Like Mother Like Daughter – Lesbian Boating New Adventures!

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Mom moans now, and we lick into each other’s mouths as we finger fuck each other with no end in sight. We instinctively slowly take out our fingers and put our fingers inside the others’ mouth for a good suck and taste – or a good preview for what was more to come…

Like Mother Like Daughter – Lesbian Boating New Adventures!

I have a confession to make. I’m a youngish ‘20 something’ woman that fantasises over my unfulfilled secret desire – ‘The Mature Woman.’ At least the idea of all this makes me hot as I have never experienced any of this – as of yet. I drop off to sleep every night thinking about being held by an older woman. Thinking about being kissed by an older woman. Fantasies, mere fantasies, I tell myself. For some strange reason today I can feel that things were about to change…

I’m Abby, and I just love the early morning sunrise walks along the harbour pier, the warm sun just rising in the distance, the yachts on my left and on my right with the night dew glistening. I power walk the distance of the old pier structure moaning to it’s awakening of a brand new day.

The yacht that my mother and I live on is called the ‘The Sea Omen.’ It must be a 150 footer, all white with sky blue stripes dancing magnificently in the morning rise. I had to stop for a second and take in the sight once again of our beautiful ocean home. How wonderful what the ocean can somehow bring in to a sleepy little coastal town as Mulholland Rise.

As the morning sun casts a bright warm glare over the towering ocean craft I hear a voice that jolts me back to my senses. “Good Morning Honey!” my mother cheerfully announces from the port deck of the luxurious craft. All I see is the silhouette of a figure in a summer frock sipping her cup of tea in the morning light.

Coming back to my senses, “Oh sorry, Um – Morning Mom!” I reply. I stand still now feeling the old pier structure moaning a little more.

“How long do you think we’ll stay in this port for mom?”

“Well honey, I reckon let’s explore a couple of days maybe, how does that sound? Hey I was wondering did you possibly see where the supermarket is – we really do need to get a few bits.”

I’m instantly delighted by the warmth of my mother’s voice,

“There’s a great one just over on Main Street and Ar…”

Gently butting in,


She comes over to the edge of the boat to lean over.

“Cup of tea darling?”

“Well, Um, Ar…” I stumble,

“Well yeah I would love a cup of tea.”

I look and now I see, the most beautiful face I have ever seen – my mother’s beautiful face. I climb aboard and admire the wonderful ocean going craft where my mother and I live, somehow like a dream, but what I admire more is the stunning magnificent woman I am so lucky to have as a mother.

I follow her down the steps and into the kitchen where the kettle sits still cooling down from before. My eyes wander from here to there as I take in the magnificence of what a craft and what a wonderful mother I have.

“It’s going to be such a beautiful day, Darling Daughter”.

My mom gives me a good morning hug. The way in which my mom used my name was amongst the warmest feelings I’ve ever had.

“Oh, Ar… just stunning of a day… I really love this, Um, Mother.”

I had to say ‘Mother’, what a beautiful sound!

“Isn’t it all so beautiful darling, we’ve been out and about on this gorgeous craft now for about 3 month, between you and me, going a little stir crazy if you know what I mean. You are definitely my morning welcome stranger, honey.”

Hands me a tea and smiles her warmth of a next door welcome from her to me. Mom is in her early forties and at least an inch or two taller than me. Dripping with an air of ease only a woman of stance might dare ever tease – like A Hollywood Trophy Wife – Out Of Sight and Out Of Mind. Her dirty blonde hair and her hazel eyes a young woman as myself just might lose complete integrity over if I only but opened my mind to see more.

With all this thought going through my overworked head, I’m feeling ever so strange as I brazenly eye up and down the entirety of my glamorous mother in her morning summer frock. As we are standing there facing one another, mom SHOCKS me like nothing else!

“You know, darling, what would be the most amaaaazing way to start today would be a boob caress from a pretty young woman as yourself.”

I looked into her eyes and she in mine as we somehow gravitated toward each other. Next thing I knew, we were on the sofa. She lowered her morning frock and exposed one boob and then the other. Without a second thought I lowered myself level with her breasts just waiting for my last push of courage to envelope a nipple in my mouth with complete delight – and complete taboo!

Before long I was doing what felt so completely natural, welcoming and loving – I was sucking boob! My own mother’s boob! Licking all around her well formed boobs and caressing the other one as I flicked my tongue all around these gorgeous nipples. I want to suck these boobs forever.

