Grocery Girl

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Met a sweet younger lady in the checkout line….

TITLE: Grocery Girl

Well another of my travel adventures was in the line at a grocery store, I was behind a young lady (I was 45 she turned out to be 31) in line, as she checked out I saw her watching the total, when it hit a number she told the cashier, ok I need to put these back okay, She had maybe 5 or 6 more items, I told the cashier to just ring them up, I’ll pay the difference. The girl turned and looked at me and said oh no you don’t need to, I said but I’d like to okay, she said I have my paycheck but have not cashed it, she said if you tell me where to send it I’ll send it to you. I said no just next time help someone else in need at that moment. The cashier finished the sale, I had 3 items, Beer, Chips, and a Sub Sandwich. The girl in front had her stuff in the cart, I said hold on a minute I’ll walk out with you and help you load them in your car. She waited, I went out with her she opened the trunk of her car, I loaded her Water and Coke, then the bags. She said now really give me you address I’ll pay you back, I said well I am traveling for my job, and having someone send money to my house might make my wife a bit suspicious.

She asked how long are you in town, I said tonight and tomorrow night, she asked where you staying, I told her the Red Roof Inn just around the corner. I said are you married, she said not anymore, why? I said well maybe you could meet me for dinner, there is a Chili’s right next to the Red Roof, I took my little note pad out of my pocket, wrote my room number on it and told her to call the motel if she decided she wanted to go eat later, I said my treat of course. I said I am going back and shower and get out of my work clothes, let me know, I said hey what’s your name, she said Jessica, I said hi Jess I’m Patrick, hope to hear from you.

I went back put the beer in the fridge and took a long hot shower, I did not really expect for her to call. I was thinking I’d go out to the Adult Bookstore around 9 and maybe find a cock or two to suck. I was in my underwear surfing through the channels on TV, there was a knock on the door, I went and looked through the peep hole, It was Jessica, I opened the door and said well you caught me in my underwear, I just got out of the shower. I said come on in. She said I went home put the groceries away and got to thinking, if he wants me to call, maybe he would not get upset if I just went over, I said no I am not upset. I said are you hungry yet? I said I’d like some appetizers and a drink maybe, I am not real hungry, she said either am I but that sounds good. I said let me get some clothes on, so she sat on the foot of the bed while I finished getting dressed. We walked over to Chili’s next door. I asked for the last booth on the one side, we were seated and ordered drinks.

So Jessica said can I be blunt? I said sure, she said do you mess around often, I said only when I travel which is about every 6 months, and I do NOT always mess around. I told her I have been married for years, and have 3 boys, all is good at home, I just love to explore, I make no commitments or promises. To tell you the truth I am bisexual, so sometimes my exploits are with guys. I love oral giving and getting, I said so how about you what is story. She said she had been married for 10 years, both her and her husband had always said they did not want kids, she said she knew she could not have kids due to a teen medical problem… anyway her husband started talking about having a kid, she told him she could not have kids, and he left her.

I said so when he changed his mind he decided you were not good enough? She said yep that’s about it. I asked where she worked and she said in a law office she was a para legal. The I said can I be blunt? she said sure, I said do you plan on spending the night with me in the King Sized Bed, or do you even want to go bad to my room at all? She said oh I want to go back, if you want me to. I said I’d love that. We ate some Apps, and drank another drink. We walked back to the motel, she said can I get something out of my car, I said sure, we walked over and she unlocked it and reached in and brought out a little duffle bag. I said you planned ahead, she said I kind of figured what you might have in mind. We got to the room, I found something on the TV for background noise, I told her to get on the other side of the bed, and we pulled the comforter and sheet down.

I asked are you comfortable just getting naked or do you want to go through a slow process of getting naked, she said well are you? I said fuck I was in my underwear when you got here, she laughed and said I guess you are right…. The I said you are not a size Queen are you? She said not really why, I said cuz I am not endowed, she said let me be the judge of what’s big and what’s not. I said okay, here goes. I sat on the side of the bed and stripped, she was on the other side doing the same thing. I said done she said me too….. I turned and rolled onto the bed, I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me. She rolled into my arms, I was boned already, once I got a look at her I was really horned up. She had a really nice body, she was 5’4″ maybe 120 brown hair, blue eyes, Really cute too. As we cuddled she said I can feel you are interested, I said well you make that easy, she said does not feel to small to me, let me check. She pushed away and sat up, she grabbed my dick, she said I like it. I sat up to get a better look at her. What a perfect body, cute perky tits, and a really close trimmed triangle between her legs.

I hugged her and we kissed, I nibbled on her ears and kissed her neck, I asked so do you like to get oral? She said well to be honest oral or a vibe is the only way I can orgasm. I said now that is perfect, I said you can direct me If I’m not doing it right okay? She said sure, I said lay back, I pulled her legs diagonally so we had the Max amount of room on the bed. I spread her legs, and as I did she bent them up at the knees, I had an awesome view of her sweet pussy, I love the aroma, so I was sniffing taking in the pussy scent and also the left over pee aroma. Oh it was intoxicating. I worked her from bottom to top always stopping to make sure her clit got special attention. Each time I would dwell on her clit she would moan and hump, I said is that good, she said you are an expert. Okay feed my ego, so I kept working her, finally she pushed hard into my face and had her hands holding me against her pussy. I nibbled, licked and sucked her clit, she screamed yes fuck yes… I just kept going (my experience was keep doing it until they push you off) and then she finally pushed me away.

I moved up beside her, she rolled onto her side and started kissing me all over, she said that was the best oral I have ever had, I promise you. She moved down and took me into her mouth, she worked me well, I finally had to stop her, I was going to cum and in her mouth was not where I wanted to cum this time. I asked top or bottom? She said bottom, doggy style, I said your wish is my command. She was up on all four and I was behind her, I slipped my hand down between and reached her wet waiting pussy, I had to finger it for a moment, I did 2 fingers, then took them out and put them in my mouth, I said damn girl you taste so good, I moved forward and put my dick against her waiting pussy, then it slipped in and we were off… she met my every stroke, although she said she does not orgasm while getting fucked she was 100% into this. I busted my nut, and she kept on pumping until I went soft.

We fucked 2 more times during the night, we woke about 7:30, she said come on and lets shower. We did and I fucked her again. She said I got to get going, do you want me to come back this evening? I said hell yes if you want, she said if I do will to get me off at least once like you did last night? I told her what ever you want I am willing.

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