Business Trip

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I had been gazing lovingly at my muscle-bound stepfather for weeks, fires of jealousy and passion sparking in my blood every time he caressed my curvy mother. I knew I could give him more than her, and every time I saw him, my pussy burned with an inexhaustible desire. How many times I had fucked myself late at night thinking about what he could do to me, I’m not sure.

This weekend was going to be especially naughty. My mom was leaving on a business trip for 3 days. I was slinking around the house barely clothed on Saturday morning as she packed her bags, just waiting for her to be gone. I had been gazing lovingly at my muscle-bound stepfather for weeks, fires of jealousy and passion sparking in my blood every time he caressed my curvy mother. I knew I could give him more than her, and every time I saw him, my pussy burned with an inexhaustible desire. How many times I had fucked myself late at night thinking about what he could do to me, I’m not sure. I walked into the living room, clothed only in a big T-shirt and my pink lace underwear, and kissed my mother goodbye, as I stared over her shoulder at Derek. His shirt hugged his skin tightly, and he shot me a glance as she walked over to kiss him one final time before stepping out of the door, her hands full of luggage.

As her car pulled away, Derek closed the door behind her. He spoke gruffly to me,

“No funny business while she’s gone. No boys over or anything. You understand?”

“Of course, daddy,” I spluttered happily, having a hard time even looking into his rough-edged, brown eyes.

“Okay. I have to start my work now. Go to your room.” He turned around and walked to his office, as I quivered at the very thought of those muscular hips thrusting into me from behind. I walked back to my room timidly, and looked up stories of girls fucking their stepfathers, stories that made my tender pussy shudder. I slid one hand into my underwear, and felt myself. I was absolutely soaked. The area between my legs was drenched in cum, and I started touching myself, thinking about what I wanted Derek to do to me. I let out a small moan, and I heard the door open.

“Sorry,” he muttered, in his scratchy baritone, but he didn’t close the door.

“I just came in to ask you what you wanted for lunch.” My face turned a deep carmine, and I quickly withdrew my hand.

“N-Nothing. I’m okay.” I got out of bed timidly, and stood before him, a shaking mess.

“Hey. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone has sexual feelings at your age.”

“But it’s just-”. I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t. I wanted – needed even – for him to… I couldn’t.

“What is it, darling? What’s wrong?” I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed him to know.

“When I… When I touch myself… I think of you.” Derek looked taken aback, yet unshaken.

“Well that’s very wrong, Gabby. You’re only sixteen. I’m over twice your age. You need to think of boys your own age.”

“I know, I know, but…” I gently ran my right hand, which had been touching my pussy only seconds before, down his white shirt, and down to his belt buckle.

“Gabby, you can’t do this. You can-” My left hand deftly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding playfully down to his member, which stiffened at the touch.

“I know you think about fucking me, too.”

“Gabby,” he groaned, deeper than ever, putting his hands on my face. I was hot to the touch.

“I know you close your eyes when you fuck my mom, and you wish my pretty little pussy was wrapped around your hard cock instead,” I whispered, as his erection came free from his underwear. Saliva dripped from my mouth onto her hand, as I wrapped it around his long, rock-hard manhood.

“Have you done this before?” He asked me, his hands tightening around my face and moving up to my hair as I sank to my knees before him.

“You tell me,” I whispered, taking his long, firm dick into my throat. My hands moved up and down, up and down as he moved my head, facefucking me ever so slightly. He let out a moan, then gruffly pulled me up.

“If we’re going to do this, we’re doing it my way.”

Derek threw me onto the bed, tearing his shirt off, and positioning himself on top of me so that my nearly bare cunt could feel the warmth of his erection as he ripped my clothes off, revealing my large, perky, young breasts. He kissed me, tenderly at first, and then began to bite my neck as though he were a hungry animal, needing more and more of me. I wanted him to leave marks on my body. I wanted to be his.

“You were right about one thing, Gabby,” he said sharply, before moving his head from my ravished neck, to my heaving breasts, down to the hem of my underwear.

“What?” I breathed into the word, so filled with a burning need for him that I could hardly breathe.

“I have thought about fucking you. A lot.” His mouth moved expertly down to the trembling junction of my thighs, kissing my clit lightly as I gasped for breath. I let out a loud moan, and a pathetic plea for his cock came out of my mouth, seemingly against my own will.

“If you insist.” He spoke aggressively, a wry smirk crossing his clean-shaven, olive face. He tore my underwear off my pleading frame, and wrapped one hand around my neck. As he entered my pool of moisture, I grabbed his hips and pulled him further inside me.

“Harder. Please.” As his cock rammed into me, I couldn’t help but moan “daddy,” again, and again, and again, until I lost myself under him, my willpower and pent-up frustration melting away against his firm body. I was a shattered, shuddering mess, and I was his. His hard grip tightened around my neck until I almost lost consciousness, and I felt the heat of his skin against mine as he entered me, again and again. He pinned my hands to the bedframe and let out a deep growl, pounding into my soaking pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started shaking and trembling, and I felt my insides contract around my stepfather’s hard dick. I felt his juices shoot into me just as I broke for him, and I let out a deep moan of satisfaction.

