Sir Philip & Rebecca – Chapter 7

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Sir Philip dishes out some more punishment to his slut when she misbehaves…

Chapter 7

The sound penetrated her ears like someone turning headphones as full as they could go. She was startled, starting to uncurl from the fetal position she had been asleep in. Without thinking she was kneeling, wary of what was happening.

Disorientated at first, before her mind recalled the unbelievable, highly exciting and downright filthy events of the day before. She had no idea what the time was. She didn’t need to know. She was owned now. Her master decided what she did and when.

He clearly wanted her awake.

He’d whacked the leather whip on the cage, the sound running through her body, almost physically hurt in her.

As her mind flashed // of yesterday through her mind she kneeled, looking at her master. He was now dressed in another dark suit. He was holding some black stiletto heels in his left hand.

He bent down to the cage, opening the door.


She obliged. Looking up at him as she crawled out. So demeaning, so turning her on. She felt the wetness of her pussy and ass, sticky now. She loved it. She felt completely used from yesterday. With each movement she made she could feel her pussy aching from the spanking he gave her.

She looked up at him as she reached his feet, smiling. The chain attached to her collar limiting where she could go.

He reached down, grabbing her hair, in his distinctive, authoritative manner, twisting it as he pulled her to her feet.

She moaned, immediately ready to serve her master. Immediately turned on by being under his control.

He slapped her face. “Is my little whore awake and ready to serve? “

Her eyes blinked, face stinging from the slap he’d just forced upon her.

“Y… Yes….. I.. I’m always ready to serve”

She felt the grip on her hair tighten, saw his eyes turn to anger. The sight sent shivers down her spine. This time they weren’t good shivers, they were fear. His face looked seething. She suddenly realised what she’d done.

She felt so stupid. She felt like a bad little slut. She should know better. She knew she deserved to be punished. She knew he’d punish her more than yesterday.

She hadn’t called him Sir.

Her face uncontrollably turned under the force of his latest slap. Her cheek immediately red. Pain immediately rushing through her face, her eyes watering.

Her lips quivered as his hand released her hair and grabbed her chain, , pulling her face as close as possible to his face. The collar tightening round her neck as he clasped his hand over it.

Her mouth opening, breathing becoming even more difficult than before. Her whole face getting redder, her cheeks puffing out as she struggled to breathe.

His other hand moved to her mouth, two fingers forced into it, pulling her cheek as he spat at her face.

His fingers moved deeper in her mouth, making there way to her throat.

The feeling of his hand wrapping round her collar on neck, him almost entirely controlling her breathing turned her on like crazy. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, how bad it felt at the same time. She knew she was wrong not to call him sir.

She wasn’t regretting it quite as much as she should, she loved feeling vulnerable. She loved feeling used. She loved being controlled and in pain. She knew more was to cum and couldn’t wait to feel more pain than ever to please her master.

His hand tightened on her throat as his fingers pressed St the back of her throat. His fingers gagging her, she was choking on his fingers. Her hands beginning to flail, slightly reaching up to try and push him away, an instinctive reaction to the torture.

His fingers were becoming covered in her spit as she continued to gag. His fingers moving deeper I to her throat, her hands reaching his wrist.

He pulled his fingers from her throat. She choked, coughing, trying to catch her breath. He quickly slapped her face again. Pushing her hands away, making her grab her own boobs. She now knew she wasn’t t move her hands. He knew she’d be forced to grab them tighter the more he gagged her.

He loved the look she was giving him now.

Completely under his control. Completely cute. Completely his filthy little whore to use and abuse as he pleased. She hadn’t called him sir when she should have. His cock rock hard under his suit. She deserved this punishment. He was immensely turned on by punishing his slut. Today, she can have his cock in her pussy. First, she needs punishing.

His cock in her cunt will be her reward for being an obedient little whore and accepting her punishment like a good little owned bitch should.

As his mind thought up the correct punishment he forced his fingers against her throat again. His other hand throttling her neck.

