Gorgeous brunette dancer fucked on the table

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I felt even younger than my years, confirmed by the tinge of nervousness that tweaked through my chest, I wasn’t quite sure how to position myself, but it wasn’t as if we didn’t know each other. Our interest in each other’s bodies had already been explored, and our mouths had already enjoyed some teasingly sensual action. I already knew how good his kisses were, maybe that’s why I felt such nervous jitters, it must have been all the anticipation of fucking him again, his body pressed up close against mine.

How had I found myself here with him in his apartment? We had been working together for a few weeks now at the nearby dance studio, he was one of the main choreographers who I thought far too busy to take in my presence, but I was mistaken. His keen eye had been very much focused on me, and the extra attention I seem to get was certainly not unnoticed. A little older than me, but he always seemed quietly charming, with a warmth of interest that I just adored but I never thought that I would find myself here, with his undiluted attention and care. Over the last few days, we had found ourselves more and more in each others company, enjoying some sexy evening hours together, but we were still very much in the first flushes of excitement, with all the tension and anticipation of each other’s touches and moves.

While my brain started to build with lustful thoughts, I lay back and enjoyed stretching out my legs on his chaise longue, how else was I suppose to recline on it. I kept glancing across the room, catching his direct look at me and not knowing quite how to respond. He seemed to be taking in my image, of my cropped short cardigan covering my black lingerie. But it was his eyes taking in the full length of my legs, which I know he found hard to resist. My long, lithe, dancer legs. Like a deer he once said, I reminded him of a bambi, all long limbed and gamine, he loved watching my legs unfurl before him. So as he sat, in his relaxed leisurely fashion on the floor, I gave him…

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