Newport Adventures

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This is a true story about the light of my life. She passed away from cancer years ago and I wrote this to remember her. She was an amazing person who left this world a better place. Enjoy.

A true story

This is a true story about the light of my life. She passed away from cancer years ago and I wrote this to remember her. She was an amazing person who left this world a better place. Enjoy.

My wife and I were attending a car show in Newport Beach. It was at the Newporter Inn, a classically beautiful California hotel situated in the hills overlooking the ocean. We were living in Phoenix and it was summer, so we were really looking forward to a respite from the heat. We planned on leaving early afternoon on Friday, arriving in time for dinner and drinks on the ocean in Newport Harbor. To make a little extra fun, I decided to take the Ferrari.

Let me interject a little description of us at the time. I was 36, my wife was 28, still without kids. We were an athletic, active couple. Hit the gym at least 3 times a week, rode our mountain bikes in the desert behind our house a lot. Sara was beautiful. 5’6” tall, 120 pounds, firm and tight, with an incredible pair of all natural gravity defying tits, tiny waist, beautiful ass and an even, all over brown from tanning in the nude by our pool. She was a free spirit, happy, smiling, friendly. Totally uninhibited, always the first to peel out of her clothes and jump in the jacuzzi nude. One of those people with a magnetic personality, everyone loved her on first sight.

I am 6’0”, 170 pounds, Sara thinks I am hot. I stay in shape, like to lay out nude, guess I am blessed between the legs. Every girl I ever slept with got big eyes and went “Oh wow!” the first time they saw my wanger. No complaints at least.

That Friday morning we packed our bags before leaving for work. I threw them in the Ferrari and we went ahead and rode together, I dropped Sara at the investment firm where she worked, watching her skirt sway and those incredible legs as she walked away, wondering at the little bag she tucked under her arm in addition to her purse.

I got to work in time at my company, parked in a remote part of the lot to avoid door dings, hurried inside and got to work. I powered through my inbox and was ready leave at noon so I called Sara and asked if she could be ready early. She said “Give me 30 and I’ll be waiting for you in the shade at the entrance”. I killed a little time then said my goodbyes and headed for the parking lot, peeling off my jacket and tie on the way, a wall of heat enveloping me as I exited the air conditioned lobby. The car was roasting when I opened the door, so I decided to pop the targa top, leaving it off at least until the freeway. Jumped in, fired it up and zipped the 5 minutes to Sara’s workplace.

I pulled in her parking lot and drove up to the covered entrance. There stood a wet dream. Sara had on a thin white stretchy halter top and a miniscule denim skirt. Her long, tan legs ended in dainty feet, with delicate sandals on her soles. Her tawny hair cascaded around her shoulders, her makeup was fresh, and her smile was dazzling. I felt my cock rising to the occasion as the Ferrari wailed to a stop. I reached over and opened the door for her and she stepped in, vibrating with excitement and leaning over to give me a wet kiss with lots of tongue.

The first thing that caught my eye was the brown outline of her areole capped by a stiff nipple easily visible through her top. That and those firm thighs settling into the soft leather of her seat. Woof! Guess I know now what she had in that little bag! I eased out the clutch and we headed for the freeway posthaste. As we hit the on ramp I goosed it a bit, letting those 12 cylinders howl, feeling the toasty air blowing through the cockpit. But as usual, the second we hit the freeway I had to brake to merge with the bumper to bumper traffic. I worked my way through the throng of cars and trucks, easing to the left. Wasn’t really any faster but at least I was doing something. Sara chattered excitedly about our trip, looking forward to laying on the beach, eating good seafood, having wild sex, and “Oh my goodness, I’m so excited I can’t stand it”.

Just then the trucker next to us rolled down his window and let out a loud wolf whistle, so loud that other drivers looked our way. He yelled out “Yeah, Baby! Lookin fine!” Sara responded by pulling her top aside and cupping her magnificent tits, pointing them up at him while squeezing her nipples. The trucker’s eyes about popped out of his head and we heard his yell as we accelerated into a gap in the traffic. Sara smiled happily as we resumed moving, sat back, and put her bare feet on the dash, spreading her legs wide and exposing her smooth, shaved cunt to my view and anybody else high enough to see in (which considering how low a Ferrari sits is most everyone). She planted her right hand on her clit, reached underneath with her left and started fingering her hole. She sighed happily while exclaiming “I just love to flash my titties!!!…..and my pussy…..fuck! I just like to show off!” The fat middle aged church lady in the SUV next to us looked over and about hit the car in front of her as she realized what she was seeing.

