Apres Ski and The Hot Tub – Her One Mistake- Fantasy

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I have often fantasized about my wife Randy having a night of mind blowing sex … with someone else.

One of my fantasies that I have had several times over features my wife Randy a tall blonde, in her 40s, great shape of Nordic descent off for a weekend of skiing and she for the first time strays.

Randy and her friend Mary head off to Mary´s cabin at a local ski area. After a day of skiing Mary and Randy enjoy some prosecco on the deck of the cabin. A couple of guys next door in their late 30s, Range Rovers parked in the driveway head over to meet the ladies.

“Hi you mind if we come over for a drink” said one of the guys as he toted a bag with several bottles of liquor. Mary responded “yeah”…

After a few hours of talking and drinking the guys ask if the ladies want to hit their outdoor hot tub…and both want to but do not have their bathing suits. “Guys we would like to but you know we don´t have our suits”.. one of the guys responds “well you don´t need…” and they smile… the girls respond “yeah right” but we have shorts and shirts. Great lets go… after a short powwow they agree to meet the guys next door.

Downing a glass of prosecco more they both head over through the 2 ft of snow on the ground. At the hot tub the two guys are in with their hats on and some music playing. In their cabin they can see some activity..”who is that” asks Randy. “My kids” he responds. Feeling relieved it was not a jealous wife the ladies enjoy some more conversation and a couple of shots of tequila.

Mary begins to be kissed by one of the guys and she offers little resistance. Randy tells of her husband (me) and keeps the other guy off guard. After a few minutes and another round of shots he comes up closer to Randy and his hand brushes her leg. Goose bumps cover her body as his hand stops on the top of her thigh. She gently pushes it off.

Mary and the other guy offer to go in and make some snacks and they quickly run off. They appear to be gone for an hour or more. The other guy comes closer and tries to give Randy a kiss. Both very drunk miss the target and blush. He suddenly goes underwater and comes up. Randy thinks nothing of it.

Hey come here he says as it is getting colder out. She moves a little closer to him and then bumps into his cock which is standing hard at attention. She backs off until his hand takes hers under water and puts it on his cock. he smiles. She feels an urge to run away but another one to enjoy this attention. He is tall, blonde and athletic. Wow a very sexy man with a huge cock.

He comments her on her body and smile. She smiles and he again tries to kiss her. She backs off a bit until he nuzzles next to her neck kissing it slowly. She is now super turned on and the hot tub is spinning as the drinks are taking over. He continues to work on her giving her a shoulder massage and then kisses her. Finally he goes under water again and comes up. He grabs her hand putting it on his cock now exposed and guides her to stoke it. She is reluctant but says nothing. He then positions her over to sit on his lap where she can feel his cock against her pussy. Turned on she wiggles a little almost feeling this cock in her.

She snaps out of it and backs off only to have him move back onto her. He goes under water again and comes up. He then repositions her on top of him and he slides right in. She has his cock in her and it feels awesome. Not saying a word he thrusts a few times and then pushes her off. Pulling up her top and kissing her chest and breasts. His other hand pulling her shorts down and he spreads her legs. She is in ecstacy and opens her legs a little more to accept his cock. “No we can´t… we cannnnnnnn…” and stops as he enters her. He holds her shoulders and begins pumping her harder… looking at her as he fucks this married woman. She feels the urge to push him off but he is so good and his cock feels so good her pussy is enjoying it too much.

He then works his magic…”oh you are beautiful”… he continues fucking her, she screams “oh oh…oh yes…” he is a magician. “Ahh…” he says as he works harder and then he notices Mary is coming back over he needs to work fast. He pumps harder and Randy screams in enjoyment…”yes fuck me… this is so wrong…fuck me”… “I will cum” “yeah cum inside now…” and he is about to explode in her Mary is now 30 ft away…and he pushes one more time filling her pussy with his cum… Mary sees what is happening, giggles a bit. Randy has crossed the line she has cheated, fucked a new guy, has his sperm in her. She grabs her shorts and puts them on..when she hears “Honey come in dinner is ready..”it is his wife. Randy has fucked a married man within site of his wife.

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