Daddy!! Dont Get Me Pregnant

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An innocent 22yr old daughter wishes to make her father proud by doing something special for him on father’s day but daddy has some kinky plans for her.

A dad gets an amazing gift from his 22 year old daughter on Father’s Day.

Katherine who is 22 years old lost her mother at a young age. Her father was all that she had. This year she had been planning to gift her father something good on Father’s Day and wanted to make him really proud. As she was the only child, she loved making daddy proud of her. As father’s day is a day away she decides to get him a T-shirt. Little did she know that her dad had other plans of getting better gifts from her. Katherine has medium sized breasts. She also loves to wear shorts in different colors and usually her shorts are revealing enough to show the curves of her ass. She likes those types of shorts. Her body always makes her dad turned on. Whenever she walks around the house normally or after a bath, it turns her dad on. He always wishes he would get a good look at those sexy breasts, pussy and ass of hers. When father’s day finally arrived she thought of doing something different for her daddy. She wanted to make his day better by doing something good in the morning for him and supprise him. She wakes up early and cooks a small breakfast for him. She opens the door to his room slowly and peeks in to see he is sleeping. She goes in with the breakfast and wakes him up wishing him. “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!”, she says. Happy to see she did something for me, i thank her. “You are looking beautiful today Katherine. Am so happy you did this for me. You made me very happy.” “What did u make me dear?”, I asks. She shows me 2 omeletes in bread with some lettuce leaves and capsicum in it. “I tried to make it as good as possible dad but didn’t know what all to add”. “it’s ok Kat. Set it down here”. I point to the space on the blanket right on top of my crotch since that is where people normally keep their plates. On top of their lap near the crotch if there isn’t any table or extra chair to put the plate on. I noticed that she is wearing a tight orange sleeveless top. There isn’t no bra underneath. So the outline of her breasts is visible and her nipples are also visible against the tight orange top. She is wearing her tight grey yoga pants without any panties underneath so the outline of her pussy is visible. This gets me turned on. I always tend to get an erection whenever i see her. It sounds wrong. But it always happens. As she sets down the plate she finds it hard to balance the plate due to my erection. She tries to find out why is this happening. She puts her hand under the blanket and feels something long and thick. She doesn’t know it’s my cock and it makes me really excited to feel my shaft in her hands as she is moving it sideways to make it go away. My cock twitches since she is holding the cock right in her hands. “Daddy, this thing is making it hard for me to keep the plate properly” she replies with her hand still on the cock under the blanket. “Wait dear”, I reply. I remove the blanket and pull down my shorts and undies to my knees. Kat gasps at the site of his huge cock which is now 3inches fully erect. “You mean this Kat?”, I ask. “Daddy!! What is this?” “It’s what happens to me when i look at you in this dress dear. You want to balance the plate properly?”, he asks. “Yes daddy”, she replies starring at it wide eyed. I takes Kat’s hand and wrap them both around my long shaft. I start to move her hand up and down and ask her to continue doing that faster. I also rest my hands on each of her breasts and play around with her nipples through the ornage top. I am about to cum so i quicky get up on my knees pointing my cock on her stomach. I pull up her top enough to expose her sexy tight stomach and shoot my load all over her. I shoot atleast 9 – 10 times before getting emptied. Later that day in the evening i was watching tv and Kat comes over dressed up in a skirt and a different tight sleevless short. “Daddy let’s celeberate father’s day and enjoy. I want to make this day memorable for you.”, She smiles at me. “Ok Kat. will u help daddy out just like how you did in the morning?”, I asks. “Sure daddy. What can i do for you? I remove my pants down and underpants and take out my erect cock. She looks at it and smiles, “Just like morning daddy?”. Yes dear, just like morning. I remove all her clothes and find see that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties underneath this entire time. Her huge breasts, tight shaved pussy, sexy ass and long legs made me more horny and made my dick twitch. I held her hand and took her to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and ask her to come over on top of me. “Are we doing something different daddy?”, she asks. “Yes dear. It’s better than what we did in the morning and you will love it”, I reply. As she comes on top of me, i hold up my cock touching her pussy and i ask her to sink in and out on it. As her pussy touches the head of my cock she jumps a little. She starts to go down making my cock go inside her pussy all the way. She squeals in excitment and waves of pleasure pass over her. I hold her ass, squeez it tight and start to help her movement by pushing her more harder upp and down on my cock. Katherine moaned.”So Katherine how does my cock feel?”, i asked.”You’re cock feels good in my pussy,” moaned out Katherine while she moved her ass up and down.Katherine stopped pumping and her head flung back, her body shook. “AHHHHH!” she cried out while she had an orgasm and pushing herself harder onto my cock.

“AHHHHHH!” she cried out again having a second orgasm.We continued for a minute more.”FFUUCCKKKK!” she cried out having another orgasm.After her orgasm subsided, i couldn’t hold back. “Ffuucckk!” i cried out, then spurted out cum into her

pussy.As my orgasm subsided i got her off my cock, put her on the bed beside me and cuddled with her. “This was so much fun daddy. I want to do it again at dinner and everyday from now on. I love you daddy”, she replied holding my cock and very gently stroking it slowly all through it’s length.”Love you too Kat”, i replied in return.

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