My naughty wife erotic story

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The one thing I didn’t anticipate about that morning was how much I’d miss Sophie. We’d been married for eight years, and we’d spent nights apart before. Shit, we’d spent weeks apart. But as the sun started to peek over the horizon, I found myself alone by the pool, swigging wine from the bottle, and thinking about my wife.

It wasn’t loneliness that found me there though. Hell no. The night before had been wild. Marius’ parties were renowned with good reason, and this one had been no exception. Sophie had insisted I go without her when she was urgently called away on business, even though it would be the first party I’d be going to alone. I tried to tell her I wouldn’t go, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She didn’t want me to miss out, but she couldn’t rearrange her own trip. I guess as CEO her hands were tied.

But God, I wish I’d been the one tying them.

The twins had been fun, I have to say. Kneeling in the short grass of Marius’ lawn, straddling Amber as she eagerly sucked at my cock, all the while with my face buried in Clarissa’s snatch was a moment I’d remember. Both peroxide blondes, they played up to their similarities in their acting careers and had been friends with Marius since they worked on one of his movies together. Sophie and I had attended Clarissa’s wedding to her long-time girlfriend, Shabnam, and helped support them through adopting their son. We were all close friends, and I know they were missing Sophie almost as much as I was. The sex was as much about shared comfort as it was about getting off.

Even now, as I sat by the pool hours later, I could still smell the scent of Clarissa’s musk just as strongly as I had when my nose…

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