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Masturbation conversation with my mom!

My lil secret! recently, I have been thinking alot about my mom sexually, Sooo, I decided I would ask my mom alot of questions about masterbation, of coarse already knowing the answers, but I just wanted to have a sexual conversation with her. I think she is beautiful, she still exercises almost every day so her body is to die for! My dad is gone all of the time with work so I go over and visit with her often. SO after a couple glasses of wine which I new would get her to relax which it did, I started in with very general questions about womans bodies, babies then sex! Then I started asking her about something i read (which was a lie) and how it stated that women who masterbate a few times a week are healthier, I proceeded to tell her how I have trouble coming to climax in doing it. I could see my mom starting to squirm a little , however, I could also see her nipples getting hard! So I continued on askig her how she does it? at this point it was really hot to see her blush and have this open conversation with me. A sshe reluctantly shared her methods of a vibrator, and to my suprise shower head she can move around, I was getting very wet! I openly started flirting with my mom by biting my lip, paying with my hair, touching her arm, the crazy part is she was reacting positively to it!! I know we were both turned on and I feel this was just the beganning to new horizons for us both that I want to venture into with her!! I do have to say she had a shower afterwards and Im pretty positive she had to release some tension!! As did I!!!

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