My GF Fucked My Best Friend And I Wearing Her Sexy Pantyhose

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Having a threesome with my best friend was never planned, my girlfriend had never brought it up before so it was even a shock to me when she asked him if he wanted to join us.

I had been friends with this guy for 12 years, we met in school and were just always with each other ever since. We both had girlfriends, we both had heartbreaks and we both had shared everything with each other.

When I got with this particular girl that I am talking about in this story, I knew she was different. She was confident, she loved sex and she fucking loved being kinky. I had never been with someone who loved it as much as she did, she loved being tied up, spanked, fucked, made to cum and she even blew me whilst my parents were in the room.

She met my best friend early on in our relationship, the three of us would hang out together from time to time and it was just like it had been with any of my other girlfriends, except she didn’t care if he was in the room when we began making out, in fact, I realize now she enjoyed making him uncomfortable and probably very horny.

The Threesome…My girlfriend showed me things that still blow my mind when I think about them today, she was so good at sex and making me cum that it sometimes feels like it didn’t actually happen to me.

She was always so horny and loved dressing up for me but one of my biggest kinks that she also loved was dressing up in stockings, pantyhose and lingerie. It turned me on so much seeing her in them and she loved it too, some of our best sex was when she was in sexy pantyhose.

On this one particular day, my friend and I were hanging out at mine when my girlfriend came round. She looked so sexy and immediately began making out with me when I opened the door for her.

She sat down next to me on the couch and the three of us just hung out as three normal friends would.

After a while she moved her hand to my thigh and began to just run her finger slowly back and forth, putting her head on my shoulder. It was really turning me on. My friend was sat on an armchair across the room and he just kept his eyes on the TV but I knew he was stealing glances at her.

We began making out again, intensely. I looked down at it dawned on me that she was wearing pantyhose under her skirt, something she knew that I absolutely loved. I rubbed my own hands across her legs and felt that smooth material, she slowly began parting her legs, before guiding my hand down to her pussy. I did think of my friend but I was so turned on that I didn’t really care. Just as I was about to feel her pussy she stopped my hand and moved her lips to my ear.

She asked if we could ask my friend if he wanted to join in. I didn’t know what to say but when I looked into her beautiful pleading eyes I knew this was going to be a good time. I had never done anything like this before and I knew it would be awkward if my friend said no. I nodded at her and told her to ask him and she did, no awkwardness, she just asked him to come and sit down next to us.

He looked a little awkward as he came over but if I knew my friend then I knew he would have had a raging boner and I knew he wanted to fuck her, I knew the minute they both met.

She then smiled at me and told me I was going to love every second of this. She turned to my friend and began making out with him, I was taken aback but it was so hot to see. I pulled up her skirt to reveal the rest of her pantyhose and I could see she was wearing a black g-string.

I was a little jealous seeing them make out, she was giving it her all and he was moving his hands down her body. For a second I was going to ask them both to stop but I am so glad I didn’t because she got off of the sofa and onto her knees and asked us both to unzip our trousers. The room was dark but we could still see one another, my friend couldn’t take his eyes off of her, I don’t think he had ever been with a girl like her.

She moved to me first, took my hard cock into her mouth and gave me the best head I had ever had. Taking my entire shaft down her throat and kissing the tip before moving onto his cock and doing the same. She spluttered slightly when taking his in her mouth which made me a little bit jealous.

We Both Shared Her…He had never been with a girl that was this hot before, especially not wearing sexy pantyhose. As she moved her head up and down his shaft, she moved her body so that it faced me before getting onto all fours. I pulled at her pantyhose, pulling them down to expose her white ass and her black g-string, I didn’t pull them all the way down just to her knees because I love feeling them as I fuck her.

I slid my fingers into her pussy and she was soaking wet, her pussy was so pink and perfect that I wish I could have taken a picture. She arched her back more and urged me to fuck her, I slid my cock inside of her and she moaned. My friend put his head back and left his mouth open. I thrust faster and faster into her before she just couldn’t concentrate on blowing him any more, which made me secretly happy.

I pulled out of her and she climbed on top of my friend, pulling at her pantyhose so that she could straddle him. She kissed his neck before he pushed his penis inside of her, she was bouncing down on top of him, moaning and grabbing at her small pert tits. He moved his mouth to her nipple and began sucking which made her moan more. I touched myself but did feel pangs of jealousy because she was having so much fun with him.

The slapping noises as he fucked her hard were echoing through my ears, she was loving every second and so was he. I could see his cock was drenched whenever he thrust into her, she was on the edge of her orgasm and I didn’t want him to give it to her.

I moved closer to them and began kissing her, he slowed his thrusts and nibbled on her nipple as I kissed her. She climbed off of him and once again got onto all fours for me, my favorite position. She put her face between his legs and I bent down behind her so that I could thrust inside of her whilst she blew him again. I kept my thrusts slow and steady before slowing gaining pace.

I pushed my finger into her ass and she moaned, he grabbed at her head and told he was going to cum. She smiled at him, those were her trigger words. He had no idea how hard she would cum or how hard he was going to cum, I kept on thrusting and she tapped the back of my knee, which meant she was on the edge. Before long she popped his cock from her mouth and looked up at him whilst she began to cum silently before erupting into a loud moan, I had to cover her mouth. Her pussy was pulsating around my cock, her juices were shooting down her leg and all over my cock. She was a squirter and it was insane.

When she composed herself she popped him back into her mouth and went to town, taking his cock as deep as it could go and he began cumming in her mouth and she just swallowed every drop of his cum.

By this time I was jealous, he had cum and I was rock hard. Once he was done I pulled her onto the couch so that we were in missionary position. She opened her legs and looked at my friend who was still panting from his orgasm. He looked at us as I thrust deep inside of her, grabbing at her ankles. She was screaming and glancing at us both. She clenched around my cock and I pulled out, leaving my cum all over he breasts, she moved her finger and scooped a little, tasting it with her finger and smiling at me. I collapsed on top of her and we all just lay there panting.

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