Office adultery

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I shouldn’t have, but I did

My wife and I met at work. We hooked up at a work function and eventually dated, it progressed to marriage. We even worked in the same department of a large company. So we basically spent every waking hour together.

A year or so into our marriage a good looking girl started in a department close to ours. I have always had a wandering eye, and I couldn’t help looking at her, even though my wife was nearby. eventually the girl was aware of my stares, and begin to stare back.

This went on for quite some time, she was fully aware of my wife being around, and I got the feeling that the smiles and eye-fucking was turning her on top. My suspicions were confirmed when she started to wear sexier outfits to work. whenever I walked past her desk she would lean forward, letting me stare at her wonderful cleavage.We never spoke, but that made it an even bigger turn on for me.

one morning i was walking down a narrow hallway. I noticed her coming the other way. I made a quick decision to open the first aid room door i was walking past, and closed the door.

Sure enough, a few seconds later the door opened and she entered, closing the door behind her and standing in front of me, not saying a word. The eye fucking continued. I looked her up and down, she stood there with an almost slutty smile, biting her lip. I looked her up and down, it was a hot day so as usual, she wasn’t wearing much, a skimpy skirt and tight black top.

Without saying a word I pushed her gently against the door and started kissing her. She returned my advances, kissing me back, her hand already rubbing my rock hard cock.

She then dropped to her knees, taking my cock out of my pants and putting in her mouth. her eyes never left mind and she sucked me like I have never been sucked before.

i had to fuck this girl. Even though my wife was in the same building I couldn’t control myself. I lifted her up and put her down on the first aid table.

i kissed her again, and worked my hand up her thigh and inside her panties. She was so wet, we both knew where this was going.

for the first time she finally spoke, whispering in my ear “you better fuck me quick, your wife might come looking.”

i pulled her panties to the side and entered her. She moaned as I worked my hard, throbbing cock deeper inside her. She came hard all over my cock, telling me to fuck her deeper and deeper, I could only oblige.

i started to grunt, she sensed my orgasm coming and dropped to her knees, sucking me intensely until I shot a hot loaf into her mouth. She tasted it all, licking the rest off the end of my cock.

Once finished, she looked up at me and smiled, re-clothed and walked out without saying a word.

i returned to my desk after composing myself, smiling at her as I sat back down, my wife nonethewiser.

we still haven’t spoken, just exchange looks and smiles on a daily basis. the first aid room experience is one I will never forget.

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