Mind arousing submissive story, erotic tale of being Sirs Toy

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This is for you.

You are watching me.  You are watching my every move.

You watch as I run my hand over the leather harness you helped me strap to my body.  You wanted me to wear it.  I wanted to please you.  I always want to please you.

You have noticed the words on my body.  I wrote those.  They were not there when you dressed me.  I added them while you waited, patiently in this room for me to arrive.  Yes, I am ‘Sir’s Toy’.  Your toy.  You are to do with me as you please.

You know I have always been a natural giver.  I have always tended to do what I am told and follow the orders of others.  If someone asks me to do something, I do it.  If I am asked to get something, I get it. If there is no tea, milk, bread, booze, I buy them.

I’m the same when it comes to sex. I am also a giver rather than the receiver.  I guess it just comes naturally to me.  I give; someone else receives.   They ask for a hand job, I give it to them.  They ask me to adopt a position they want, and I adopt it. And that is true for you, I would do anything you ask me to do. You want to take me from behind – you go and take me.  You ask me to take your come in my mouth, I take it.

You watch as I run my fingers over the leather straps, held tight against my body. I lick my finger as you sometimes ask me to, and rub my nipple until it hardens.  You like it when my nipples become erect.  That’s when you sometimes bite them.  That’s why I added the word. The hardening process mirrors that of your cock and I can see that yours is beginning to awaken from its soft slumber.  It’s stiffening.  I saw it when you didn’t think I was looking.  You didn’t tell me not to take a peek at you,…

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