My First Fuck Buddy

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After lunch we went to the bunk house, and as soon as we got inside Howard said, ‘Lets strip and proceeded to take off his cloths. With out a word I began to undressed too, then we stepped out of our shorts we looked up at each other, stopped cold seeing each naked. It was if we were each looking into a mirror, except his hair was blonde and mine was red.



My name is Bill and I grew up on a wheat farm near a very conservative mid-western town, dominated by small Christian Church. Between the farms and the town they were big enough to have their own High school of a little over 500 students.

This itself had an effect on me sexually as I was growing up. There were no whispers about queers etc, and all the talk among the guys was always about girls, wanting to feel them up, play with their tits, butts, pussies and fuck them.

I pretended to feel the same way and joined the talk, but in truth I knew I was interested in guys. Not just any guys but others like myself that were well built from working hard on the farm. I jacked off and day dreamed about what I would like to do with them all the time.

By the time I was 15, I was as well muscled as the best of them, from working on the farm. I knew I was not bad looking at 5′ 10″, 170 Lbs, Red Curly Hair, Blue eyes, 46″ chest, 16″ biceps, 31″ waist, no hair on my chest, just a small happy trail from my belly button down to my curly red bush and my pride a 7 & 3/4″ cock with foreskin, mushroom cock head that always peeked out when soft and popped out for all to see when I when I had a hard on, large low hanging hairy balls and a round firm muscled ass, no hair on my my butt cheeks and finally just red curly hair around my butt hole.

I was proud of my body but very shy and when I did join the talk pretended to feel the same way. The truth was , I was always checking the guys out, checking out the size of their cocks, balls, muscled butts, noticing their hairy cracks when they bent over, wishing it was me fondling their cocks and balls when they scratched or positioned them in their jocks.

One very memorable weekend my Dad’s Brother, Wife, and my cousin Howard came for a visit. Howard and I could have passed as twins, the only difference, he was Blond.

That first night Howard told me about his “Fuck Buddy”– I had a Great weekend, my best ever when I think about it. I finally got to do all the things thought about doing to the guys at school when I jacked off, but learned a lot more from Howard.

Howard became my first Fuck Buddy, this that story.

There was a small bunk house out near the barn that had not been used for a couple of years and on my 13 birthday my dad let me move into it. It had one set of built in bunk beds, a table two chairs, a bathroom with toilet and shower that my mother inspected often to make sure I kept clean. A great place for two very horny 15 year old guys to explore ‘Man Sex”.

They arrived just in time for breakfast Saturday Morning and after eating I took Howard on a tour of the farm. We no sooner got away from our folks when we started talking sex. Howard was the more aggressive, and began asking me questions. “Did I have a girl Friend”, “Was I getting any”, “Was I always horny” , ETC”? I answered in the negative saying I was still a virgin and what about him. He replied that he was no longer a virgin and had lost his cherry about a year ago., had a Hot Fuck Buddy, George and was not into girls. Did I have a problem with that? I told him I didn’t and that I knew I was into guys too. He laughed and said “Well, guess will have to bust that cherry”.

After lunch we went to the bunk house, and as soon as we got inside Howard said, ‘Lets strip and proceeded to take off his cloths. With out a word I began to undressed too, then we stepped out of our shorts we looked up at each other, stopped cold seeing each naked. It was if we were each looking into a mirror, except his hair was blonde and mine was red.

W didn’t waste a second and the next thing you know we were all over each other. Twin Cocks at Attention. Howard made the first move turning me on even more grabbing my stuff with me not far behind. I was about half hard and the twin feelings of his cock and balls in my hand and his hand fondling mine was all I’d dreamed it would be, with more to come.

We stood there stroking each other, comparing cocks, rubbing them together until they were wet with each others pre-cum. Letting go of my cock, Howard reach back grabbed my ass, a cheek in each hand, and pulled me hard against his body. I wasted no time grabbing his ass cheeks too. A hot sexy shock shot through my body at the feel of his pre-cum slick cock humping against mine, his butt cheeks flexing in my hands, his hands squeezing mine, and he kissed me.

We stood there for a while moaning and gowning, in a frantic session, fucking our cocks together, tongue fighting and fondling each other ass. Suddenly Howard, pushed me back on to the bottom bunk, fell on top of me and our sexual wrestling match continued.

” It’s time for the 69 buddy”, he said, turned around and was suddenly on his hands and knees over me, his low hanging balls and hard cock right in my face, and I got my first peek at his ass crack.

“Now do everything to me I’m going to do to you”, he said and sucked down on my cock. Feeling his hot wet mouth engulf me and his tongue rapidly rubbing the base of my cock, my hips reacted pushing deeper into his hot wet

mouth At that very same moment I went down on him, getting my first taste of cock and pre-cum.