She was struggling to stand as her eyes bulged, looking even more faceable than ever before. His fierce eyes glaring at her only intensified the raw emotion she was feeling.

She was being completely owned by her master. He was controlling her breathing. He couldn’t d much more that was the ultimate control.

Her pussy tingles, clit hardening as her eye lids began closing naturally.

Before they fully shut his hand pulled out of her mouth. She coughed, Gagged, spluttered, gasping for breathe.

His hand moved to her hair, grabbing it and pulling her face towards him.

She was still catching breathe as he kissed her, tongues entwined, his teeth biting her lower lip.

Her eyes suddenly opened as she felt his teeth digging in to her lip, tearing through the top layer of skin, piercing her lip.

The faint taste of blood in her mouth reaffirmed his control as she tried to moan out in pain. His lips still kissing her.

He pulled away, blood gently slipping from her lip. She looked owned. Just how he wanted her.

He kept her head close to his as he gave her her orders.

“Now, you filthy little whore. Get these heels on, and be ready to fucking crawl for me”

He pushed the 6” black stiletto heels into her boobs, her hand holding them. He released her hair. She bent down to out them on before kneeling, obediently, on the floor.

He looked at his little whore lovingly. She was knelt on the floor, on all fours, completely naked but for the heels.

Collar round her neck, chain still held in place to the cage. He couldn’t see the writing that was smudged on her boobs, but he knew it was there.

He admired her whore body. Her cute, round bum perfectly formed… ideal for a flogging.

He walked over to his desk of toys, picked up a dark black whip. Multiple fraud of leather whip at one end, a thick black leather handle for him to hold.

She heard him pick something up, didn’t yet know what it was. That was until she felt the sting from it whack her bare ass. The whisper from it speeding through the still air caught her attention, not in time to brace herself.

She let out an enormous, painful yell as the frailing whip connected with her ass.

Her whole body shuddered forward in pain. He face shot a side ward glance to her master who was beside her, now holding the end of the chain lead.

The spank was the hardest she’d had in her life. She now knew he really, really, meant business for this punishment. The thought pushed filth to the front of her mind. Her pussy tingling and beginning to get wet as he began walking with the lead, forcing her to crawl on all four and, like the filthy little bitch slut she was.

She crawled along the floor as he pulled the lead. Her ass sore from his initial, hard, spank.

He reached the bed, forcing her hands off the floor and onto the bed, still crawling, now onto the bed. He hooked the lead round one of the four thick, oak pillars surrounding the large bed.

She was now knelt in the middle of the bed, awaiting her orders like a good little whore.

Before he gave any he spanked her ass again, her entire body shaking from the connection. A whimper releasing itself from her mouth, her bum uncontrollably clenching ad the sting rushed through her body.

He pulled her left arm from under her, causing error to fall. He put it in a cuff, locking her arm to the same pillar. He walked around the bed, do it the same to her right arm. She fell, bum still in the air, face buried on the black sheet covered mattress. Arms now locked. Under his control.

She felt him pull her ankle from under her, his big hands wrapped around tight, rough. She loved him moving her body for her. He wrapped her ankle in a cuff, fastening it, like her wrists, to the corner post of the bed.

Same again on the left ankle.

She was now spread eagle, strapped to the bed.

She loved the feeling of helplessness, unable to move, completely straight the mercy of her punishing master.

Without a word he slapped the whip, not against her ass this time, but in the middle of her back.

The shock caused tremors through her body, her spine tingling, her pussy tingling even more. She’d never considered being flogged. She’d send it, she’d admired it. Never had she expected to be on the receiving end.

She smiled as the whip crashed on her back again. Her body arching inwards, unable to move her limbs much, feeling the pain. Getting more and more turned on with every slap of the whip.

Her face planted itself into the sheets, her bloodied lip staining the black sheets. The whips on her back continued, her mouth biting the bed through the immense pain. She was only held back from crying by the extreme pleasure she was feeling at the hands of her master.

She let out a whimper after 5 minutes of his back flogging, she could feel her pussy getting wetter, her clit twitching as her back started to ache.