The traffic finally lightened and we were off. I ran the Ferrari up as fast as I dared, slowing down at each truck so Sara could hang her tits out the window at them. You could tell which truckers had their radios on because they would be peering at us in their mirrors as we approached. At one point during the drive Sara was totally nude, standing up in the seat, with her upper body out in the wind as we passed a long line of truckers, their horns blaring and arms waving. Sara’s pussy was so wet from excitement that I could see streams of come running down her thigh. Occasionally she would stick her fingers up her snatch and squish them around, then put them in her or my mouth to lick clean. She tasted so good. What is it with that girl? Tastes just like vanilla. Yum.

So the trip passed quickly, with Sara nude almost the entire way. The LA freeway traffic definitely got an eyeful as we neared our destination. I finally tactfully suggested she might want to put something on as we turned into the entrance for the Newporter. We pulled under the porticoes just as she arranged her top, but she managed to show the young uniformed valet her juicy cunt as he opened her door and she spread her legs wide while exiting. He about tripped over the curb as he moved out of her way, his eyes bugging out. “ Wuh, wuh, welcome to the Newporter” he stammered as she sauntered by him, her hand casually brushing over his crotch. He turned beet red as he saw me looking at him.

We walked on in to the front desk, me amusedly observing the heads turning as Sara entered the lobby. Everybody is attracted to her, whether they want to or not. Even the most straight laced people can’t resist looking, she is such a breath of fresh air. They try to disapprove, but can’t.

We quickly got checked in, then had to fight off the bellboys wanting to help us with our bags. Sara bestowed her grace upon one, a lanky California surfer dude, and he raced us to the car to gather our bags. I tipped one of the valets handsomely, telling him I would cut his balls off if there was a mark on my car when I came back, and we followed our bellboy down the meandering sidewalk to our room, reveling in the smell of flowers, grass, and cool air.

Sara danced ahead of us, skipping with abandon, so excited about her surroundings. The bellboy and I looked at each other, he went “Man”, as I smirked at him. As we neared our room, I looked ahead to see Sara stepping out of her skirt and flinging her top off. The bellboy gasped and said “Oh shit” and raced for our door, throwing it open for us. Sara danced into the room, totally nude, exclaiming over the fluffy bed, beautiful furnishings, and the view of the ocean.

Our bellboy unloaded his cart and hung our clothes, all the while never taking his eyes off Sara. I could see a huge tent in his trousers as he tried to explain the features of the room to us. Just as I reached in my pocket to tip him, Sara slithered over to him and said “Oh my, you have a problem here”. She unzipped his pants, fished out his sizeable cock and went to her knees, laving the head with her tongue. The bellboy’s eyes rolled back and he fell against the wall, trying to maintain his balance. Sara sucked and licked his fat dick, gurgling a bit as it hit the back of her throat. The bellboy moaned as his climax approached, and Sara grasped his ass and jammed his cock down her throat, waiting eagerly for his load. He let out a growl as he exploded, his knees buckling as he nearly fell to the floor. Sara followed him down, sucking with all her might as he squirted in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. He struggled to his feet saying “Wow, dude!!! Like, that’s the best tip I ever had!” I saw him to the door and turned to look at Sara, looking like the cat that ate the canary as she licked a drop of come from the corner of her mouth. “You are too much”, I said. “It’s why you love me so much” was her retort.

We got unpacked and settled in, then took a quick shower to freshen up. I watched Sara shave her legs and crotch, my dick growing at the sexy sight. We dried off and then while Sara was bent over the counter putting her makeup on I squatted down and spread her cheeks, tonguing her little puckered anus. She moaned and ground it back into my face. We got dressed, me wearing some casual beach pants sans underwear and a Hawaiian shirt, Sara wearing a tiny little turquoise halter dress that was so short that the cheeks of her ass were hanging out, her tits barely constrained, and of course no underwear at all. As we walked toward the lobby I reached under her ass and caressed her juicy pussy. She wiggled and ground her body against mine, stroking my cock so it extended down my pants leg.