For the first time I was engulfed in the male only sexual excitement of a hot wet mouth sucking on you cock, a tongue rubbing rapidly on that very sensitive bit of flesh on just at the base of your dick head, all only enhanced by the added pleasure of sucking your buddies/lovers hard pulsating, thrusting man cock. Your hands massaging and fondling his fine muscled flexing ass cheeks. With so much more to come!

Licking the pre-cum off my cock then, my balls and sucking them up one at a time. Sucking on his hairy ball sack and feeling those large soft eggs in my mouth just added to my excitement, when he suddenly began nibbling on my cock root. So damn much going on, so damn much pleasure. His next move almost pushed me over the edge.

It started with the feel of him licking back and forth on my crotch, that bit of flesh from the back of my balls almost to my butt hole, kissing and nibbling on my butt cheeks, then spreading them and I felt his wet tongue rapidly licking up and down my ass lips, and again I almost blew my load.

Following suit, my pleasure just seemed to increase as I licked and tasted his slightly salty sweaty crotch, cheeks. Then spreading is butt cheeks I got my first look at his crack, and those fury inch long ass lips, his ass hole. With out any hesitation, I followed his example an licked, up and down, all over the inside of his ass cheeks and back to the crack. Just as I was really getting into it combined with that hot wet tongue licking me, he spread me open and thrust his stiff tongue in to my butt hole, tongue fucking me . Responding , I tasted his ass hole, and began tongue fucking him as well.

This was suddenly too much, I yelled “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum”!! Ed quickly sucked my throbbing cock in to his mouth taking me almost down to my balls. When that tickling in my balls and at the base of my dick began I really lost control fucking his face and in a couple of strokes I felt that first wad of cum burst from my piss slit. Ed never slowed down, his tongue rubbing rapidly sucking out wad, after wad , after wad draining my balls.

He continued nursing on my cock and the next thing I knew, he had pulled back my foreskin and was giving my very sensitive cock head a rapid tongue massage. That tickling tongue massage was really driving me crazy, but despite my efforts to push him off my cock, he didn’t stop for another minute or so. A great way to end my first gay orgasm.

I started really sucking his cock, wanting to give him the same great pleasure. To my surprise, he pushed me off his cock, turned around laying on top of me, and as he humped his cock against mine he said, “No Bill, its time for me to fuck that beautiful muscled ass I just ate, braking your cherry and making you Fuck Buddy”.

Next he grabbed a pillow, and placed it under my ass*. Then reaching over to the night stand he grabbed a tube of lube and I watched him rub a big dollop all over his cock, even pulling his foreskin back and rubbing it into his cock head. “Pull your legs back”, he said and proceeded to squeeze a large dollop of lube on my ass lips and finger it into my hole, adding fingers until he finally had his index finger and two others finger working my hole to loosen me up. Hay. it did tweak me a bit but I soon was able to handle it with some pleasure to my surprise.

Grabbing his cock he guide up to my crack and rubbed it up and down my crack for a minute or so, the saying, “Relax, relax” he thrust his cock head into my ass. Naturally, I clamped down and it hurt. He held me from pulling off of his cock, didn’t give me any more. When I settled down, he took my now limp cock in hand and began to jack me off, while just barely rubbing his cock just inside my hole. To my surprise as my cock began to grow with each stroke the pain totally faded away, I was fully erect and the pleasure of fucking his fist, and even the feel of his cock rubbing my hole.

“Hang on and relax”, he said and and slowly puled out, pausing for a second with his cock head kissing my hole and then slowly pushing back in, said “keep fucking my fist” which caused my ass ring to literally milk his cock with my ass ring and no pain. In fact I really was really enjoying it. Fucking his fist and the feel of his cock working my hole . He repeated this for some minutes when I started to notice that he was slowly beginning go deeper and deeper. Two inches in and one back, until with on quick final thrust he bottomed out. I was full of his hard fat cock and liked it.

Taking his hand off my cock he lay down on top of me, trapping my cock up against his hairy belly. We started kissing and tongue fighting. With his cock deep in my ass he fucked slowly in and out, in and out about two inches or so. With each hump I felt the fat base of his cock stretch my hole, while I was really humping and rubbing my cock against his belly and causing my ass ring to milk his hard thrusting cock.

After several minutes we both began to feel that wondrous tickle beginning in our balls and at the base of our cocks causing us to begin speeding up our fuck. Soon we reached that stage when Ed rared back to get more leverage. I grabbed my cock stroking like crazy. We were at that frustrating stage where you know that, with the next thrust you’ll get you nut and you don’t. Our fuck really was out of control and just then that great feeling started up the length of our cocks tickling all the way. Almost together that first wad burst from our piss slits. His deep in my ass and mine splattering against my chin.

