A trip to the vet.

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David opened the door and walked into the bedroom, he was naked, his cock stiff. He lifted a condom from a bedside cabinet, threw it on the bed beside me and told me to roll it on to his cock.

After a somewhat busy

day on Thursday, I was back at my part time office job on Monday. I earn

minimum wage and only get 16 hours a week, so the agency work has turned out to

be a blessing in some ways.

I hadn’t recieved any money yet from the agency, it would be

paid at the end of the month into my bank account and listed as a modelling

fee. I had earned £250.00 so far, although I’d had to spend about £40.00 on tarty

clothes. I checked the agency website out during a slack period at work and

noticed a client from Galwally called David, who had requested me for for an

appointment later that evening. Requirements, short leather skirt, stockings

and heels. I thought back to a few days earlier when I’d worn that skirt for

Mr.Walker and chuckled to myself. Galwally wasn’t very far from where Peter

lived. Poor Peter had lost his erection during our meeting and I had left him,

somewhat disappointed. He had been very mannerly and even gentle during our

meeting. The sort of client that I want to make a regular. I sent him an email

and asked if it would be ok for me to call in with him at around 9 pm. Then I

clicked accept to David’s appointment request and signed off the site.

I left home at 7.30 pm and drove to David’s for my 8 O’clock

appointment. David’s house was a large, 3 storey house in Galwally. Most of

these big houses had been converted to flats, but David’s was still private and

looked very neat from the outside.

I knocked the door and waited, there was no reply. I tried

again and then went round the back of the house. There was no sign of anyone,

so I phoned the contact number which was on the agency website.

A man answered, he said, “With you in a minute dear, I

got delayed at work” A few seconds later a car pulled into the drive and a

tall man in his late 50’s got out.

He opened the door and ushered me into the house. He said, “Go

on up to the bedroom at the top of the stairs on the second floor, I need a

quick shower, panties and top off. Won’t be long” I did as told and

waited, I sat on a chair beside a king size bed. David didn’t hurry and I didn’t

really care. He’d paid for an hour and over half of it was gone already. It

simply meant that I’d have to spend less time with his cock in me and

pretending that I was enjoying it.

Eventually the door opened and David walked in, naked and

talking on his phone to someone. His cock was stiff. He lifted a condom from a

bedside cabinet, threw it on the bed and motioned for me to roll it on. When I

had done so, I leaned forward to take it between my lips, but David declined

and pushed me back on the bed. He spread my legs and just pushed his cock into

my pussy in one swift move, all the time talking on the phone. He fucked me at

a steady pace for about two minutes and then withdrew, motioned with his hand

for me to turn over. I lay on my front on the bed and David set the phone down

for a few seconds, parted my legs and entered me again in the abrupt fashion

that he had done before. Then he picked up the phone and continued talking,

while he fucked me at an alarmingly fast rate. I felt his cock stiffen, it was

like having a poker rammed into me. Then he suddenly pulled out and tugged off

the condom. I helt a jet of hot cum hit my back and was aware of more cum

splashing on to my skirt. David said, “Gotta go, animal in distress” and

left me lying there. I almost burst out laughing.

I got up and carefully removed my skirt. It was indeed

covered in thick sticky cum. David shouted, I’m off, have a shower and close

the door when you leave and he was gone. It was pretty obvious that David was a

Vet. I really didn’t want to know any more about him to be honest. I get my fee

for what I offer and it ends there. I had a quick shower, changed clothes and

put my skirt in a plastic bag. I’d deal with cleaning it later.

I checked my emails and Peter had agreed to me calling with

him again.

I locked David’s door and left soon after and a few minutes

later I was at Peter’s house.

Peter opened the door with a somewhat puzzled expression on

his face. I smiled and said, “Any coffee going” We went inside and

sat in the kitchen, Peter made coffee and we chatted. I felt that I had to get

right to the point, so I just came out with it. “I’m here to finish what

we started, Peter, if you’re up for it? He nodded. Then I spoke in as seductive

a voice as I could “Well let’s get that big cock of yours between my hot

lips again, Peter.

We went to the same bedroom as before, I went inside and

Peter darted off for a quick shower. I stripped to my g string, stockings and

quarter cup bra and waited. Peter soon returned, his cock erect and glistening.

Good start, I thought. He lay on the bed and I knelt, facing him, gently

stroking his cock. It was hard, I stroked harder and faster, Peter moaned, I

stroked even harder and faster, he was squirming. I went straight down on him

and lip wanked him, hard for about a minute, he was close, I went right down on

him till I had his cock fully down my throat, his balls touching my lips and he

moaned loudly and shot his load in my throat. I backed off his cock slowly and

stood beside the bed, “How was that” “Amazing, I never had that

before” I knew that, that was what Peter had really wanted. I dressed and

left soon after. I have a feeling that Peter may just require my services


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