Derek took my face into his hands once more, and muttered into my ear as I looked into his eyes, his voice almost a growl.

“What a good little slut.”

“Thank you, daddy,” I breathed, and I meant it. I had wanted Derek to fuck me ever since he’d started dating my mother. He had never felt more fatherlike to me.

“C-Can we do that more?”

“Yes, Gabby. Of course we can.” He playfully flipped me over and pulled my ass into his hips, gripping my hair lightly with his left hand.

“This weekend will be a lot of fun. Now I’m going to go make us some lunch. Are sandwiches okay?” I nodded and he went into the kitchen. I put on my cutest pair of underwear and one of his big shirts before going into the dining room. I ate beside him happily, and after lunch we cuddled, me sitting on Derek’s lap, while watching TV. I got bored while watching The Bachelor, and I started softly grinding my hips against him. Derek told me to stop, but I kept going, not thinking much of it.

“What did I just tell you, Gabby?”

“I don’t know,” I murmured, as I playfully ran my hand down his shirtless chest, grinding my ass against his lap as I felt his dick begin to harden.

“Don’t disobey me like this. I’m your stepfather, after all.”

“Most stepfathers don’t fuck their stepdaughters,” I whispered, grinding even harder as I felt my panties start to get wet again.

“Gabby, if you keep doing that, I swear I’ll punish you.”

I managed an “Mmkay,” as his erection pressed against me, parting the folds of my pussy as I kissed his neck.

Suddenly, Derek picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, throwing me down on the bed like a toy. His jaw tightened, and he stood over me at his full height.

“You are going to do exactly as I say, and not make a sound unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, daddy.” His hand came down hard on my ass as I yelped in pain. He took my hair in his hand, and whispered in my ear.

“I told you not to make a fucking sound.” His hand came down again, and I gritted my teeth, trying not to cry out.

“I need to teach you how to be good. You can’t just do whatever you want to. If you want to be mine, you have to play by the rules.”

“What rules?”

“First and foremost, whatever daddy says, you do. Do you understand?” His hand smacked my bare ass once again, causing pain and leaving a bright red mark.

“Yes, daddy.”

“And you aren’t allowed to come unless I say you can. Ever. Do you understand?” This time, he used his right hand to gently pull my thong out of the way, sliding a finger deep into me, and my very essence was his.

“Yes, daddy. Whatever you want. I want you to make me come. Please.”

“That’s what I want to hear from you. I want all of you. Every time. And I need you to be good for me. Okay?” He deftly tied my left hand to a bedpost as he said it, starting on my right as I asked what he was doing. A devilish grin crossed his face.

“Whatever the fuck I want.” He smiled, almost kindly, at me, as I looked at him with a begging desire. I didn’t just want him, I needed him. All of him. Now. He pulled my thong off me slowly, and started kissing my calves. He was moving so slowly, and my pussy was throbbing. I moaned as his hand crossed my inner thigh. His tongue was moving up my legs so slowly that it started to hurt, and I couldn’t help myself.

“Pleeease. Please just…” Derek stopped, and looked at me with something like disdain. He shoved two fingers down my begging throat, and growled

“I don’t have to do this. I can leave you here if I want to. Now shut up.” He took his fingers out and traced them across my rock-hard nipples. He took them into each of his hands and started playing softly, as his tongue traced my lower thighs. I felt my cum dripping from my sex onto the bed, and I quivered as his mouth reached the area at which most of my skirts ended. I felt as though I was going to come the second he touched my pussy. Derek bit my inner thigh softly as he kissed me, tenderly moving up into the junction of my thighs, as he looked up hungrily into my pleading eyes. His lips moved closer and closer, and then he stopped. Derek’s burning blue eyes pierced my soul as his tongue moved in large circles around my sex, never quite touching my pussy.

“I want you to beg for it,” he said, ever so slightly touching my clit with his warm lips.

“Please, daddy. Pretty please. I need you to kiss me there. I need it. I’ll never be bad again.” When his lips finally engulfed my tiny clitoris, I almost exploded. As a finger traced the outline of my labia, he gently kissed the top of my pussy.

“Don’t cum. You aren’t allowed,” he murmured, kissing me more fervently as my clit trembled in his mouth.

“Daddy- I’m going to- You have to stop!”

“Okay.” He stopped licking my clit, continuing to trace his finger up and down my soaking slit. I was right on the edge of a massive orgasm, and he held me there for what felt like an hour, as I squirmed and quivered, taking his hand away every time he felt me convulse.

“Daddy, I know I’ve been bad, but can I please come?”

“Why should I let you come?”

“I’ll do whatever you say. Anything.”


“Yes. Please just let me-” His tongue moved meaningfully around my clit, tracing circle after circle as my body utterly broke for him. As I came, I felt as though our souls intertwined, and his mouth was the gateway into the deepest parts of my being. I passed out under him and didn’t wake up for over an hour.

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