Her hand gently found the bottom of my flowery morning dress and started to tug a little. Oh my god, I’m sucking my own mother’s boobs and this same beautiful mature woman is slowly lifting my dress – to gain access – to me!

I’m cupping and squeezing one boob and then the other, and back to sucking.

“Oh Honey, how I just absolutely adore having boob sucks in the morning, your mouth feels just wonderful on my boobs.”

I keep sucking, and now with this increasing encouragement, I suck even harder. I suck now like I want to drink her!

She moans as I suck, and she breathes harder, I can almost feel her moan right into my mouth and onto my tongue. The vibration of her starts off something else. I have never ever done anything like this before, let alone had a beautiful mature woman moan right into me. I feel a slight squirt on the roof of my mouth. I want more. I need more. I cup her breast a little tighter and she squirts even more now – Feeding me!

Caressing me, her hand now is inside my legs – teasing me. Half way up my inner thigh and then back down to my knee she teases back and forth, knowing the mystical buttons only us women share so deep down. Her nipples are so hard and drenched, I devour the wetness as her hand plays inside my thigh as if for the first time.


Mom pauses my sucking for a second and coaxes my wet soaked mouth up and to her mouth, we kiss passionately with mouths wide open, tongues roaming. She is tasting herself ‘straight from the daughter’s mouth’ – we are open mouth kissing – sharing mommy’s milk.

Just then her hand touches the side of my panties. I open my legs for her and then close them on her hand – trying to hold her hand there with the embrace of my legs. My mom’s hand now playing with my panties with one hand and with the other, she starts to caress my somewhat smaller boobs.

These mature hands of hers on my panties and on my boobs is all at once – intoxicating! I suck her tongue all the way into my mouth, then I go back to her boobs to taste some more milk and then I go back and do it all again. Finally her hand is inside my panties – I’m in heaven. Her fingers ever so gently make contact with my vagina.

A finger glides softly over my mound and slowly down further, to my ass, then back to my mound. Before long, nature takes it’s course and I need to venture between my mother’s legs. Her morning frock allowing the same access as mine is allowing as her hand is now beautifully teasing up and down my slit. I run my hand down her inner thigh and as if welcoming me, she opens her pussy wide, proudly for me to play with her vagina.

With my own wetness starting to help mom’s hand slide and glide up and down, we share tongues inside our mouths. I sneak my hand now inside her own panties and touch for the very first time – a most beautiful mature woman’s cunt. I glide my fingers, then my whole hand, over my mom’s womanhood for my very first time, causing our breathing to shudder.

Her finger is pushing gently and it’s rubbing now, and there it is, a fingertip is inside me. I grind a little now in loving reciprocation, and hopefully even more of her finger makes it’s way inside me. As this progresses, I take her lead and start to feel her vagina now like I am worshipping her loving cunt. So surreal. Sure enough Mom is even wetter than I. My finger slides straight inside!

Mom moans now, and we lick into each other’s mouths as we finger fuck each other with no end in sight. We instinctively slowly take out our fingers and put our fingers inside the others’ mouth for a good suck and taste – or a good preview for what was more to come.

Within seconds our panties were completely off, and we were arranging ourselves into a 69 position. Her legs now so up and spread that I can’t wait to sink my tongue inside my own mommy’s vagina. I lick all over, making her wet all around. At this time she is handling me, my hips, then my bottom, directing me slowly down and down onto my own mother’s mouth.

Our tummies are completely against each other as we suck, kiss, lick, tongue each other’s womanhood for the very first time. Mom’s tongue goes to my anus now and moves around this area until I feel her tongue probe against her own daughter’s ass. My ass lets her in. I move about a touch back and forth helping the ‘in’ and ‘out’ of her most naughty motherly tongue, tasting inside of her own daughter’s most naughty spot.

I have to taste the same, so before long I am lower down making her anus all soaking wet ready for my tongue to enter. We both ANUS each other for like half an hour while at the same time working our womanhood vaginas to complete and utter climax.

Climaxes in unison as we lovingly hold on to each other, love each other, care for each other, in the most beautiful way that anyone could possibly care for another.

Twenty minutes later we have both turned ourselves around and we lay there in each other’s arms spent, satisfied, complete. We are kissing. We are hugging. Losing ourselves in each other’s eyes – and the erotic lingering taste which is mother and daughter!

“This morning has to be the happiest day of my life,”

We both somehow know that this is only the beginning…

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