The best part of our fuck had started, he fucked and I stroked while wad after wad, afters wad shot from our cocks, mine splattering all over both our chests and bellies. All too damn soon we stopped cumming but not our fuck. We just kept going for some time, when Howard collapsed on top of me, and we lay there, my cock strapped between us an and his soaking deep in my ass. We kissed and humped a bit mumbling to each other–him telling me how great my ass was and me telling him how much I enjoyed my first fuck.

Then Howard said, “Lets finish this”, and turned and got on top of me in a 69, and began eating my tender ass. Lapping up his cum, and nursing on my cock again, while i sucked him clean and gave his ass a good final tongue fucking. We then went and took a shower giving each other cocks, balls and butts very special attention.

That night after dinner as soon as we got to the bunk house we stripped, headed for the bed and went at each other. I didn’t need to follow his lead this time, and Howard remarked at my aggressive moves, kissing him , fondling his cock and balls ETC and said “Boy are you horny, me too and I was wondering if you were ready to take care of this itch I’ve got and get your first piece of hot man ass”.

“Lets find out “, I said, pushing him back on the bed, got moving over him in a 69 and sucking down on his half hard fucking cock. While at the same time pulling one of his butt cheeks out with my left hand, began rubbing his ass lips with my left index finger on the other. “Damn, Bill, you are worked up fucker”, and the next thing I knew his hot wet mouth engulfed my cock, and a wet finger was shoved half way into my hole.

We lay there, really into the hot horny pleasure of two guys enjoying the taste of each others hard cocks and pre-cum, enjoying the added pleasure of finger working you ass. Not forgetting each others balls, chewing on cook roots and finally spreading each others butt cheeks. Both of us starting moan in sexual excitement, as we attacked each others ass lips by tongues, licking up and down making those little curly hairs around them wet with spit. We were in a complete frenzy of licking, kissing, fingering and tongue fucking.

After a good half hour or so of this, I got off of Howard, grabbed a pillow and placed it under his well tongued ass* like he did me and reached for the lube. He kept teasing me sayig “Hey, You sure your man enough to give me a good fuck, and not go off before you can even get you cock in me?” that and more. I just smiled as i generously lubed up my cock, and like him pulled back my foreskin getting it well lubed as well. ‘Spread your cheeks for me, and lets find out” and when he did I squeezed a good dollop of lube all over his ass lips and then roughly finger fucked it into his hole.

Remembering how he started fucking me, I rubbed my cock head up and down his ass crack for a second or two and then just slowly pushed my cock head just inside. He had no problem taking it and immediately began milking my cock head with his ass ring. I t was all I could do not to ram home and just power fuck right away. I resisting that urge an slowly pulled in and out enjoying the great anticipation of what was to come. I’m sure I didn’t keep this up as long as he did, in my eagerness to feel my cock fully penetrating his hot tight ass. I fucked that two inches in and one back, a lot faster that he did and realized how it added to my pleasure laying down on his hot muscled body, feeling his hard cock fucking up against my hairy my belly and tongue fighting.

My cock was not more than half way home, when I totally lost it and rammed my cock all the way up his ass, balls deep. “Damn, Fucker take it easy”, Howard yelled “Don’t Fuckin Move”! “I’m sorry , I’m sorry I couldn’t help it'” i said, but if i was totally honest it felt good. “Well don’t fuckin move, for a bit”. I didn’t move, but I’ve got to tell you, just laying there feeling his butt hole wrapped around my cock was feeling damn good. After a second or so I began to pulsate my cock and the second or third time and Howard began to squeeze back around the base of my cock–what a turn on.** In about the or four minutes, started he humping his cock up against my belly again, my signal to have at it.

Just fucking in an out a couple of inches feeling the base of my cock squeezed over and over by Howard’s ass ring, his cock slick with pre-cum fucking against my gut, kissing, feeling his hands on my ass, pulling me deeper each thrust builds and builds urge to cum and moving up off of Howard for more leverage, I began pulling almost all the way out and long stroking back. Not to fast at first but as that tickling sensation at the base of my cock and balls got more and more intense and I soon lost all control.

Fuck Fuck! just one more ramming fuck should do it but teasingly it doesn’t . fuck it it has to but still it took at least two more before I began to cum and that first wad burst from my cock. I shot two more wads before I saw Howard’s first squirt clear over his left shoulder. With that tight quick squeezing of Howard’s ass on my cock just adding to the whole pleasure, and ramming in and out, Howard squeezing and humping we shot wad after wad after wad, lost in that fantastic tickling sensation— finally getting our nut.

We still had another day and Howard introduced me to the Dogie, the Missionary and the Lap fuck, but that is another for Chapter 2.

Take Care and “Keep Your Peckers Up”!!!


* (Something new we added to our fucking repertoire. at the end, when the fuck is over, and your balls are drained , laying there letting your cock soak, a little Pulsating and squeezing is a good way to finish.

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