As we arrived at the valet station you could see all eyes snapping our way and them lining up to compete for Sara’s attention. One of them grabbed the keys to the Ferrari out of the lockbox and raced off. The other four stood there openmouthed. Sara went over and looked up into each one’s eyes as the back of her hand brushed his crotch. Every one of those guys thought for a moment he was the only man in the world to my beautiful wife. The missing valet drove up in my car and jumped out, leaving the door open for me. He raced around and opened the door for Sara before the others could get there. Sara sat down in her seat and raised her legs, exposing her assets to all of the onlookers, then slipped her hand down, parting her folds and inserted a finger, which she proceeded to put to her mouth, slithering her tongue out to taste the juices. “Yum” she said with a salacious grin. The five young valets stood frozen in place, holding their breath, every one sporting a huge bulge.

We took off down the manicured drive, breathing the cool salt scented air, admiring the flowers, trees, and the golf course. The Ferrari rumbled smoothly as we pulled out onto Jamboree Blvd, headed for the PCH. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Sara, her skirt so short she was sitting bare on the leather, those long, smooth, tan legs on display. And her feet. Have I told you about her feet? She has tiny little dainty feet, a size 5, with a high arch and perfect little suckable toes. She hardly ever wears polish, and somehow that makes them even sexier, more nude. She keeps them well manicured and soft, I love for her to rub them all over my face and dip her toes into my mouth so I can lick and suck them while my cock is buried in her smooth box. It makes her come like crazy. She had on some little high heeled sandals that somehow made them look even more tempting.

I was headed for a restaurant just a short distance away that I knew well. It sits out on a pier, surrounded by yachts. Has the best steamed mussels and shrimp cocktails ever. It also has the advantage of an outdoor seafood bar where we could sit at stools and let Sara give her audience a thrill. Even though the drive was short, Sara managed to give a few drivers a peak at her ripe, tanned titties. I reached over and slipped a finger up her twat to check her level of arousal, eliciting a moan from her, and found it absolutely dripping juice. I popped my wet fingers in her mouth as the guy in a Blazer next to us watched slack-jawed. We pulled up to the restaurant and again the valets got an eyeful as Sara stepped from the car. A few couples were waiting for their cars to arrive and I saw a guy get punched on the arm by his wife as he ogled Sara sashaying in the open doors.

We went in and found our way to the outdoor bar, grabbing a couple of empty stools. Again, every eye in the place was focused on us as we entered. Sara plopped down, her skirt so short that she was bare assed on her stool. There were two executive looking types sitting next to us and their conversation silenced as they took in Sara’s brown legs, visibly trying to position themselves for a shot up her skirt to see the juncture of her thighs. They both started talking to us at the same time, introducing themselves as Bob and Ted, asking where we were from, etc. Sara engaged them in a lively conversation while I stood back and watched their wandering eyes, taking in her bulging tits barely concealed by her tiny halter, her pointed nipples jutting out, scanning up and down her legs and feet. They were so smitten with her it was laughable. They immediately bought us both drinks and continued buying more as soon as one was empty. We ordered wonderful fresh oysters, mussels, and shrimp with slabs of moist sourdough bread and butter. Sara’s admirers sat with open mouths as she fed me a huge jumbo shrimp then stuck her fingers in my mouth to clean off the cocktail sauce. She managed to move around in her seat enough that her skirt rode up even more and the two guys were looking directly at her smooth crotch. Just for extra measure she moved her arm over a tit so the nipple popped out. It was comical watching their reaction, both of them practically falling off their stools to get a better look. The bartender was also taking all this in, wearing the finish off the bar with his rag while staring at Sara’s exhibition.

We ate our fill and I called for the check. Sara said she needed to go to the restroom so she slid off her stool while facing Bob and Ted, totaling exposing her cunt. They sat transfixed as she flounced off, her bouncing cheeks just visible under her skirt. Bob said “Oh fuck, you are one lucky guy. I would give my last dollar for a shot at her. She is so hot”. He about sprayed his drink as I paid our tab and stood up, saying “Well, another night that might have happened. But tonight I think she is in the mood for another pussy, not a couple of cocks. But give me your card, you never know, we’re here for a few nights.” They both literally were showering me with their cards as I took my leave and intercepted Sara as she came out of the bathroom.

