up and dumping his load in my mouth. This time, I let it fill my mouth and dribble down my chin so that I could feel it on my skin. Like the last guy, he pulled out and was gone.

“Oh my God.” I couldn’t believe it. A nine inch cock came poking through the glory hole. I was mesmerized, just staring at that pulsating hunk of man muscle. I leaned closer toward that massive cock.

“Feel it,” he urged. My hand tentatively reached out and touched the big thing. I don’t know why but I jerked my hand back like I’d been burned. I heard a soft moan from the other side of the wall, “Touch it.”

I kept leaning until my face was just an inch or two away from the angry reddish/purple cock head. I almost cummed when I wrapped my hand around the monster. My tongue darted out and moistened my lips as my mouth drew closer and closer to touching that hot piece of flesh. My lips parted and the tip of the cock slipped into my mouth. The stranger with the monster cock groaned when he felt my soft lips engulf the head of his massive cock.

I groaned in response. I started stroking his shaft and bobbing my head up and down at the same time.

I heard him bang against wall, forcing more of that monster into my wanton mouth. I just started working harder with my hand. My cheeks were sunken as I sucked as hard as I could, while still bobbing my head up and down. I knew no one could last much longer the way I was greedily sucking on that monster.

His fist hit the wall and he let out a loud groan as his cock erupted, filling my mouth with hot white cum. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but it was like a river was flooding her mouth and the overflow was spilling out the corners of her mouth. It seemed like he would never stop spewing out cum.

I shuddered and groaned as a massive orgasm coursed through my body. The stranger finally stopped quenching my thirst and I reluctantly let his cock pull out of her mouth and back through the glory hole.

My first reaction was to giggle at the next hard cock that came poking through the hole. I looked at it with fascination as I moved closer to the wall. Reaching down, I wrapped my hand around the hard, throbbing cock and gave it a squeeze. I heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the wall. I gently squeezed it a few minutes and then I started to jerk on it. Concentrating on this stranger’s hard cock, I started jerk it off harder and faster. I could make out grunting and moaning through the thin wall when I felt his cock harden, expand and then I watched a stream of thick, sticky cum shoot halfway across the stall. The throbbing dick shot a couple more streams of juice before slowly going soft in my hand. I released my grip on the spent member and he slowly withdrew it from the hole.

Not for the first time someone was knocking on the stall door. This one yell, “Hey bitch. There’s a fifteen minute time limit. So get your fucking ass out.”

My knees were getting stiff and I needed a break anyway so I got up. When I exited the stall a blonde shoved past me and went into the stall, shutting the door behind me.

There was six or seven other teenage girls standing around smoking. They looked at me and their mouths fell open. One said, “She looks like someone’s mother.” Reaching out and cupping my breast, a cute little redhead said, “You’re pretty hot looking for your age. And your breasts are firm.”

“You’re kinda hot looking yourself,” I said as I cupped her breast in return. As my fingers closed on her breast I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Switching her hand from my breast to my chest, she gently moved me backwards into a stall. Closing and locking the door, she turned and moved her hand up to my head and tangled her fingers in my hair. Pulling my face down to her lips silenced my protest. And as her tongue pushed into my mouth, I surprised myself by welcoming it. Her hands moved to my shoulders and pulled me deeper into her kiss. Our lips clung together as our tongues danced, sending shivers deep to my core. I could feel myself getting warm and moist between my legs as I pushed my breasts against her chest.

When she finally broke the kiss, we stood there, breathing hard, our eyes shining with excitement. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she pushed me down on my knees. When she raised her mini-skirt with her left hand, I just barely had time to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties, before she pulled my head forward with her right. I rubbed my face against her silken pubic hair before placing a kiss at the top of her lips causing her to squirm a little. I slid a hand up her thigh and pulled her lips apart. Running my tongue down in between them I hunted down her clit. I could smell her very strongly, her scent filling my nostrils and making my blood pump even faster. I stroked her clit with my tongue, making her wiggle against my face. I wrapped my other arm around under her leg, my hand ending up in a position to keep her lips open. I traced the fingertips of my other hand down to her opening, sliding a finger in. her juices flowing freely now. I managed to slide a second finger in, joining the first in slipping in and out.

My tongue was still working on her clit, along with the occasional sucking.

She was pushing her hips up against my face now, her hands pushing on the back of head, keeping my mouth on her clit.

She was letting out the occasional moan now, and I could feel her walls contracting in little waves around my fingers. All of a sudden she froze, her hands squeezing the back of my head tightly. She started grinding her clit against my tongue, her breathing a desperate pant now.

My fingers still inside her, her hands now ruffled around in my hair again. After what could only have been a few seconds, she slumped away from me as her hands released my head and felling down to her sides.

Without asking, she grabbed one of my business cards out of my purse. Making sure my phone number was on it she said, “I’ll call you.” Then she was out the door and gone.

When I left the restroom there were teenage guys lined up down both sides of the hall. It was like the walk of shame in college when you left some guy’s dorm room in the morning.

Ignoring them I went on into the club. At the counter as I was I was waiting for the bartender this cocky little bastard sidled up beside me and ask me to dance. He was about two or three inches shorter than me with blonde hair, blue eyes and a cocky smile. Despite my saying no numerous times, he grasped my upper arm and hustled me out onto the dance floor.

Fortunately it was a slow dance. Despite my best effort to hold him away, he held me close to his body. With one hand planted firmly on my ass and his body pressed firmly against mine he moved me around to the music. Within minutes I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach and it was obvious that he was doing it on purpose.

For conversation, he said, “My real name is Jerome but people call me Spike.”

“How old are you Spike?”

“I turned 18 last week.”

“You ever fucked a girl before?”

“No,” mumbled Spike.

“When you ask me to dance, was it because your friends put you up to it? Were they watching, right?”

“They dared me.”

“Will our leaving together raised your stock with your friends?”

He hung his head in embarrassment and mumbled, “Yes.”

When the dance was over, I grabbed his arm and hustled him towards the front door. In the parking lot we got in my car. As we pulled out of the parking lot I said, “So if you come back with my panties and a wild tale about fucking me in the backseat of my car, then you’ll be the biggest cocksman in the school?”

This time he could only stare. Nothing was said until we were parked in a secluded place at a nearby park. Ignition off and the car in park, I said, “Let’s got in the backseat.” As I got out and I pulled off my panties. Tossing them across the top of the car, I said, “Put these in your pocket.”

Stripping, I slipped into the backseat on the driver’s side.

Spike quickly stripped and got in from the passenger’s side. For the first few minutes I let him stare at my naked body and then touch. “Its details that will sell your story,” I told him. “So remember how firm my breasts are and how hard my nipples got…almost an inch long.” Then I had him move his hand down to finger my pussy. “Tell them how bald I am. Not a hair on my pussy and how wet I was.”

Never having been with a girl before, Spike was totally inept. I had to show him everything. How to mount me and even had to guide his hard cock to my pussy. But it was worth it. He had a big dick for an 18 year old and caught on quick. He fucked the hell out of me twice. After the first time I sucked him back hard and he fucked me again.

Back in the club parking lot I gave Spike a kiss in front of a couple of his friends standing out front smoking. Then he slipped out of the car.

Then I went away with his phone number and well fucked and Spike went away with my panties, elated about his first piece of ass and my promise to call him sometime.

Driving home I found myself wondering if the cute little redhead would call again. Remembering how good she tasted, I hoped so. Spike was so sweet I was pretty sure I’d call him.

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