His lips were my weakness

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I normally don’t go out to bars by myself from past complications, but tonight…I was wanting a little danger. I walked…

I normally don’t go out to bars by myself from past complications, but tonight…I was wanting a little danger.

I walked into the bar, never been there before, and go up and sit at the bar. No one was really looking at except one, his eyes slate blue with a peircing glance. Like he could see straight through my soul. His build was intoxicatingly handsome, about 6″2, short black hair that glistened and unb strong. I couldn’t help but look and bite my lip. He must’ve seen me cause he started my way. I got very nervous. Just looking at him makes me so horny. He put his hands on my hips without saying a word and started kissing my neck. I didn’t have time to react bec it felt sooo good. His lips were so soft and he was biting me and before I know it I moan with the pleasure he was giving me. He spun me around whispered in my ear,”you’re coming with me tonight baby girl.” I didn’t hesitate to grab my purse as he held my hand and pulled me to his car. I was in the passenger seat about to say something but before I could utter a word he put his hand over my mouth,”no speaking, moaning, not the slightest sound unless I give you permissio. Got that?” I nodded yes. He started the truck and drove down a back road. His hand was on my thigh making it’s way up. He kept looking at me and I kept closing my legs but he was so much stronger than me. He forced my legs apart and started rubbing me so fast and working my clit. It was so hard not to moan. He slid my thing aside and inserted 2 fingers going faster and harder still rubbing my clit. I spread my legs and leaned back wanting to cum so bad. Then he stopped. Wait till we get home, I was so disappointed. He pulls up gets out and opens my door. Pulls me out and picks me up, me wrapping my legs around him. We get inside and immediately he throws me against the wall kissing me so good and sucking my neck. He moved down the hall to the bedroom. Throws me down and pins my arms above my head tying them. He’s on top and looks all over me licking his lips. His hands go up my thighs to my hips and up to my breasts. He grabs them so hard making me so wet with his dominance. He rips my clothes off sucking my boobs and saying moan for me baby. Moan now. I gladly submit. Ripping all of our clothes off he moves down kissing as he goes. He licks my inner thigh making me flinch with excitement. Then plunges his tongue deep inside my throbbing pussy licking every inch of it. He smacks my clit driving me crazy then he goes deeper and I cum all over his face feeling amazing. He gets up licking his lips then flips me over in doggy style. He Grabs my pony tail and thrusts his cock soo hard inside me making me scream. He starts spanking me like the little slut I am. “Oh god yes please daddy. Ugh faster faster uhhh.” He goes harder spanking me then with one last thrust we both cum and our mixed juices start dripping out of my hot wet pussy. He untied me and we laid there with each other. I found my daddy you treats me right.

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