I knew of a lounge down the road that was a lot of fun. It had a big oval bar with the bartenders in the middle and you can sit and see the patrons on the other side. It’s a very trendy crowd, the so so pretty Newport types, all living beyond their means. Makes for some fun people watching. We drove on down, me twisting and pulling on one of Sara’s nipples on the way, she had both hands in her crotch, finger fucking herself. She asked me if I thought Ted and Bob liked her. I retorted “You have got to be shitting me! They would have given up their first born for a chance to lick the soles of your shoes”.

“Oh, I can think of lots of other things for them to lick other than my shoes. Do you think they would like to lick my pussy??” she said as she shivered into a little orgasm just as we pulled into the parking lot of the lounge. There was a line to get in, but as we drove up the valets once again descended on us. I gave the one on my side a huge tip while the other got his eyeful as he opened Sara’s door. They steered us towards the bouncer at the head of the line and I slipped him a twenty as he opened the rope for us. We stepped on in to the booming rhythm, with tons of good looking, inebriated people milling about. I sidled on up to the bar just as a couple vacated their stools.

We quickly grabbed them and got some drinks ordered. I made note of the blond sitting on Sara’s right. She was the archetypical California beach girl. A big mop of curly blond hair, pretty, and young, maybe 22. Just Sara’s type. She had on a dark blue midriff baring blouse showing off her tan, flat abs with a dangly little piercing in her belly button. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples were clearly visible. Her white capris were literally painted on, they were so tight. She had on some silver sandals, showing off her tanned, slender ankles and pretty feet. She sort of casually checked us out, giving Sara’s outfit the onceover. Sara and I sipped our drinks while playing one of our favorite games: guessing what the people across the bar do for a living. We giggled as we came up with more and more outlandish scenarios. “That guy’s clothes are so wrinkled because his condo got repossessed and he’s living in his BMW”, on and on. The girl sitting next to us was listening and in short order joined in.

Within minutes she and Sara were giggling and snorting, punching each other on the arm like old friends. She introduced herself as Suzanne, a Newport native, holding down 3 bartending jobs to survive. She had her own views on the clientele. We all had a couple of drinks then Sara said she needed to go to the bathroom and asked Suzanne if she needed to go. They took off, hand in hand, perfect little butts wiggling, with me observing and knowing that Sara had found her mark.

I sat there for what seemed like an hour, although it was really only about 15 minutes. Geeze, what was taking them so long?? Finally I saw Sara weaving her way through the crowd, Suzanne right behind her. I knew immediately what was going on. Sara’s eyes were glassy and she was rubbing her nose. As they got closer I could see that Suzanne was cupping one of Sara’s ass cheeks, much to the delight of every guy within eyeshot. Sara came up and gave me a deep wet kiss and whispered in my ear “She has some coke and we did some. And she played with my pussy!” as she grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs. The insides of her thighs were absolutely soaked she was lubricating so much. Suzanne suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. I watched as they dirty danced, almost fucking each other in plain sight of everyone there. A crowd gathered and watched appreciatively as Suzanne reached around Sara and lifted up her skirt to squeeze and stroke her tanned globes. Sara ground her mound against Suzanne’s as they French kissed, their tongues probing.

They stayed out on the dance floor for a couple of songs, getting nastier and nastier. I saw one of the bouncers edging over their way with a disapproving look on his face. Suddenly Sara pulled Suzanne off the floor and they both came over to me, Sara saying “Its time to go. Can Suzanne ride with us?” “Honey, the car’s a two seater” I replied. “Oh, don’t worry, we’ll work it out. C’mon.” she said, grabbing me by the hand and pulling us both out. I handed the valet our ticket as the girls huddled over on the other side of the drive, whispering to each other. The valet brought the car up and stepped out, leaving my door open and went around to open the passenger door. He stood watching as first Suzanne got in, then Sara sat in her lap, with her skirt up so high you could see her belly button. She settled in as Suzanne reached around her and put both hands on her cunt. They managed to get the seatbelt on both of them and we were off, headed back to the Newporter.

