Love Mother, Love Son – A Night To Remember

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My mother is orgasming and I am beginning to orgasm also. I am about to squirt my cream inside my own mother’s womb! She knows it, my own mother knows that I am just about to cum and she even more so lovingly caresses me as I let go…

Love Mother, Love Son – A Night To Remember

My mother and I were enjoying the beautiful weather of the year on a luxury houseboat my mother purchased from a portion of her investment shares. My mother ran a successful online magazine that tackled the harder issues in life. Of course some of these issues were sexual in nature.

A single mom – my mother has always been. She has always been extremely protective and resourceful, many times, bordering on the over-protective loving mother. Her youthful figure maintained by many regular hours of jogging, gym, yoga and meditation. An incredibly sexy body she has and hardly ever shares with the countless interested males she encounters daily.

I, myself, in my early twenties, awkward in nature and never really had a real girlfriend, hence, being on a houseboat with only my mother. I suppose I don’t know much different. My mother and I seemed to just click and get along, well almost most of the time that is.

Mother shuts the doors now as it’s that time of the evening and we lounge about on the sofa with a health cocktail we devour. Before I explain anymore I must confess – I am a virgin. I have never been with the right girl (or guy) that I really felt comfortable with – safe with. We sit for like an hour just chatting and giggling when suddenly mother rests her foot in my lap!

I should think nothing of my mother’s foot in my lap except tonight was a little different. Tonight, or should I say today was a day I haven’t relieved myself sexually all day long. My hidden cock awoke. I really only have sexual attraction for the babes I see on the erotic sites I frequent daily and nightly – tonight is a little different.

I put on an act that nothing at all was different. I try my best to keep my composure. My mother has a strange grin on her face as she sips her drink. I innocently caress her foot. My cock throbs against the heel of her foot, I really hope she doesn’t notice – or do I? Mother reaches forward, puts her drink on the coffee table, leans back with a new smile – “How about a kiss for your mother?”

I am in stunned silence for a moment. My heart is racing. What kind of kiss does she mean? I deliberate hard but my mother breaks my deliberation by putting her hand on my thigh. I try my best to keep my act going. What now makes me go out of my mind now is the fact that just now my mother reaches over with the other hand and turns down the light. The only light coming into the gentle rocking houseboat now is from the full moon peaking in.

The almost complete darkness now almost dissipates all my apprehension and complete nervousness. Mother leans forward again, but this time in my direction, and gently kisses my cheek. This kiss doesn’t feel too out of the ordinary except the fact that now her hand is directly resting on my crotch. My throbbing and hidden cock cannot deny this extra company now at all.

Almost from complete reflex I place my hand on her hand to now caress my mother’s hand that was now intentionally caressing my cock through my pants. She kisses me again on the cheek. I slightly turn and now our lips are almost meeting. I turn more and our lips now are in complete contact! Before I know it our mouths are open and we are open kissing with our tongues twirling around each other’s mouths.

Mother now sneaks her hand inside my pants and now she is deliberately holding my cock. I caress her boobs ever so gently – but purposely. Our mouths are becoming so wet now as we kiss with abandon – and sexually in the most wrong way we caress each other with abandon. Mother and son doing the most wrong of acts, yet doing the most rightful thing. Sharing real love, real passion, real lust.

The woman who gave birth to me now reaches with both hands, in the almost complete dark, she reaches for the elastic of my pants with both hands to pull her son’s pants down to give her much more access to her son’s cock. I help her by raising myself as she pulls my pants down. My cock springs out and up. We keep kissing. I love her kiss. I love her mouth. Her tongue – the tongue I suck.

I stare into my mother’s eyes as we passionately tongue kiss. My mother returns my lovingly glare. I am lost in my mother’s eyes. She is playing with my cock – her own son’s cock.

She slowly stops our kiss and smiles lovingly to me as now she lowers herself to engulf my cock in her motherly and hungry mouth. I have never ever had anyone’s mouth on my cock before. I am feeling like I am rising up above the earth in ecstasy and complete taboo. Mother’s mouth closes around my cock like holding onto me, holding onto my core of being. I gently push my cock inside her mouth, and gently pull out as far as she would let my cock go.

My mother is in complete control of my cock. I caress all around my mother’s body. I am miles above the earth as we commit the sin of sins. My hand lowers now inside her shorts from behind. I cup her ass as she sucks. I sneak my fingers between her ass cheeks over both her asshole and then down to her pussy, my own mother’s pussy! My god how wet she feels!

Her lips are travelling the whole length of my cock now – up and down, up and down. I move my fingers now from her vagina to her ass – her ass to her vagina. I am owning my own mother’s complete sex. She is owning mine. I could cum at any moment, except I want to cum inside her – inside my own mother, where I belong.

Before I know it my mother is rearranging herself. Changing position. Situation the both of us in the most beautiful position in the whole world. Missionary style my mother reaches and holds my cock. Guides my cock right toward her ever so hungry vagina. A vagina that gave birth to me. I push and sure enough I glide inside my own mother so easily. She moans and my cock moves back and forth her g-spot. She is now owning me between her legs.

We look into each other’s eyes as we are fucking. Slowly rocking back and forward as we commit the worst sin. The only sin that feels right. The only sin that fits. My mother is now caressing all around her own son’s back and down to my ass cheeks. My mother is sexually feeling my ass as we fuck.

We go back to tongue kissing as we fuck for the very first time. She moans. My own mother starts to moan into my mouth as she is being fucked by her very own son. Her moaning becomes louder and louder. She grasps both my ass cheeks harder and harder as I am inside my mother. She starts to cry as we rock back and forward. She is crying like a baby now. Tears down her cheeks. She sucks my tongue more now as we start to lustfully shake together.

Our shaking is as if as one. We are one. We are one body – one soul. My mother is orgasming and I am beginning to orgasm also. I am about to squirt my cream inside my own mother’s womb! She knows it, my mother knows that I am just about to cum and she even more so lovingly caresses me as I let go.

I have never ever felt so much love as all is meant to be. Squirt after squirt I shoot deep inside my mother. She and I still shake as we reach this immaculate climax. I suck her tongue as the last of my drips exit my cock and fill her vagina. My mother smiles up to me. “That was so beautiful honey, I love you so much son, let’s go to bed, mommy wants to suck cock again – as soon as your ready again of course. Mommy want to swallow all of your yummy creamy cum over and over, mommy loves you so much.”

We went to bed and spooned for only about ten minutes until my cock began to stir again…

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