The red lines on her back making his cock hard. He owned this little slut, he loved flogging her. The whimper turned him on more and more, the flogging getting harder with each whip.

He lowered the whip onto her neck, running it down her back, slowly. As he ran it over her back, deep red, pronounced lines, she flinched in pain. The flinch turned them both on. She was under his spell. He was punishing her.

The leather stroking over her bum as he quickly lifted and then lowered the whip on her bare round ass.

The first slap harder than any he’d given her back.

She cried out in pain, tears filling her eyes as she was getting more and more abuse. The vulnerable feeling edging her towards an orgasm, slowly, without anyone or anything touching her clit or pussy.

The strength of the whips on her ass forced her to grind against the bed, her clit being rubbed by the sheets as she did.

She let out moans, pleasurable, sexual moans, followed by deep yelps when the pain hit.

Her teeth now biting her own lips, loving, ever more, the sensation of pain she was being made to endure.

He flicked the whip onto her ass again, connecting it across both cheeks together. Her hands clenching as the pain was becoming unbearable.

The unbearable pain quickly removed from her thoughts as soon as her pussy thrust into the bed, orgasm building ever more.

She felt a break in the whip. Heard her master move. Her breathing got heavier, wondering what was going to happen next.

She heard him at the foot of the bed, she yelped as his hands grabbed both her ass cheeks. The feeling of his hands on her red raw ass stung right through her body.

He pressed her down, pushing her clit against the bed. Her moaning increasing as he did, pain being blocked out by pleasure.

She felt him release her feet, his hands back on her ass, flinching as he grabbed firmly. He pulled her up, forcing her onto her knees.

Her head still pressed into the sheet, arms still locked.

She heard him unbuckle his belt, unzip his trousers. He pulled her ass cheeks wide, sliding his rock hard cock into her pussy.

“For taking your punishment like a good little whore, here’s your reward”

He pushed his cock deep inside her tight wet pussy. Slamming into her.

“Th….. Thank….. You…. Sir… “ she moaned out to him.

She felt him spit onto her cute bum hole his fingers following. He pressed two deep inside her, her back arched more, her moans loud in pleasure. The stinging from her back and ass flogging still alive, still being felt, adding to the excessive pleasure she was being put through.

He removed his fingers, hand slapping her ass right over the soreness, she cried out in pain. A reminder that she was truly his, that he was in complete control.

His cock deep inside her pussy, pounding her hard, rough.

He picked the whip back up, this time holding the handle end at the ass.

He pressed it against her slightly gaping hole, feeling her flinch as she realised what was coming. He kept pressing, the thick round end entering her tight hole.

The end of the handle slightly larger than the rest, he kept pushing, cock continuing to fuck her pussy.

She cried out in ultimate pleasure and pain, the handle the thickest thing she’d ever had in her ass.

She loved the feeling, her clit tingling the more he pushed it into her.

The handle almost completely inside her ass, whip dangling out.

The handle forcing her ass down, pressing from the inside to her pussy, enhancing the sensation of his cock inside her.

Her hands clasped the sheets harder as he spanked her ass once more.

Her body shaking as he fucked her towards orgasm.

His cock thickening, pressing deeper and deeper inside her.

Without warning she screamed louder than ever, head pushed deeper into the bed as her whole body released her most exciting orgasm ever.

The feeling of his cock, her whipped body and the handle in her ass culminating in her orgasm. Her legs trembled as she came on his cock, the feeling causing her mater to cum deep inside her.

His cum filling her pussy at the same time as hers, the feeling of his hot exploding cum intensifying and elongating her orgasm.

Her mouth dribbling she was so excited.

As he pulled his cock from her cunt the mix of there cum spilled out. He quickly moved his hand under her, catching the filthy liquid.

His arm moved underneath her, rubbing over her boobs with his hand, covering her with there cum mixture.

She continued to shake, eyes forced shut from the pleasure. She heard her master re zip, re buckle his trousers.

Then he left the room.

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