Sara twisted around so that she and Suzanne could kiss, and Suzanne’s hands were busily exploring inside Sara’s halter. I listened as they moaned and slurped, kissing and petting, getting more and more excited. They groaned as we pulled into the Newporter and had to separate. Again, the young valets were waiting as we pulled up. Their eyes really bugged out when then saw the two girls in one seat, with Sara’s dress up around her waist and one tit hanging out. The girls pried themselves out of the car as the valet opened their door, and started wobbling off down the sidewalk towards our room. All five valets stood openmouthed as Sara reached down and pulled her dress off over her head, her bare ass wiggling at us all as she walked away. Suzanne followed suit and pulled her top off and spun around, lifting and squeezing her breasts to everyone’s viewing pleasure. It was actually a fair ways to our room on the meandering pathway, and we met several couples on the way. They stood aside, some of them cheering and clapping, others appalled, as the girls paraded by, Sara nude and Suzanne topless. They were kissing and holding on to each other for support as they walked, I trailed along behind taking it all in. We finally got to our room and I opened the door, ushering my two little sex kittens in.

Suzanne immediately headed for the couch while shimmying out of her skin tight pants, pulling a makeup mirror and a small bottle out of her purse. She poured out some white powder and started cutting lines, the two little coke whores salivating at the sight. I have always been sort of ambivalent to the stuff, not sure if I like how it affects me. It gives me a rock hard boner, but I can’t come. The girls love that though, cause I can go all night. I think women like it so much because it does away with their inhibitions (like Sara had any inhibitions). They each did a couple of lines while I put on some music.

Then I did one line, and sat back to watch the show. Sara got up on the table and started dancing, gyrating her body to the music. She ran her hands sensuously over her smooth skin, squeezing her tits, her ass, bending over and spreading her cheeks to show off her anus and smooth pussy. She ran her hands down to her crotch and spread the lips of her vagina, then stuck a couple of fingers in, swirling them around to collect the juice. She put her hand to my mouth and wiped the tasty come on my lips while she reached for the back of Suzanne’s head and pulled her face into her crotch. Suzanne knelt down on the floor and tilted her head up to suck, reaching around Sara to pull her to her mouth. Sara spread her legs wide and ground into Suzanne’s face. You could see Suzanne working her mouth to insert her tongue as far as possible and scoop come from my wife’s dripping cunt. She came up for air and said “What the heck, tastes just like vanilla?” She stood up and drug Sara over to the bed and pushed her down, lifting Sara’s knees to her ears, spreading her wide, then dove in. She licked Sara from her asshole to her belly button, then went back down and laved all around her butthole, then pointed her tongue and speared her ass. Sara grunted and moaned her pleasure while frigging her clit frantically. Suzanne returned to Sara’s cunt and opened her mouth wide to try to suck her whole slit in, then buried her face in the juicy wetness and rubbed her whole face in it. Sara squeezed her thighs together and locked Suzanne’s head to her crotch and came explosively, thrashing, screaming, and moaning with her hands buried in Suzanne’s hair, pulling her into her quim.

By this time I had divested myself of my clothes and was sitting in the chair with my aching cock in hand. This was my own personal porn show, these two incredibly beautiful and sexy women fucking each other with abandon right in front of me. Sara came down from her high and pulled Suzanne up face to face, tenderly licking the juices from her face and kissing her passionately. The two girls rolled around on the bed, grinding their tits and mounds against the other, moaning and sighing. Sara rolled Suzanne on to her back and returned the favor, spreading her legs and sucking and licking her pussy and ass. She inserted a couple of fingers up Suzanne’s hole and finger fucked her while sucking hard on her clit, then reached up and pulled on a nipple at the same time. Suzanne’s orgasm hit her fast and hard, she gasped and flopped around the bed while screaming her pleasure. Both girls rested for a second before turning to look at me, giggling with embarrassment. I sat there with my cock pointing at the ceiling, precome dripping from the tip, as hard as I have ever been. They reached out in unison for me to join them and I stood and settled on the bed between them.

Suzanne’s eyes got big and she said “Wow!” as she got the first look at my cock. We went into a 3-way kiss, all of us probing with lips and tongue. Suzanne grabbed my dick and started stroking it while Sara squeezed my balls. I lay back in bliss, awash in woman flesh. Suzanne said “I gotta feel this in me” and got up on top of me and placed the head of my cock at her entrance. She let out a sigh as she settled down onto it, impaling herself. Sara got up and lowered herself to my face, placing her dripping wet gash over my mouth while facing Suzanne. I peeked out from between her thighs to see them kissing and kneading each other’s breasts. Suzanne whimpered as she bounced up and down on my rod, and Sara sighed as I licked and sucked her entire pubic region. Suddenly Suzanne raised herself off my cock, moved it back an inch to her backdoor, and sat down. She let out a loud groan and said “Fuck. That’s a big piece of meat up my ass”. Sara reached down and started finger fucking Suzanne’s cunt at the same time and Suzanne went crazy. Flopping around, jerking, wailing, tossing her mop of hair around, she came so hard she nearly passed out. She fell over on the bed, gasping for air. Sara slid off my face and went to Suzanne, holding her face and kissing her tenderly as she recovered. My cock still pointed at the ceiling, unable to come.

