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A guy with a girlfriend is usually a turn off until I move in with my ex and his new girlfriend.

Times were rough, and I found myself couch surfing. My ex had been messaging me, talking about he missed me. I told him how I felt. Later, I kind of regretted it because I found out he got an apartment. Well, I didn’t have to do too much to get in. One day I am telling him where to put my thumb, and the next I am in one of the rooms upstairs. What jerk the guy is because, I see he has a girlfriend living with him. Along with her boyfriend and a sprinkle of men who come see her. All that was none of my business, I had a bed and access to a bathroom, I am good. I knew it wasn’t going to last so II slep, ate, and showered as much as I could. Got ride of some things, picked up other things. Then, one day, he convinces me. Then again I wanted his huge member inside of me. Better yet, his lips on mine downtown is magnificent. We have fun, him laping me, me riding him, us fucking each other. It lasted all but one day, but it was all day. The next day he is tending to me on everything andand anyth. If I was hungry he had food delivered, picked up, or cooked. If I needed a drink, he had it ready. Anything, rides, money. I didn’t see it coming. His girlfriend was making money so he used me to make her jealous. It worked because I didn’t see him for three days, but I heard him. I was hurt. Until one day, I feel something stir inside of me as I hear her moans. The thought of his dick made me jerk from the tingling in my pussy. As I picture his dick so thick and juicy, I suddenly picture it going in and out of her. Clearly, I am still sleeping. Clear as it is day outside, no I am not . I move my fingers towards my breast. I find my nipples pointed and it feels good as my fingers brush over them. I hear more moaning. I can’t help to want to go peak, to kill my curiosity. Instead I listen. I find my hand going into my panties. I am so wet. My fingers rubbing on my clit. I hear her orgasm and her comes mine.

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