I suggested we all take a shower to clean up and went to the bath to warm up the water. Both girls joined me and climbed in, then I said “Wanna try something different? Watch what happens to your senses”. I turned off the light so it was pitch black in the bathroom. Both girls squealed in surprise, then in delight as I said “Now watch how your sense of touch is enhanced”. I grabbed the soap and started lathering everyone up. It was a mélange of hands, fingers, legs, tits, cock, and pussies all grinding together slickery smooth in the blackness. I probed Suzanne’s dilated ass with a finger which was soon joined by one of Sara’s. Suzanne groaned at the sensation. The girls started pinching each others nipples as I rinsed them off, then I settled to my knees and put my head in between their bodies, with a pussy on each ear. I would turn my head first one way then the other, licking and sucking, with the water cascading down over me. The girls pulled me up and started stroking my cock, then Suzanne got behind me and massaged my ass cheeks. She spread them wide and inserted a soapy finger up my ass, working it in and out and twisting it around. Sara got to her knees and inhaled my cock into her throat and I groaned and moaned as Suzanne slipped another finger in and started reaming me out, stretching my asshole wide. The sensations were so intense, but I just couldn’t come! Damn!

We got out and dried off and retired back to the bed. Both girls started sucking my cock together. Suzanne was impressed with Sara’s deep throat technique and tried emulating her, but kept gagging. Sara started swallowing my dick in earnest and Suzanne started licking and sucking my balls, then she lifted my legs up and forced them back. She started licking all around my anus, stiffened her tongue and stuck it right up inside me while squeezing my balls hard. That did it. I felt my come rising and start for the head of my dick. It felt like my brains were going to squirt out into Sara’s mouth. I literally blacked out as I exploded, but came to in time to see Sara and Suzanne kissing and swapping my come back and forth. I fell back drained, my cock finally going limp.

The girls had barely gotten started. I got to lay back and watch as they pleasured each other for hours. Sara got in her bag and dug out her Pearl Rabbit vibrator. It was a spectacular show to watch Suzanne learn all about that. I never realized a girl could come so many times. They did each other repeatedly with it, while kissing, sucking, licking, and pinching each other from head to toe. Suzanne even imbibed Sara’s foot fetish, spending at least 30 minutes sucking Sara’s toes, running her tongue between them, and licking the soles of her feet while Sara vibed her own clit with the Rabbit. Sara came so hard I was afraid she was having a seizure.

My cock revived and I fucked Sara gently while Suzanne squatted over her face. Then we switched places with me screwing Suzanne, her legs wrapped around my back pulling me into her while Sara kissed her and twisted and pinched her nipples. Suzanne managed one last weak orgasm as I came in her pussy. We all fell asleep with Sara down at my cock licking the sticky mess off of it and then sucking my come out of Suzanne’s cunt.

We all woke up late, heads throbbing, the sheets a twisted mess, the room reeking of sex, all of us encrusted in come. We opened the doors and straightened up the room, nobody bothering with clothes. A few folks wandered by peeking in at us. I ordered room service and while we waited we jumped into the shower and cleaned each other off. The room service waiter about dropped his tray when he walked up to our open door to be greeted by two nude women. He grinned from ear to ear as I tipped him and sent him on his way. We ate and relaxed, totally comfortable with each other. The girls kept feeding each other, exchanging little kisses and licks. My cock got semi-hard watching all this. Finally we finished and Suzanne said she had to go get ready for work. She got dressed and we exchanged contact information, agreeing that we really needed to get together again, perhaps have her come to Phoenix to visit. I gave her money for a taxi and she was on her way. We got dressed (if you could call what Sara was wearing dressed) and wandered on over to the car show. Where we ran into guess who??

We had two more nights in Newport, and if you liked this I’ll tell you all about it.

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